Oracle SOA Suite for On-premises Integration

Oracle SOA Suite

Oracle SOA Suite provides a powerful on-premises equivalent of Oracle SOA Cloud Service for the portion of your integration you prefer to keep on premises. Now you can connect cloud applications, mobile devices, and IoT to deliver a true cloud/on-premises hybrid integration strategy.

  • Oracle SOA Suite 12c is a complete, open, and integrated application and service platform.

  • The composite editor creates easily maintainable applications in a single, intuitive environment.

  • Oracle SOA Suite provides deep introspection of the data schema without having to exit the design environment.

  • Oracle SOA Suite offers unified management, monitoring, and governance across all components of application and service integration.

The Industry’s Most Complete and Unified Application Integration Solution

Oracle SOA Suite transforms complex application integration into agile and reusable service-based connectivity to speed time to market, respond faster to business requirements, and lower costs.

White paper: Oracle SOA Suite 12c—A Detailed Look (PDF)

Orchestrate Applications and Processes

Orchestrate Applications and Processes

Rapidly connect and orchestrate the flow of data between applications and people in a powerful, standards-based tool. Take advantage of proven and tested orchestration within Oracle BPEL Process Manager, part of Oracle SOA Suite, to dramatically lower integration process time.

Introduce Agility with an Enterprise Service Bus

Introduce Agility with an Enterprise Service Bus

Convert point-to-point application integration into a simplified, agile, and loosely coupled enterprise service bus (ESB) with Oracle Service Bus, part of Oracle SOA Suite.

Regain Control with Managed File Transfer

Regain Control with Managed File Transfer

Deliver efficient, secure, and auditable transfer of documents of all sizes by consolidating disparate partner communication Into a single, industrial-strength solution.

Connect Your Business Partners with EDI and Other B2B Solutions

Connect Your Business Partners with EDI and Other B2B Solutions

Oracle B2B provides the secure, reliable exchange of documents between businesses such as retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers. Deliver reliable and manageable electronic data Interchange with structured, end-to-end business processes.

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