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Cloud Economics

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure vs. AWS

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is built for enterprises seeking higher performance, consistently lower costs, and easier cloud migration for their existing on-premises applications.1 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is consistently less expensive than AWS for a wide range of popular cloud workloads for several reasons.

First, our private network connectivity charges are 74% less than AWS. Second, Oracle delivers >3X better price-performance for compute compared to AWS for general purpose compute instances. Third, for HPC workloads, Oracle provides similar performance to AWS, but is 44% less expensive and provides local SSDs, twice the RAM, RDMA networking, and a performance SLA. Fourth, for block storage, Oracle offers as much as 20X the IOPS of AWS for less than half the cost. Keep reading for more information about modern cloud economics and how customers are saving money with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

IDC: OCI delivers high business value

According to IDC, OCI can provide a 474% five-year ROI and a 53% reduction in TCO.

451: Five tactics for taming the cloud complexity beast

See how OCI’s flexible and consistent pricing can reduce complexity.



the cost for outbound bandwidth


better compute price-performance


Lower compute costs for HPC


AWS base IOPS for half the price

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Delivering on the Promise of Modern Cloud Economics

Learn more about how OCI's approach creates a differentiated cloud experience and delivers on the promise of modern cloud economics.

Third-generation AMD EPYC instances further cement OCI’s superior compute price-performance over AWS by 3X

Price-performance metrics are based on the latest AMD SPECInt/$ values of 181 for OCI E4.2 instances and 60 for AWS m5a.xlarge instances. The previous-generation E3.2 OCI instances provided a >2X improvement over AWS m5a.xlarge instances.

For workloads that can benefit from odd core counts and nonstandard memory increments, such as 3 cores and 48GB of RAM, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers flexible, perfectly-sized instances. The cost savings on OCI is even more significant in this scenario—AWS r5.2xlarge instances can be 207% more expensive than OCI E4.3 instances.

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8x8 saves 80% in network egress costs

8x8 migrated its video meetings services from AWS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for a savings of more than 80 percent in network outbound costs, global reach, and substantial performance enhancements—experiencing more than a 25 percent increase in performance per node.

Delivering network efficiency that doesn’t hold your data hostage

As one of the core building blocks of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, our networking infrastructure is fast, predictable, and inexpensive. Our networking benefits from off-box virtualization, offering non-blocking network connectivity across every host with industry-leading quality of service. Unlike AWS, which locks in your data with extremely high pricing for network egress, our approach is to give customers every-day low pricing for network egress, making it easy and cost effective for you to deliver data out to end-users or integrated systems, even for workloads with massive data transfer requirements.

Private connectivity: Simple fixed monthly price includes unlimited data transfer

Connecting from on-premise data centers to the cloud is important for modern application performance, especially in app-to-app scenarios or large amounts of simultaneous cloud access from on-premise users. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect and AWS DirectConnect are similar services that connect customer data centers to the cloud via dedicated, private 1Gb or 10Gb connections. We offer a flat charge per port with no inbound or outbound bandwidth charges. That means Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers get a low and predictable monthly bill that’s at least 74% less expensive than AWS at low rates of usage, with savings that increase as usage increases.

% Utilization of 10Gbps connection TB/Month transferred Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect price/month AWS DirectConnect price/month (US East) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Savings
3% utilization 97.2 $918 $3,564 74.24%
10% utilization 324 $918 $8,100 88.67%
30% utilization 972 $918 $21,060 95.64%
40% utilization 1,296 $918 $27,540 96.67%
50% utilization 1,620 $918 $34,020 97.30%

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure price2, AWS price3

Public connectivity: Over 80% less expensive in North America and Europe

Dedicated private connectivity is great for scenarios where data is moving among known locations, but it doesn’t help with sending data out to the world. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you get low network outbound pricing which is over 80% less expensive than AWS in some regions. We offer low networking prices that let customers move significant volumes of data—like live video streaming, video conferencing, and gaming—at low cost. Inbound data transfer is free, and we offer ample outbound data transfer for free—the first 10TB per month for each tenancy—and charge far less after.

If you transfer 1 petabyte of data out every month, you’ll save over $46,000 a month on network charges alone.

Bandwidth Transferred Out per month (TB) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure price/month AWS price/month (US East) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Savings
1 Free $92 100%
10 Free $922 100%
50 $348 $4,403 92.09%
100 $783 $7,987 90.19%
500 $4,265 $29,491 85.54%
1000 $8,617 $55,091 84.36%

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure price4, AWS price5

Better network pricing across all regions

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers low networking prices that enable customers to move significant volumes of data at low cost. Regardless of where you decide to deploy, we make the commitment to make network pricing compelling across the globe. The table below shows outbound data transfer rates for various geographic zones, far less than AWS around the world.

