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Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre Empowers E-Government by Integrating and Consolidating Systems and Applications Across Agencies


Oracle technology enables us to deliver services that meet public expectations for increased mobility and reduced bureaucracy while safeguarding citizens, businesses, and sensitive information in the online environment. Oracle’s value proposition—a one-stop shop for the portal and all the back-end components—was the most appealing to us.

— Hammad Abdulla Al Hammadi, Section Head – Shared Government Services, Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre

Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre (ADSIC) is responsible for Abu Dhabi’s IT agenda, and it supervises the implementation of the emirate’s e-government program across all governmental entities. The organization sponsors relevant initiatives, proposes policies, and defines technology standards for the Abu Dhabi government. It has the authority to issue rules and guidelines regarding the implementation of IT policies and technical specifications and communicates about them with government entities across Abu Dhabi.
  • Improve public administration performance and deliver high quality services to citizens and businesses by enabling Abu Dhabi government agencies to run their public programs in an efficient, transparent, and accountable way
  • Empower Abu Dhabi citizens and residents to perform selected administrative tasks online—such as vehicle and business name registrations and enrolling children in public education—so residents can comfortably interact with government representatives from home
  • Support Abu Dhabi government in its goal of becoming one of the most technologically advanced governments in the world, and strengthen its commitment to sustainable economic and social development
  • Integrated heterogeneous systems of multiple government organizations into a common framework with Oracle Service Bus, an integral part of Oracle SOA Suite—meeting citizen demand for unified public information and consistent service across government agencies
  • Consolidated applications of multiple government agencies onto shared servers with Oracle WebLogic Suite—cutting costly infrastructure projects, reducing efforts needed for server and application maintenance, and freeing up employees in each government agency for more strategic tasks
  • Deployed Oracle WebCenter Portal to easily build an online interface between the government and citizens—providing more than 50 governmental e-services to the population and giving citizens instant access to essential information regarding health, education, employment, social benefits, and many other governed aspects of life
  • Provided citizens with access to more than 3,000 pages of information via a single web authentication per computer or mobile device—enabling payments of utility bills, applications for benefits, and providing access to other services more easily
  • Connected the Abu Dhabi government more closely with the community it serves by using Oracle WebCenter Content to publish more than 13,000, up-to-date documents on the government portal with information about government services and ways to acquire these services online or in person
  • Created a robust and secure Oracle Database infrastructure to enable users to safely enter personal information for all government services—such as when paying traffic fines or applying for building licenses
  • Enabled instant, 24/7 access to public information from computers and mobile devices in addition to using Oracle Real Application Clusters to leverage the failover architecture, guaranteeing uninterrupted access for more than 400,000 users of the government portal
  • Encouraged civil society involvement in public affairs by leveraging the government portal to demonstrate public affairs transparency and consistent concern for public welfare, and to provide easy ways to send feedback and ideas to government representatives
  • Reduced public administration operational expenses by cutting public entities’ overhead costs, enabled by the smart use of technology


ADSIC evaluated several portal solutions capable of meeting its visionary requirements. The overall Oracle value proposition convinced us the Oracle solution was the right choice, with its one-stop shop for the portal and its back-end components that support the portal operations, as well as a clear product roadmap to support the fast pace of our service delivery.

— Hammad Abdulla Al Hammadi, Section Head – Shared Government Services, Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre

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“We selected Oracle partner init Digital Communication to design the portal and overall structure for services provided through the portal, as it has operated in the local market for some time with a number of successful implementations. Oracle Platinum Partner virtual7 was responsible for implementing the portal as well as the content management and Oracle Fusion Middleware infrastructure. The collaboration with init, virtual7, and our in-house project team was key to delivering the deployment within the expected time and budget,” Al Hammadi said.
Published:  Apr 03, 2015