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Oracle Consulting—Modernizing the Enterprise

Will Your Legacy be a Case Study or Cautionary Tale?

Your legacy served you well in the past, but does it support the innovation and agility you need to compete in the future?


Yesterday's Innovation. Today's Standard.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity, divestitures, and reorganizations have led to disparate, unsynchronized systems that are costly and difficult to maintain.

A connected, information-rich marketplace requires the ability to scale and respond to rapidly changing environment.

Are you ready for the future? Modernize and transform your application, and infrastructure to increase agility, drive innovation, avoid unnecessary risk, and reduce cost.

Your Business Challenge

Your Business Challenge

  • Are you allowing yesterday's technology decisions to limit your business agility?
  • How do you consolidate disparate but critical IT assets without disruption?
  • How do you create a data center that can meet ever-changing customer demands?
  • How do you reduce IT costs and avoid risks while gaining agility to adapt to organizational change?
  • How do you upgrade to supported versions and then stay current?

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Oracle Consulting has more than 30 years of global experience and has delivered thousands of customized engagements to modernize and transform customer's environments.

We deliver complete solutions that simplifies your application, technology, and infrastructure portfolio and allows you to effectively compete in today's intense market dynamics. We guide you through each step in your migration to the cloud while maximizing your ROI.

Oracle Migration Factory (PDF)
Oracle Upgrade Factory (PDF)

Our Solution

Our Solution

Build an effective strategy that consolidates, modernizes, and transforms your systems into an up-to-date future-ready IT portfolio.

Oracle Consulting Upgrade Factory and Migration Factory provide simple, cost-effective approaches for upgrades and migrations to the cloud. We guide you through a systematic review of your applications and technologies portfolio and design the optimal path to modernizing your IT assets while reducing cost, risk, and time.

Oracle Application Upgrade Services (PDF)
Oracle Cloud Roadmap for Oracle Applications (Cloud GPS) (PDF)
Oracle Server Migration and Consolidation Service (PDF)
Oracle Database Migration Services (PDF)