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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Notifications is a highly available, low-latency publish/subscribe (pub/sub) service that sends alerts and messages to Oracle Functions, email, SMS, and message delivery partners, including Slack, PagerDuty, and ServiceNow. The service integrates with Oracle Identity and Access Management for secure access, and delivers each message, even during traffic bursts.

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Choice of message delivery platforms

Tight integration with Monitoring

Send Notifications when metrics are breached or a resource becomes unresponsive.

Choice of endpoints from the partner ecosystem

Send messages from Monitoring and Events Service to email, SMS, Slack, PagerDuty, and HTTPs endpoints.

Trigger with Events Service

Notify based on a variety of Events, such as a new file in object storage or a newly provisioned compute instance.

Easily execute serverless applications

Use Notifications to trigger Functions that execute snippets of code. For example, to automatically scale up an Oracle Autonomous Database instance, or change the shape of a compute instance.

Security features

Identity and access controls

Integration with Identity and Access Management provides granular access controls to only specific users in the organization, helping safeguard personal information and prevent malicious activity.

Subscription confirmation

Prevent spam emails. Messages to registered email addresses, phone numbers, and endpoints require an opt-in from those subscribers.

Flexible subscription management

Administrators can control subscriptions through the console, SDK, and Notifications API.

Usability features

Automatic updates

Oracle provides automatic updates for messaging protocols and endpoints so that customers don’t need delve into the details of protocol semantics.

Increase messaging efficiency

Use push-based messaging architecture to easily broadcast messages to thousands of subscribers across various protocols.

Simple pricing

Notifications provides monthly free allocations via Oracle Cloud Free Tier. Beyond the Free Tier, customers pay only for usage based on number of messages delivered.


Delivery assurance

Notifications will attempt to deliver all messages at least once, with continual retries for two hours.

Highly available architecture

Notifications can handle bursts in traffic and failures in infrastructure.

Support for cloud native applications

Notifications can deliver any type of payload (XML, JSON, and binary) to various microservices.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications customer successes

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Use cases for OCI Notifications

March 31, 2020

Announcing Slack Messaging for Oracle Notifications Service

Kay Singh, Senior Product Manager, Oracle

Today we’re excited to announce the ability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications service to send messages to Slack. Notifications is a cloud native messaging service that allows push-based messaging to email, PagerDuty, Functions, and HTTPS endpoints.

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