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Organizations need complete, secure IT solutions—not just another Linux distribution. Oracle uniquely delivers Linux with everything required to deploy, optimize, and manage applications, on-premises, in the cloud, and at the edge. It’s more secure and easier to manage, and it’s tuned for critical demanding workloads at cloud scale. Automation, virtualization, management, high availability, cloud native tools, Kubernetes, and more are all included and supported with a single Premier Support subscription.

The best OS for your Oracle Database (0:56)
Keeping Linux open and free

CIQ, Oracle, and SUSE recently announced the Open Enterprise Linux Association (OpenELA), a collaborative trade association to encourage the development of distributions compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) by providing open and free Enterprise Linux (EL) source code.

Boosting DevOps velocity with automation

Constellation Research finds five drivers for DevOps automation and explores what sets open source, ansible-based Oracle Linux Automation Manager apart. The report also presents key differentiators and actionable recommendations for CXOs.

Enabling modern infrastructure across on-premises and cloud

IDC research shows that Linux-based operating systems are the most used OS in public cloud environments. In this report, IDC provides analysis and recommendations for selecting the right commercial Linux distribution for on-premises and cloud.

G2 recognizes Oracle Linux as a leader

See the top 4 reasons why customers love Oracle Linux.

Linux Operating System (OS) with automation, virtualization, and Kubernetes all included

Increase performance and reliability across environments

Engineered for critical workloads, Oracle Linux supports the latest x86 and Arm architectures across on-premises, multicloud, and edge environments. It supports large-scale, data- and compute-intensive workloads and powers the Oracle public cloud.

Automate IT processes and management tasks

Increase scalability, security, and productivity by automating manual processes in DevOps with open source, ansible-based automation tools included in your Linux support at no extra cost.

Modernize and reduce virtualization costs

Use modern, low-overhead, open source KVM hypervisor and management tools to improve performance/scalability and reduce mounting virtualization costs.

Enhance security and compliance

Improve IT security and meet your compliance requirements by applying security vulnerability fixes without downtime for kernel, hypervisor, and critical user-space libraries. Detect known exploits and use a distribution that has FIPS and Common Criteria certifications.

Run cloud native apps on-premises and in the cloud

Use a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)–certified Kubernetes and a curated stack of open source software to configure, deploy, update, and upgrade infrastructure and run cloud native applications—all included at no extra cost with Premier Support.

Easily switch to a RHEL-compatible alternative

Switching to Oracle Linux is easy. It's application binary compatible with RHEL.

Oracle Linux Support

Oracle offers 24/7 global support services delivered by a dedicated Linux support team and an automated online patching service for our premier support customers. For business-critical infrastructure, consider Oracle Linux Support.


Cost-effective, 24/7 enterprise-grade support

Global, around-the-clock support for Oracle Linux, including Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Linux Manager (formerly Spacewalk), Oracle Clusterware, Oracle Container Runtime for Docker, and more.


  • 24/7 telephone and online support
  • Around-the-clock access to enhancements, updates, and errata
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager for Linux Management
  • Oracle Linux Manager
  • High availability with Oracle Clusterware
  • Oracle Container Runtime for Docker

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Comprehensive operating environment support

Simplify your operations and reduce operating expenses with a single support offering that includes Oracle Linux, virtualization, management, high availability, live patching, cloud native computing tools, and more.


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Move to new releases when you’re ready

Oracle Linux Premier Support for releases 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 is available for ten years after the release date. After that, support can be extended for an additional three years with Oracle Linux Extended Support, followed by Lifetime Sustaining Support.


  • 24/7 telephone and online support
  • Unlimited service requests
  • Critical security errata and select high-impact bug fixes
  • Premier entitlements

Oracle Linux Support policies (PDF)

Oracle Linux customer successes

Customers are improving security, reducing downtime, simplifying operations, advancing their DevSecOps, and saving money by switching to Oracle Linux.

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DBS builds private cloud with Oracle Linux and Virtualization and improves security and operational efficiency

May 24, 2023

General availability of latest Oracle Linux releases

Oracle Linux 9 Update 2 and Oracle Linux 8 Update 8 for the 64-bit Intel, AMD (x86_64), and 64-bit Arm (aarch64) platforms are now generally available. These releases are 100% application binary compatible with corresponding Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Update 2 and 8 Update 8 releases. Both releases ship with the newest Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 7 Update 1 (UEK R7U1) and Red Hat Compatible Kernel (RHCK) packages.

What's new:
- Offline upgrades
- Enhanced containerized management
- Updated observability stack
- Facilitated security and compliance management
- Improved networking management

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