Regional mapping Oracle Cloud Infrastructure price per GB month AWS (Lowest cost tier) Savings with Oracle
North America and Europe $0.0085 $0.0500 83%
Asia, Japan, and South America $0.0250 $0.0800 69%
Middle East $0.0500 $0.0650 23%

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure price4, AWS price5

Compute: Better price-performance and precise sizing

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s compute platform is optimized for performance, flexibility, and cost. We achieve these by providing choices ranging from bare-metal instances, to virtual machines, to completely flexible instances, all at a fraction of the price of similar options on AWS. With our flexible instances, you can build your solution just how you need it with no waste - choose the specific amount of cores and memory you need without having to fit into predefined shapes.

Let’s examine how our pricing approach and flexibility play out across several compute scenarios.

General purpose and memory optimized AMD compute: > 3X better price-performance

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers general-purpose compute instances for far less than AWS. Our E4 instances are significantly less expensive and offer higher performance than both of AWS’ general-purpose and memory-optimized instance families: M5a and R5a.

  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure E4.2 AWS m5a.xlarge AWS r5a.xlarge
Cores 2 2 2
List Price $0.0980 $0.172 $0.226
RAM 32GB 16GB 32GB
SPECrate 2017 Integer 17.70 10.30 10.30
SPECrate 2017 Floating Point 26.20 13.50 13.70
Stream (MB/s) 48,598 28,241 27,459
Price-Performance (SPECInt/$) 181 60 46
Summary5, 6, 7 Highest performance with the lowest cost 75% more expensive for 42% less performance 131% more expensive for 42% less performance

Compute optimized Intel instances: 2X better price-performance

Our Optimized3 instances are significantly less expensive and offer higher performance than comparable instances from AWS. These instances are suitable for compute-intensive and HPC workloads.

  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Optimized3 AWS M5.4xlarge AWS C5n.4xlarge AWS R5.4xlarge
Cores 8 8 8 8
List Price $0.60 $0.77 $0.86 $1.01
RAM 112GB 64GB 42GB 128GB
SPECrate2017 Integer 76 57 61 57
Floating Point
99 65 71 67
Stream (Triad) 95 69 67 70
Price-Performance (SPECInt/$) 125.77 74.09 70.72 56.45
Summary Highest performance with lowest cost 27% more expensive for 25% less performance 43% more expensive for 19% less performance 67% more expensive for 25% less performance

AWS fixed shapes result in significant waste

Our AMD-powered E4 compute instances have the added flexibility of selecting exactly the number of cores and memory you need, in single-core increments. For workloads that can benefit from odd core counts and nonstandard memory increments, such as 3 cores and 48GB of RAM, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers flexible, perfectly-sized instances while AWS requires fixed instance sizes. The cost savings on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are even more significant in this scenario.

  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure E4.3 AWS r5.2xlarge
Cores 3 4
List Price $0.147 $0.452 (US East)
Summary5, 6 Flexible compute shapes offer the perfect size 207% more expensive and wastes 1 core and 16GB of RAM

High I/O intensive compute: Highest IOPS at the lowest price

Some customer workloads require extremely high I/O rates and very low storage latency. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers high capacity local NVMe SSD storage on Dense IO instances, with up to 51.2TB per instance and 5.5MM IOPS at < 1 millisecond latency. These instances are ideal for extreme database and big data workloads, like Apache Spark and Hadoop. AWS offers a dense storage instance family, i3en, with significantly lower IOPS at significantly higher prices.

  Oracle Cloud Infrastructures BM.DenseIO2.52 AWS i3en.metal
List price $6.63 $10.848 (US East)
Total Cores 52 48
Total Storage 51.2TB 60TB
Read IOPS 5.5M 2M
Performance SLA Yes No
Price-Performance (IOPS/$) 892K 185K
Summary5, 6, 8, 9 Highest IOPS at the Lowest Price 63% more expensive for 63% fewer IOPS

Performance for Cisco Tetration Increases 60x on OCI

“We saw dramatic improvement over other cloud providers... This allowed us to have a much more functional solution, reduced our costs down, and we could pass these cost savings down to our customers.”

—Navindra Yadav, Founder, Cisco Tetration

High performance computing: supercomputing at your fingertips

We designed our HPC instances for the most computationally intensive workloads requiring the fastest single threaded performance and the lowest latency network. All HPC instances have a unique direct memory interconnect network powered by a non-virtualized and bare-metal RDMA network. We deliver high frequency processors, fast and dense local storage, and an RDMA cluster network with < 2 microsecond latency across clusters of tens of thousands of cores. AWS doesn’t offer this architecture, and their closest solution, the C5n, is significantly more expensive.

