Oracle Hardware

Oracle hardware includes a full suite of scalable engineered systems, servers, and storage that let enterprises optimize application and database performance, protect crucial data, and lower costs. Organizations improve database performance, simplify management, and lower costs with exclusive features and automated operations that aren’t available with other solutions.

Oracle Hardware
Modernize Oracle Database environments

Find out how telcos are modernizing mission-critical systems to improve operational efficiency.

Accelerate infrastructure deployment with Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

Understand how to use appliances to accelerate innovation.

Oracle hardware benefits

Oracle Database runs faster and more efficiently

Oracle hardware lets IT teams deploy optimized solutions in customer data centers and easy-to-manage appliances in remote offices and edge environments. Solutions with full-stack integration and optimizations let customers run Oracle Database up to 10X faster with Oracle Exadata’s Smart Scan query offload.

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Easy integration with Oracle’s public cloud

Built-in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) integrations make it easy for organizations to develop and deploy cloud native applications across OCI and customer data centers, store data in the public cloud, and simplify both data protection and cloud migrations. Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Platform provides IT teams with the information they need to understand and manage all the layers of their IT stack, no matter where it’s located.

Enhanced availability and data protection

Oracle IT infrastructure helps organizations increase the availability of their mission-critical Oracle databases and applications. Fault-tolerant, scale-out designs and built-in capabilities simplify the implementation of Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) best practices, letting customers achieve up to 99.999% availability with Oracle Exadata in MAA configurations, as described in IDC’s analysis (PDF).

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Lower costs with high performance consolidation

Oracle hardware lowers the cost of running on-premises workloads by reducing the number of systems required, delivering higher performance per software license, and reducing IT staff workloads. Oracle Private Cloud Appliance lets customers consolidate containerized, cloud native applications—and those running natively on multiple operating systems—onto a single platform while Cloud@Customer solutions let organizations benefit from consumption-based economics in their own data centers.

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Oracle hardware

The best Oracle Database platform

Oracle Exadata's full-stack architecture improves the performance, scale, security, and availability of an enterprise’s Oracle databases. Available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, on-premises, and with Exadata Cloud@Customer, it incorporates more than 60 unique features that are coengineered with Oracle Database to accelerate OLTP, analytics, and machine learning applications. Exadata reduces capital costs and management expenses by letting IT departments consolidate hundreds of databases onto a single system, including running Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Exadata Database Service together on Cloud@Customer infrastructure deployed in their data centers.

  • A full-stack, integrated solution reduces integration requirements.
  • A high-availability infrastructure maximizes database uptime.
  • A scalable design enables database consolidation for organizations of any size.
  • Fully compatible on-premises and Oracle Cloud deployments simplify moving to the cloud.
  • Intelligent storage increases database performance and controls costs.
  • SQL read I/O latency of less than 17 seconds improves OLTP responsiveness.
  • Up to 1 TB/sec SQL throughput accelerates data-intensive analytics applications.
  • Up to 22.4 million SQL I/O operations per second per rack increases throughput for consolidated workloads.

Pre-built and optimized for crucial enterprise workloads

Oracle Engineered Systems are integrated, full-stack solutions that are developed with Oracle Database and applications to run customer workloads faster, at lower costs, and with greater security than multivendor, on-premises solutions. Scalable designs enable enterprises to consolidate existing IT infrastructure and quickly adjust to surges in demand, while management automation reduces administrative workloads and helps control costs.

  • Complete solutions eliminate multivendor infrastructure integration
  • Full-stack quarterly patching cuts patching workload by over 80% (PDF)
  • Reliable edge appliances reduce downtime in remote locations by up to up to 99% as described by IDC
  • Cloud data-protection and migration capabilities make it easy to protect data and move to the cloud
  • Incremental scaling easily supports growing application and database requirements
  • Trusted partition licensing cuts software costs by up to 85%
  • Continuous protection for crucial Oracle databases

Secure application infrastructure

Oracle’s x86 and SPARC servers run enterprise applications in on-premises data centers and edge environments with high performance, security, reliability, and efficiency. Enterprise Java, Oracle Database, and application workloads run at peak performance and with efficient virtualization while the inclusion of operating system and virtualization software at no addition charge lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Entry-level to high-end servers for scale-up, scale-out, and edge deployments
  • SPARC servers meet enterprise needs for reliable and cost-effective UNIX solutions
  • Oracle Linux or Oracle Solaris and Oracle VM are included at no cost with every Oracle x86 server
  • Proven Solaris operating system guaranteed to run existing SPARC/Solaris applications into the future
  • Redundant designs with hot-swappable components increase Oracle Database and application availability
  • Integrated encryption, application memory protection, and compliance auditing improve data and system security
  • Oracle Solaris and multiple forms of virtualization are included at no cost with every Oracle SPARC server

High performance storage

Oracle’s high performance enterprise storage is optimized for Oracle workloads and cloud with unmatched TCO for active storage, data protection, and archive. Leading, large-scale enterprises continue to choose Oracle storage to run their applications faster, provides superior protection against cyberattacks, and securely preserve their long-term data. Unique integration with the Oracle Database and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provide unmatched efficiency, simplicity, and performance.

  • Unified file, block, and object storage meets customers active storage needs
  • Up to 8 PB of all-flash storage for latency-sensitive applications
  • Up to 18 GB/Sec throughput accelerates data-warehouse and data-protection workloads
  • IO prioritization optimizes Oracle Database storage performance
  • Data protection solutions with unique Oracle Database integrations accelerates recovery of crucial information
  • Tape automation reduces the cost of managing archives by up to 95% (PDF) according to ESG
  • Up to 57 EB of uncompressed capacity and 29 PB/hour throughput under a single pane of glass management provides nearly limitless scalability

View all customer successes

Oracle hardware customer successes

Thousands of organizations worldwide use Oracle hardware to run and protect business-critical databases and applications with high performance, scale, and security while reducing administrative burdens and TCO.

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Swisscom improves operational efficiency and protects databases with Oracle hardware

Oracle hardware use cases

  • Simplify management with cloud capabilities

    Accelerate enterprise applications and databases while reducing IT management workloads with the same database and systems technology as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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  • Implement an Oracle Database private cloud

    Reduce data center complexity by consolidating multiple database workloads on the same Exadata Cloud@Customer infrastructure.

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  • Consolidate application infrastructure

    Reduce the number of servers and storage systems required to run application workloads, cut IT management workloads with automation, and lower total cost of ownership by consolidating all aspects of your IT environment with Oracle hardware.

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  • Modernize applications with optimized in-database analytics and machine learning

    Integrate Oracle Machine Learning capabilities into applications, build machine-learning models faster by eliminating data movement, and accelerate business analytics with Oracle Exadata’s optimized in-database capabilities.

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  • Protect application and database information enterprisewide

    Protect databases with up to 50X faster backups and 8X faster recoveries while speeding up the protection of all other data with high performance Oracle hardware.

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Jun 22, 2023

Introducing Exadata Cloud@Customer X10M

Bob Thome, Vice President of Product Management for Exadata Cloud@Customer

Exadata Cloud@Customer X10M provides extreme scalability, performance, and economics, enabling you to run more OLTP transactions, perform more complex analytics, and consolidate larger workloads. With 190 usable processor cores per database server and 64 cores per storage server, you can do more work with fewer servers, reducing your overall infrastructure subscription.

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