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The global gaming industry is undergoing explosive growth and ever-changing business models. Oracle can help you build an amazing gaming experience and a powerful gaming infrastructure to develop, deploy, and run your games with unparalleled reach and performance.

Learn about how Oracle Cloud powers new video, gaming, and sports streaming services.

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Mynet cloud costs drop 80% by running their games on Oracle Cloud
BANDAI NAMCO moved their ERP to Oracle Cloud, cutting hardware costs and achieving their goal of having a disaster recovery installation in the cloud
William Hill reduces waiting time from 2 minutes to 10 seconds, and nearly halved contact center queries with improved self-service capabilities
SQUARE ENIX reduced database backup time to 1/6th to offer superb game environment for users worldwide

Build your game in the cloud with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Flexible shapes with unrivaled gaming performance

Oracle’s compute instances provide flexibility, scaling, and performance for demanding gaming workloads, from VMs and (RDMA) bare metal to GPU VMs.

Compute benefits for gaming

Second-generation nonblocked network for gaming

Get a secure connection to a customizable isolated virtual cloud network (VCN). Inexpensive data egress charges allow gaming companies to save significantly.

Deploy global, secure game servers

Store, manage, and understand game and player data

Use low-cost, high-performance services such as local, object, file, block, and archive storage. Safely store all game and user data at a fraction of the cost.

Achieve low-cost, high-performance storage

Protect your most valuable gaming data

Security-first design principles center on providing built-in security controls, such as isolated network virtualization in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Learn about security-first architecture

Leverage data science to deliver personalized gaming experiences

Bring disparate data together to accelerate game development.

Utilize Oracle Data Science for gaming

Enable real-time analytics to drive gamer acquisition, engagement, and retention

Oracle Analytics in the cloud delivers insights to process relevant data, evaluate predictions, and make quick, accurate decisions for the gaming industry.

Get started with Oracle Analytics

“We’ve been able to achieve cloud cost reductions of about 80% in most of these game titles.”

Hiroshi Matsumoto

Director, Head of Game Service Business Department, Mynet, and CEO, Mynet Games

Gaming industry gains agility with Oracle Cloud ERP

Turbocharge efficiencies by simplifying financial processes

Drive finance transformation through evolving value chains to obtain greater visibility and insights into corporate and production financials.

Explore finance transformation in the digital age

Attract the best gaming talent and build an agile digital workplace

Identify, attract, develop, manage, and retain the best talent in an increasingly competitive digital and collaborative workplace.

Explore talent and workplace agility

“We selected Oracle Cloud Applications because of the company's proven track record moving large, complex organizations to more agile cloud technology. With our core business processes in the cloud, we can rapidly evolve our offerings and experiences.”

MGM Resorts International

Create impactful experiences for digital-savvy gamers

Empower gamers with a personalized self-service experience

Launch D2C offerings. Increase share of wallet. Attract new gamers and retain them. Target loyal gamers with hyper-personalized services and offers.

Build a great gamer experience

Understand who your best gamers are and how to reach them

Make sure that your digital ads are seen by people—not bots—so you can confidently answer the age-old question, “Did my advertising achieve its objectives?”

Explore Advertising

Create a single, dynamic view of your fans and gamers

Combine online, offline, and third-party data with AI and ML to create an intimate, consistent brand experience across marketing, sales, and service.

Explore Customer Data Platform

“The self-service aspect of Oracle Service is key. The ability to best serve customers and make sure we’re putting the right type of content and solutions in front of them is important to our business.”

Nik Tran

Senior Manager of Customer Advocacy, Razer

Mynet delivers exceptional mobile gaming experience with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, cuts costs by 80%

Savita Raina, Director Product Marketing, Oracle Cloud

Mynet is a Japan-based online business company founded in 2006 that offers mobile games services and other services. Mynet doesn’t create games; instead, it acquires an existing game title, and redesigns and repackages it to run to reach a broader mobile gaming audience.. Find out how Mynet delivered exceptional mobile gaming experience with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and cuts costs by 80%.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure scores 78% in 2021 Gartner Solution Scorecard for IaaS and PaaS

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has again demonstrated strong growth, introducing hundreds of services and features over the past year.

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