  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure BM.HPC2.36 AWS c5n.metal
List price $2.70 $3.888 (US East)
Storage Local NVME SSDs No Local NVMe SSD
Memory 384GB 192GB
Networking RDMA No RDMA
Performance SLA Yes No
SPECrate 2017 Integer 238 237
SPECrate 2017 Floating Point 206 206
Stream (MB/s) 146,984 140,833
Summary5, 6, 7 Lower costs for better performance with RDMA and performance guarantee 44% more expensive, no local SSD storage, half the RAM, with no RDMA and no performance SLA

Consistently low cost HPC, with linear performance

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s HPC instances offers linear performance and consistent low cost compared to AWS. For a typical Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) job, with a CFD Solver for a 140-M cell mesh, AWS’s C5n instances are about 60% more expensive than Oracle’s HPC instances across all scales. You can find more information on the AWS configuration and test results on their blog: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/compute/running-ansys-fluent-on-amazon-ec2-c5n-with-elastic-fabric-adapter-efa/.

In the chart below, lower is better.

High performance computing savings

Altair selects Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for CFD

“Altair delivers engineering simulations at its users fingertips by leveraging the flexibility and elasticity of cloud computing. Oracle Cloud can deliver up to 20-25% better price performance for our CFD and Structural Mechanics solvers with its bare metal compute offerings with low latency RDMA networking. This helps our customer improve their product development process and bring product to market faster that their competitors without spending capital on upfront hardware purchase.”

—Sam Mahalingam, CTO, Altair

High-performance block storage that makes it simple to save money

We’ve designed our storage platform as an ideal complement to our compute and networking services at a compelling price. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers a single block storage volume type for simplicity, with an industry-first ability to tune transactional (I/O per second) and throughput performance in seconds, without downtime. Our customers can simply select the capacity they need, at only $0.0255 per GB per month, and pay a low cost for increased performance, only when they need it and as they need it.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes use the latest NVMe SSDs and provide non-blocking network connectivity to every host. Oracle delivers consistent, low latency performance of up to 75 IOPS/GB to a maximum of 35,000 IOPS and 480 MB/s of throughput per volume. Every enterprise application requires block storage, and both traditional enterprise applications and newer scale out applications require consistently high IOPS. Oracle delivers this with the only storage performance SLA among large cloud providers. Further, Oracle can provide up to 700K IOPS and 9,600 MB/s of throughput per host, satisfying even the most performance intensive applications.

Simple block storage for any workload

  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes (Balanced) AWS EBS General Purpose SSD (gp2) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes (High Perf) AWS EBS Provisioned IOPS SSD (io1)
Maximum IOPS / GB 60 3 75 50
Maximum IOPS / Volume 25,000 16,000 35,000 64,000
Max Throughput / Volume 480 MB/s 250 MB/s 480 MB/s 1,000 MB/s
Maximum IOPS / Host 700,000 260,000 700,000 260,000
Max Throughput / Host 9,600 MB/s 7,500 MB/s 9,600 MB/s 7,500 MB/s

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes10, 11, AWS EBS12, 13

General workloads: More performance for 47% to 81% less cost

For the majority of workloads, our customers choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes (balanced setting). This is comparable to AWS EBS General Purpose SSD storage. Our block storage offers as much as 1.5X the IOPS performance for 81% less cost for 500GB capacity.

  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes (Balanced) AWS EBS General Purpose SSD (gp3)
Block volume capacity (GB) IOPS Baseline Throughput (MB/s) Price/month IOPS Baseline Throughput (MB/s) Price/month (US East)
100 6,000 48 $4.25 3000 125 $8.00
500 25,000 240 $21.25 16,000 240 $109.60
1,000 25,000 480 $42.50 16,000 480 $159.20
5,000 25,000 480 $212.50 16,000 480 $479.20
10,000 25,000 480 $425.00 16,000 480 $879.20

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes14, AWS EBS15, IOPS16

High I/O storage workloads: Max IOPS for up to 98% less cost

For database and application workloads which need very high-performance storage, customers choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volume (high performance) which offers an SLA backed 75 IOPS per GB. This is comparable to AWS EBS Provisioned IOPS. Running a high-performance volume from 100 GB to 5 TB with maximum IOPS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is 98% less cost, at all capacities. Running a 5TB high performance volumes on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes would save $17,227.50 a month (or 59 times less) over AWS while achieving 2.7X times the performance.

