Application Integration Customer Stories

The Co-op Reimagines Connected Recruiting

The Co-op automated their recruitment process to reduce hiring time by connecting and extending their HCM Cloud. Head of Resourcing Services Yvonne Foster shares how Oracle Integration helped accelerate her innovation..

Mitsubishi Electric Connects IoT with Oracle Integration

Mitsubishi Electric uses Oracle Cloud Platform for integration and automation to increase up-time 60%, boost production 30%, reduce manual processes 55%, and decrease floor space 85%.

Atlatl Accelerates Sales with Oracle Integration

Custom, point to point interfaces were taking Atlatl an average of 31 days to develop, test, and validate for their manufacturing customers. With Oracle Integration Cloud, they cut their time to revenue to 1 or 2 days for faster scale and growth.

Rabobank Opens up Financial Services Using Apiary

Rabobank opens up its financial services to the outside world by leveraging Oracle Cloud Platform. It supports its lines of businesses to integrate themselves and drive user experience by using apiary within Oracle API Cloud Platform.

CoreLogic Leverages ICS for Persona Based Data Retrieval

CoreLogic’s Sam Changezi talks about how the company’s approach has allowed users to liberate their data using Oracle Integration Cloud.

Subaru Launches New Services with Oracle Cloud

Subaru of America builds its next generation telematics by centralizing integration and computing services using the Oracle Cloud Platform for a seamless end user experience.

AFG Drives to Frictionless Home Loans with Oracle Cloud

AFG is transforming their home loan business by connecting their Oracle SaaS applications with third party and on-premises systems and extending their digital footprint to take time and risk out of their customer experience.

National Pharmacies Transforms IT with Oracle Cloud Platform

Local engagement with a personal touch is what sets National Pharmacies retail and home health business apart. They chose Oracle Cloud to modernize their applications, optimizing end-to-end member engagement processes until they were 4–5x faster.

Mythics Extends NetSuite CRM with Oracle Integration Cloud

Mythics takes digital customer engagement to the next level with prebuilt adapters for their NetSuite CRM application. By identifying client needs early and responding faster, they’ve closed their largest deals and achieved record annual revenues.

RTD Provides Real-Time Data to Customers Using Oracle

RTD provides transit to 100,000 people a day in the Denver metro region. By leveraging Oracle Platform Cloud, it now provides real-time data to its partners and customers.

Drop Tank Connects and Scales with Oracle Integration

Drop Tank is modernizing the customer loyalty experience and scaling their business quickly by connecting point-of-sale systems directly with Oracle Integration. Drop Tank is on track to double their business by next year.