Internet of Things (IoT)

Oracle’s Fusion Cloud Internet of Things IoT Intelligent Applications can provide you with more visibility, insights and efficiencies by capturing sensor data from connected devices using smart manufacturing, connected assets, connected logistics, workplace safety, and connected customer experience.

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See how Oracle IoT Applications work in real-world scenarios. Take a tour of IoT for smart manufacturing, connected assets, connected logistics, workplace safety, and service monitoring.

How IoT connects and automates

Smart manufacturing: Reinvent manufacturing processes

Increase your revenue by using IoT applications to improve efficiency, increase supply chain visibility, and launch new business models.

Connected assets: Monitor machines

Prevent downtime by using IoT sensor data for real-time visibility and maintenance of machines, vehicles, and other assets.

Connected logistics: IoT for transportation and logistics

Reduce costs by connecting and monitoring vehicle routes and products in transit.

Workplace safety: Connect and monitor workplaces

Ensure regulatory compliance and identify causes of incidents, with real-time visibility into workplace environments.

IoT Intelligent Applications

Smart manufacturing

Monitor work-in-progress across factories, maximize product quality, and prevent unplanned downtime. Detect, analyze, and respond to IoT signals in factory settings. Enable real-time visibility of asset health, location, and utilization.

  • Work-in-progress monitoring
  • Prevent unplanned downtime
  • Maximize product quality

Video: Wheel manufacturer embraces smart manufacturing with integrated Oracle SCM and ERP (1:50)

View the Titan business use case (PDF)

Connected assets

Improve maintenance efficiency and increase the value of your assets. Optimize asset availability and utilization through continuous remote tracking and visualization of usage, condition, performance, and operating environments.

Connected logistics

Optimize your end-to-end logistics operations with proactive detection of anomalies and deviations for private and third party carriers and warehouse facility operations.

Workplace safety

Automate rule-driven enforcement of safety policies. Monitor worker movement to prevent unsafe acts, such as entering hazardous or unauthorized areas, and reduce your response time for accidents and monitoring compliance.

Service monitoring

Use IoT to connect to service centers for proactive and immediate issue resolution. Improve customer service by empowering agents to resolve issues by sending commands directly to assets. Provide field service workers with the information they need to resolve issues on the first visit.

Connected supply chains create a connected world

Michael Richter, Principal Director, Product Marketing, Oracle

The Internet of Things (IoT) is having a similarly profound impact on the supply chain and manufacturing sector. In supply chain and manufacturing, we get data from machines, trucks, ships, and entire production lines, in addition to data about the weather, traffic jams, or even the temperature of ice cream in a truck. Businesses are increasingly connecting every facet of their end-to-end supply chains. All are made possible by IoT.

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All about Internet of Things

  • What is internet of things?

    It’s one of the most important technologies of the 21st century. The internet of things, or IoT, is a network of billions of physical objects connected with sensors that exchange data with other devices over the internet.

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    Datasheet: IoT Intelligent Applications (PDF)

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