  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes (High Performance) AWS EBS Provisioned IOPS SSD (io2)
Block volume capacity (GB) IOPS Price/month IOPS Price/month (US East)
100 7,500 $5.95 7,500 $500.00
200 15,000 $11.90 15,000 $1,000.00
300 22,500 $17.85 22,500 $1,500.00
400 30,000 $23.80 30,000 $2,000.00
500 35,000 $29.75 35,000 $2,280.50
2x500 (1TB) 70,000 $59.50 70,000 $4,623.50
10x500 (5TB) 700,000 $297.50 260,000 $17,525.00

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes14, AWS EBS17

OceanX logo

OceanX saw 300% performance improvement, greater operational efficiency, and acquired more customers on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure than AWS and at 30% lower cost.

Globally consistent experiences at a global price

As an example, compare standard compute instance pricing in different geographies on AWS and on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and you’ll find AWS has significantly higher prices outside of the US5. Specifically, the same compute is 56% less expensive in AWS US East than in AWS Brazil. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers consistent global pricing.

Consistent global pricing

global pricing chart

We designed our cloud for a consistent experience, both in performance and cost, wherever you want to deploy. Learn more about our worldwide lineup of services, how we are continually increasing our global footprint, and how we price our services for a consistent experience, regardless of where you deploy.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was the best balance between performance and cost for ‘Age of Ishtaria,’ enabling players to gain a better user experience while also delivering 65 percent cost savings compared to previous cloud service. Those savings then allow us to reinvest in new events and campaigns for our customers.

Mr. Yuki Horikoshi general manager of engineering, Mynet Inc.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customer successes

Customers across all industries and regions share their cloud cost savings and performance results.

zoom logo
Zoom Chooses Oracle Cloud for Outstanding Performance

Use case: Custom/ISV App on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Scaled to millions of concurrent users within 5 weeks
  • Routes 7+PB of data per day through Oracle Cloud globally
Naveego logo
Naveego Saves 60% on Compute and Network Charges on Oracle

Use case: Custom/ISV App on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Increased R&D productivity via new environments
  • Completed full migration to Oracle Cloud in 30 days
Phenix logo
Phenix reduced costs for processor-based workloads by 40 percent

Use case: Custom App on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Oracle Cloud allows Phenix to deliver streams with latency below half a second
  • Lowering expense of delivering streaming data to end users by 70 percent
Veritas saves $2.5 million annually

Use case: Core applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Needed more scalability and better performance for core applications
  • Moved 192 TB of data in a single weekend with no downtime

Oracle Government Cloud: Same price as commercial cloud

Oracle Government Cloud—for IaaS and PaaS—is priced the same as our commercial public cloud and meets U.S. Defense Department (Impact Levels 2 and 4) and FedRAMP High authorization standards. Oracle also operates a sovereign, dual-region service in the UK for UK government and defense customers.

Commercial customers who need to meet government accreditation requirements should consider using Oracle Government Cloud, which can enable them to achieve their compliance goals.

Service OCI SKU OCI hourly cost1 AWS SKU AWS hourly cost2 Azure SKU Azure hourly cost3
Virtual machine, 4 vCPU, 16 GB
VM.Standard.E4.Flex $0.08 m5a.xlarge $0.22 D4as v5 $0.22
Storage optimized virtual machine, 16 vCPU, 120 GB
VM.DenseIO.E4.Flex $0.81 i3.4xlarge $1.50 L16s $1.50
Bare metal, 128 vCPU, 1024 GB
BM.Standard3.64 $4.10 m6i.metal $7.74 S96 $5.92
Kubernetes, 100 vCPU, 750 GB
VM.Standard.E4.Flex $2.38 R5a.xlarge (4 vCPU/VM) $6.90 E4as v5 (4 vCPU/VM) $6.90
Block storage, 1 TB, 1 volume, 15K IOPS, 125 MB/sec
Block storage (balanced) $0.72 EBS (gp3) $2.76 Premium SSD v2 $2.36
Data egress, 50 TB
First 10,000 GB free $0.47 First 100 GB free $5.87 First 100 GB free $4.65
Private line, 1 Gb/sec, 100 TB
FastConnect circuit fee $0.21 Direct Connect circuit fee plus data charge $3.04 Express Route circuit fee plus data $4.02
MySQL DB standard $0.47 db.m5.4xlarge $1.45 General purpose Gen 5, 8 vCore, 40 GB $0.94

All prices assume 730 hours per month and constant usage throughout the month. Prices rounded to the nearest cent.

  1. Prices effective on December 1, 2022, on OCI.
  2. Prices effective on December 1, 2022, in the AWS GovCloud East region.
  3. Prices effective on December 1, 2022, in the Azure US Gov Virginia region.
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Oracle provides both the technology and the guidance you need to succeed at every step of your journey, from planning and adoption through to continuous innovation.