Autonomous Database Data Studio

With Oracle Autonomous Database Data Studio, businesses can easily load, transform, and build models for use in analytics and securely share data.

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“Oracle has eliminated many organizations’ common obstacles in their multicloud solutions. With new enhancements in Autonomous Data Warehouse, organizations can access and share data across organizations and clouds, eliminate data integration complexity through Autonomous Data Studio, and take advantage of lower storage prices at higher performance for running enterprise-scale data lakes. This advances the industry and the cloud data warehouse market forward, which is great news for customers.”

Carl Olofson Research Vice President, Data Management Software, IDC

“Oracle is clearly accelerating its R&D for data warehousing: not only does Autonomous Data Warehouse provide a highly performant platform, but its latest enhancements—including Data Studio with built-in transforms and data sharing—overcome obstacles to real-time analytics with faster data capture and utilization. This is extremely critical to many organizations as they depend on accurate insights to deliver timely customer experiences. CxOs should take a look at the latest version of ADW, as it’s ML-powered capabilities can truly help organizations optimize for peak performance and improve their operations.”

Holger Mueller Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

“While other cloud vendors lock in their users within their own cloud ecosystem, Oracle has taken a different approach with Autonomous Data Warehouse. The company is extending Autonomous Data Warehouse’s capabilities by implementing the open source Delta Sharing protocol and building a collaborative platform with its new Data Sharing feature. With this feature, users can securely and efficiently grant access to subsets of their data with anyone on any cloud. In contrast, many competitors are effectively holding data hostage with a high ransom—or rather, high egress—fees.”

Ron Westfall Senior Analyst and Research Director, Futurum Research

“The latest Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse enhancements, especially the implementation of open Delta Sharing, will put pressure on Snowflake. Autonomous Data Warehouse empowers easy bi-directional data sharing between users and data vendors as well as between Autonomous Data Warehouse users and users on other clouds. That’s something Snowflake currently does not do. Equally eye-catching is the Autonomous Data Warehouse’s enabling users to build data lakes on high performance storage at object storage costs. That’s something else Snowflake doesn’t do."

Marc Staimer Senior Analyst, Wikibon

Autonomous Database customer successes

  • OUTFRONT logo

    OUTFRONT Media expands data analysis with Oracle Cloud

    "As well as simplifying our data management architecture with Autonomous Database, we have been moving generally towards a data franchise ownership within our business—having tools like Data Studio will make that move easier and enable us to partner with our business faster and more easily."

    —Derek Hayden, Senior Vice President, Data Strategy and Analytics, OUTFRONT Media

  • Stretchline logo

    Stretchline enjoys actionable business insights with Oracle

    "Oracle Autonomous Database includes Data Studio, a robust data management tool, eliminating the need for separate investments in data integration, governance, and analytics. There is nothing more to buy or install. We now see data consistently across our global operations and get insights we didn't have before. Oracle Autonomous Database is far ahead of the competition."

    —Shanaka Rabel, Group Chief Digital and Transformation Officer, Stretchline

  • MineSense logo

    MineSense accelerates time to value

    "I'm really pleased with the new data sharing feature of Oracle Autonomous Database! Integration with tools such as Oracle APEX, Microsoft Power BI, and Python opens the door for expanding services to our clients and enhances the value we can deliver."

    —Frank Hoogendoorn, Chief Data Officer, MineSense

  • sumIT logo

    "The great thing about the Transforms tool of Autonomous Database Data Studio is that you can put together sophisticated transformations without worrying about the details, but you can also get down to the lowest level of detail if you need to."

    —Holger Friedrich, Chief Executive Officer, sumIT AG

  • Seattle Sounders FC logo

    Seattle Sounders FC gets data science in the game with Oracle

    The famed US soccer club manages 100X more data, generates insights 10X faster, and reduces database management efforts by 100% using Oracle Autonomous Database.

  • Solutions AG logo

    "We use Data Studio’s Data Transforms tool in the Autonomous Data Warehouse environment to quickly and easily load data from different systems. For example, a main data source is Salesforce. The intuitive operation of the tool is particularly impressive."

    —Ingolf Lentzkow, Senior Oracle BI Specialist, Solutions AG

April 2, 2024

Unleashing the Power of Autonomous Database Data Sharing

Alexey Filanovskiy, Senior Principal Product Manager

Introducing Live Share, a new feature in Autonomous Database that enables real-time data sharing between Autonomous Database instances with a few simple steps. You can make the data instantly available across database instances so that users can access the latest data in real time, teams can collaborate more efficiently, and analysts can make timely decisions.

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