Oracle Key Manager 3

Simple, Secure, and Scalable Key Management

Oracle Key Manager 3 centrally authorizes, secures, and manages all of your encryption keys, reducing exposure of sensitive data and ensuring reliability and security.

Standards-based key management

  • Dedicated encryption key management system
  • FIPS-compliant
  • Device-independent, operating system, and application-agnostic
  • Protects against both on-premises and offsite data loss and data breaches

Oracle Key Manager 3 features

Provides secure key protection throughout key lifecycle

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance (with Hardware Security Module)

Open standards-based architecture

Supports diverse storage devices under a single storage key management system

High availability

Active n-node clustering, dynamic load balancing, and automated failover

Improved manageability

User-defined, policy-based automatic key management with secure client GUI

Scales easily and without disruption

Manages thousands of storage devices and millions of encryption keys on a single clustered appliance pair