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Oracle Student Cloud: Transform your Institution to be Future-Ready

Butler University begins their journey to the cloud by selecting Oracle Student Financial Planning. This will integrate out of the box with their current PeopleSoft solution.

Oracle Student Cloud: An Entirely New Type of Student System

Nicole Engelbert, VP of Higher Education, discusses the attributes of a next-generation student system.

Why Choose Oracle Student Cloud?

Freedom to Innovate

A perfect storm is disrupting higher education, challenging long-held beliefs about teaching, learning, and research. Streamlining back-office operations and improving the student experience is just the beginning. Institutions must become more agile and move quickly in bold new directions. Success requires an entirely new kind of student system: Oracle Student Cloud. Built from the ground up to support traditional and nontraditional programs on a single platform, Oracle Student Cloud provides a game-changing financial aid module and real-time insight and collaboration tools, all powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Oracle Student Cloud: Supporting Innovation in Higher Education

  • The only complete, cloud native student solution available on the market
  • Flexible architecture supports lifelong learning, including term, nonterm, continuing, and competency-based education
  • Financial aid solution delivers game-changing efficiency through real-time synchronization with third-party data sources
  • Powerful AI and conversational interfaces drive a singular focus on improving student outcomes
  • Secure and sustainable infrastructure protects institutional data and ensures reliable performance
  • Modular design enables institutions to chart their own path to the cloud, accelerating access to innovation while reducing business disruption

Oracle Student Cloud Modules


Oracle Student Management

Built natively to be flexible, insightful, and singularly focused on student success, Oracle Student Management frees institutions to deliver more innovative and effective programs.

Get the Student Management Data Sheet (PDF)

Oracle Student Financial Planning

Manage each financial aid package individually and provide real-time visibility into a student's entire program to support more responsible financial decisions and academic outcomes.

Intelligent Student Financial Management

Oracle Student Recruiting

Optimize enrollment and improve recruiter productivity by identifying and targeting high-value prospects across digital channels, managing prospect pipelines, and improving forecast accuracy.

Download the Student Recruiting Datasheet (PDF)

Oracle Student Engagement

Deliver the highly personalized, contextual digital engagement students expect, target interventions to boost retention and improve outcomes, and drive engagement with sharable social content.

Discover Oracle Student Engagement (PDF)

Student Support

Track student interactions, improve student engagement and satisfaction, and deliver the personalized experience modern students expect.

Find out now

Practical Path

Realize more value with the industry’s most complete student information system and take advantage of an incremental path to Oracle Higher Education Cloud.

Find Your Path to Oracle Cloud

“Designed with the student as the focal point and built with Oracle’s market-leading expertise across the entire technology stack, institutions can feel confident that Student Cloud drives rather than inhibits future innovation.”

—Safra Catz, Oracle CEO
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Oracle Student Cloud Resources

student engagement data sheet
Solution Brief

Move Student Information Systems (SIS) to the Cloud

student engagement data sheet
Customer Success Story

A State University: Learnings from a CFO

student engagement data sheet

Is Financial Aid Slowing Down Your Institution?

student engagement data sheet

Connect Your Planning, Advance Your Higher Education Institution

student engagement data sheet
Customer Success Story

A Community College: Lessons in Student Management

student engagement data sheet
Solution Brief

Colleges See the Cloud as One Tool to Keep Higher Education Affordable

Oracle Student Cloud video: student success
Oracle Student Cloud: Improve Student Outcomes

Oracle Student Cloud, a next-generation SIS in the cloud improves student outcomes through guided pathways. The system puts the student first and supports a variety of learning events, such as traditional term-based and continuing education.

Oracle Higher Education Team Helps at Alameda County Food Bank
Oracle Higher Education Team Helps at Alameda County Food Bank

Oracle Higher Education Team volunteers at Alameda County Food Bank. The team packed 26,000 pounds of produce and raised funds to buy 18,000 pounds of produce.

Oracle Student Cloud video: Responsible Borrowing
Responsible Borrowing

Oracle Student Cloud helps students find the optimal mix of financial aid funds. Increasing the likelihood that students have the funding they need to complete school encourages responsible borrowing.

Oracle Student Cloud video: Understanding Financial Aid
Understanding Financial Aid

American students collectively owe an estimated $1.5 trillion in loans. Oracle Student Cloud helps students better understand what their eligibility for financial aid is.

Oracle Student Cloud video: University IT Leaders
Hear from University Leaders

Key IT leaders share how Oracle Student Cloud will help students succeed across all types of academic programs.

ovum analyst report: student information system
Analyst Report

Oracle Student Cloud ruptures the boundaries of traditional student systems.

higher education student financial planning data sheet
Data Sheet

Autonomous capabilities and hyperpersonalization transform financial aid.

Student Cloud Webcast

Trends in Student Financial Aid: Student Success and Responsible Borrowing.

student management data sheet
Data Sheet

A flexible architecture that supports diverse education models puts the student first.

student engagement data sheet
Data Sheet

This datasheet contains the most up to date information about the Oracle Student Engagement software.

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