Telefónica optimizes and expands service capacity with Oracle Field Service

The telecommunications group reduces scheduling setup times and enhances routing capabilities for its field service teams.


Oracle Field Service is extremely important for all our operations and it is no wonder that we have kept this partnership going for years. This technology has ensured an improved experience for employees and customers. Telefónica was able to change focus and concentrate on service commitment and customer satisfaction, rather than managing slow processes and systems.

George AmaralOperation Support Consultant, Telefónica

Business challenges

The Spanish group Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, operating in Brazil under the brand Vivo. In addition to mobile network and connectivity services, Vivo operates a wide portfolio spanning the entertainment, financial services, health and wellness, education, and smart home markets.

In the last two years, the operator experienced complex challenges brought by the pandemic, particularly in the external services sector. The increased complexity of telecommunications networks during the pandemic required innovative resources and solutions to address different processes for operating, maintaining, planning, and auditing these networks.

The company also needed a system that could assist both office and field teams, and drive improvements in operational efficiency, cost management, and customer experience.

Oracle Field Service was chosen because of its ability to support several processes more intelligently and efficiently, including customer care and field service.

Why Telefónica chose Oracle

Telefónica selected Oracle Field Service due to its ability to provide more intelligent and efficient support to staff and technicians. Despite the complexity of its operations, Oracle Field Service would allow Telefónica to reduce the time back-office teams spent on planning.


Among the results obtained by Telefónica, the time needed for scheduling activities dropped by about 60% with Oracle Field Service, allowing planning teams to focus on value-adding activities. Oracle also helped Telefónica better support its field technicians while also giving them more autonomy and the ability to reorganize their schedules. Meantime, the number of scheduling categories was cut by 70%, which increased operational efficiency, decreased overbookings, and improved on-time delivery to customers.

During the pandemic, Telefónica had to adjust its routing processes in order to be even more efficient. Using Oracle Field Service, technicians spent less time inside clients' homes—a big savings considering the company responds to some 50,000 calls per day throughout the country.

In addition, using the collaboration module in Oracle Field Service enabled direct communication between office staff and technicians to ensure that the most up-to-date information reached technicians. Today, Oracle Field Service, part of the Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience suite of applications, allows the company to provide faster, more agile, and timely service to customers.


Telefónica partnered with Oracle Consulting for the implementation of Oracle Field Service.

Published:January 30, 2023

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One of the largest telecommunications groups in the world, Telefónica was founded in Spain and is the parent company of brands such as O2 in Europe and Vivo in Brazil. It has almost 400 million customers on several continents, and offers mobile telephony and broadband internet services.