Data is the fuel AI needs. Oracle Database 23ai brings AI to your data, making it simple to power app development, and mission critical workloads with AI.

Oracle Database 23ai: AI Made Simple for Enterprise (7:11)
Announcing Exadata Exascale—The World’s Only Intelligent Data Architecture for Cloud

Join Kothanda Umamageswaran and Jia Shi to learn how next-gen Exadata cloud architecture enables extreme performance for AI, analytics, and mission-critical workloads at any scale.

Why Oracle Database?

AI for Data

  • Bring AI to your data with built-in AI Vector Search and in-database machine learning; eliminate the complexity and cost of integrating and managing multiple databases—and trying to maintain data consistency.
  • Benefit from AI at-scale without sacrificing security, availability, and performance.
  • Use the latest technologies such as retrieval augmented generation (RAG) and enterprise-class LLMs with your own business data for more contextual and relevant results.

Discover AI Vector Search

Dev for Data

  • Don't let limited data types or programming languages hold you back from innovation; simplify AppDev with support for all modern data types, workloads, and development styles—all within one converged database.
  • Get the scalability of relational frameworks with the simplicity of document models using JSON relational duality.
  • Use the built-in APEX platform for faster GenAI-powered, low-code development. Simplify the development and deployment of microservices with containerized, pluggable databases.

Discover JSON Relational Duality

Mission Critical for Data

  • Improve application response times while reducing the load on database servers with True Cache; no need to rewrite your apps.
  • Protect databases against SQL injection attacks — including zero-day attacks —with SQL Firewall. Manage data across multiple regions while meeting data residency regulations using Globally Distributed Database with RAFT replication.
  • Use the same technology whether your data lives on-premises or in Oracle Cloud.

Discover True Cache

Choose the deployment option that works best for you

  • Oracle Database at your location

    Run Oracle Database at your own location on your own hardware. Or, use Oracle Exadata in your data center for extreme performance, flexibility, and robustness.

  • Oracle Cloud technology at your location

    The best hybrid cloud platform for Oracle Database, delivered securely behind your firewall and managed by Oracle.

  • Oracle Database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    Benefit from the computing power, physical storage, and tooling that simplify routine database management operations as well as Oracle’s highest-performance engineered system, designed specifically for running enterprise-scale cloud databases. Autonomous Database provides a fully automated experience for organizations and with auto-scaling capabilities offers the lowest TCO of any database on OCI.

  • Oracle Database in multicloud environments

    Database applications achieve high performance, scale, and availability in Azure by using Oracle Database services that are deeply integrated with Azure and running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure colocated in Azure data centers. Additionally, customers who are running applications in other clouds can access Oracle Database on OCI via high-speed FastConnect.

May 2, 2024

Announcing Oracle Database 23ai General Availability

Dominic Giles, Distinguished Product Manager, Oracle

Oracle Database 23ai represents the next long-term support release of Oracle Database, with a significant focus on AI, developer productivity, and mission-critical reliability. Explore technical details of key features, such as AI Vector Search, JSON Relational Duality, Property Graph, Globally Distributed Database, and True Cache.

Oracle recognized by Gartner

Oracle scored highest in the 2023 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Cloud Database Management Systems for Operational Use Cases.

Start using Oracle Database@Azure

Through the expanded Oracle-Microsoft partnership, Microsoft Azure customers can now start using Oracle Database services running on OCI platforms in Azure data centers.

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Oracle Database 23ai highlights

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