Oracle Red Bull Racing is here–driven by data, built to win

The Formula One™ team won the 2023 Drivers’ Championship and Constructors' Championship in a record-breaking season. The team relies on Oracle Cloud to power race strategy, engine development, sim racing, fan engagement, and more.

Achieving peak performance with Oracle Cloud

How do you top one of the most thrilling racing seasons of all time? By getting even faster. Oracle Red Bull Racing runs billions of race-strategy simulations on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), helping give drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez their best chances to win.

“Oracle Cloud enabled us to make race-day decisions that helped Max Verstappen win the 2021 Drivers’ Championship.”

—Christian Horner, Oracle Red Bull Racing Team Principal and CEO

OCI helps Oracle Red Bull Racing take a big step forward on their 2026 engine

A billion ways to win with OCI

Using OCI, Oracle Red Bull Racing ran 25% more simulations this season to give their drivers an edge. Real-time insights on performance and myriad other factors sharpen decision-making and help produce wins.

Speed, scale, and reliability for the win

OCI’s performance allows the Oracle Red Bull Racing team to run real-time analytics throughout every race to help guide strategy decisions. OCI helped the team increase by 25% the number of Monte Carlo simulations it could run. By leveraging a modern technology stack, utilizing the power and flexibility of Kubernetes, they can scale up their simulation platform while keeping costs within the tight spending regulations defined by the sport.

Fans get closer to the action

Fans get closer to the action

Using Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience, the team developed an engagement platform to help fans get closer to the team. The Oracle Red Bull Racing Paddock lets fans earn points to get exclusive swag and digital downloads. In 2023, fans used The Paddock to take part in a first-of-its-kind contest to design the livery that appeared on the team’s cars during several races.

Driving loyalty to new heights

The Oracle Red Bull Racing Paddock has grown its loyalty membership by more than 950%.

Red Bull Powertrains video

The future of F1

Cloud-based computing is vital to Red Bull Ford Powertrains’ plan to design and build a new hybrid power unit for the 2026 racing season.

Chief engineer fuels strategy with data

Guillaume Cattelani, Chief Engineer - Technology and Analysis Tools, has embraced data science to make race cars go faster, and for engineering work at the Red Bull Technology Campus that applies these lessons to other industries. He explains how they’re using OCI to accelerate the use of applied data science and analytics.

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