Oracle Data Infrastructure Forum

16 November 2022

Today’s most innovative businesses are using data to analyse consumer behaviour, manage risk, and get ahead of trends. Make sure your IT infrastructure is capable of delivering data-driven innovations to propel your business growth.

At our Data Infrastructure Forum, you will learn from IT experts and hear from some of our customers, describing how they updated their data infrastructure to derive more insight from their data and use it in exciting new ways.

This includes a session with Oracle Red Bull Racing, the defending champion Formula 1 team, who relies on Oracle Cloud to power their race strategy, engine development, fan engagement, and more.

Oracle product development leaders will share insights on the future of data management, as well as ways to drive your data performance using automation, database consolidation, enhanced data protection, and as a platform for the next wave of unique applications.

Why to join

  • Executive insight from Oracle product development leaders
  • Best practices from IT leader in different industries
  • 3 interactive tracks on database management, data platform for innovations and data protection
  • Live Q&A with best Oracle experts in EMEA

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Event Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to Oracle Data Infrastructure Forum 2022

  • Reinier van Grieken

    SVP Cloud Systems EMEA

Oracle Red Bull Racing Best Practices and Experience with the Data Insights

  • Marcel Giacomini

    EMEA Cloud Systems, Solutions Engineer Leader

  • Zoe Chilton

    Head of Strategic Partnerships, Oracle Red Bull Racing

Executive Insight: Oracle’s Response to Evolving Threats

We rely on data more and more. We are used to protect our data against the usual threats. Scene is changing, rapidly. First time ever, we are facing engineered, evolving threats. We need to evolve our data protection strategies. Oracle invested a lot in making sure that we are one step ahead of the attackers and protect your data.

  • Rob Watson

    Vice President HRMS Development

  • Kristian Toms

    Cloud Data Management and Data Platforms Specialist Leader

Executive Insight

Join our executives, Andrew Bond, Kristian Toms, and Dominic Giles, for a discussion about the ways our customers are taking advantage of their data to find informational insights by adopting new technologies in data management with improved efficiencies.

  • Kristian Toms

    Cloud Data Management and Data Platforms Specialist Leader

  • Andrew Bond

    CTO and Specialist Leader

  • Dom Giles

    Distinguished Product Manager

Executive Insight : Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Dedicated Cloud and Hybrid Cloud, the Distributed Cloud model

What we hear from companies is about having fully featured private cloud solutions with all the capabilities of a public cloud deployment.You want also to get interoperability between different cloud vendors for your workloads and are very sensitive to data residency and data locality. Leo Leung and Jason Schaffer will cover these patterns and share some news (Alloy, Cloud at Customer and more)

  • Leo Leung

    Vice President, Product Management

  • Jason Schaffer

    Vice President, Systems Product Management

Data Protection, Reinvented!

We have more to protect in less time. And we have to protect better. Meet ZDLRA & ZFS, technologies designed to solve your issues , and they integrate with each other and cloud.

  • Mertol Ozyoney

    Cloud Data Management Platform Specialist

Customer Reference Session

  • Robert Tejada

    Tech Lead – Cloud, Databases Platform | IT Marketing, Sales and eBusiness | Nestle

Customer Reference Session

  • M. Simplice NIANGOURAN

    Technical Advisor of CEO and Project Director | Caisse Générale des Retraités et Agents de l’Etat (CGRAE)

Comfort break + Q&A

Back to Track : ZDLRA vs Cyber Attacks

What are the technologies we have that makes RA more resilient? Why all recoveries are not the same? What’s the benefit of RA?

  • Marco Calmasini

    Senior Principal Product Manager

  • Tom Heuves

    EMEA Business Development Manager

Unleash the power of Autonomous JSON and MongoDB API

Do you think adopting new technologies is difficult? Innovation and Digital Transformation should not mean business disruption. In this session you will learn how easy is to combine Cloud Native JSON data with transactional Data Warehouse information. Be ready to unleash new world of insights.

  • Javier de la Torre

    Principal Domain Specialist Cloud Engineer - Data Management

The Hybrid Cloud at Customer from Data to Business Applications

From complex IT infrastructure and thousands of applications, how to simplify and modernize with a Hybrid Deployment with OCI, Compute Cloud at Customer OCI-connected and Private Cloud Appliance OCI-disconnected.

  • Krishna Srinivasan

    Senior Director, Product Management

Back To Track : Compressing the uncompressible*

New threats pushes us for encryption. There is a huge penalty, we need to backup 3-5X more data. With RA, you don’t have to.

  • Nick Baker

    Cloud Systems Principal Solution Engineer

  • Tim Chien

    Senior Director of Product Management

Customer reference session Part 1: Yapi Kredi Bank

Before and After What did RA solve? What were the benefits experienced? How does it differ?

  • Yıldıray Kılıçaslan

    Data Storage and Backup Systems Manager

Customer Reference Session: Surprise Guest

The Oracle Linux Foundation – Multi-Cloud is easier with Open Cloud Native

How Oracle give you the benefits from open-source solution certified by the CNCF with flexible deployment options and enterprise class support.

  • Simon Coter

    Director of Product Management, Oracle Linux and Virtualization

Customer reference session Part 2: Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

Before and After What did ZFS solve? What were the benefits experienced? How does it differ?

  • Fernando Simon

    Senior Database and Cloud Specialist | Oracle ACE PRO | Founder & Board Member of LUXOUG

No Time For A Pitstop : ZFS vs Ransomware (Part 1)

How can I make my data and backups immutable? How can I recover from an attack if my primary storage system is not available? Join us to learn more how ZFS can help you in difficult situations.

  • Ahmed ElGamal

    Cloud Systems Senior Solution Engineer

A pragmatic approach to the Autonomous Database Journey

How can I make my data and backups immutable? How can I recover from an attack if my primary storage system is not available? Join us to learn more how ZFS can help you in difficult situations.

  • Michael Ramchard

    Cloud Data Management Platform and Availability Specialist Leader

Customer Reference Session: Surprise Guest

No Time For A Pitstop : ZFS vs Ransomware (Demo)


  • Joe Hartley

    Sr Principal Product Manager, Oracle Cloud and On-Premises Storage

  • Melanie Benham

    Cloud Systems Solution Engineering Director

Wrap Up

  • Marcel Giacomini

    EMEA Cloud Systems, Solutions Engineer Leader

Wrap Up

  • Michael Ramchard

    Cloud Data Management Platform and Availability Specialist Leader

Wrap Up

  • Dario Wiser

    EMEA Business Development Director - Cloud Systems




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