Community Grants

Oracle Corporate Citizenship Report
Strengthening Communities

We support nonprofit organizations working on community issues ranging from health and well-being to gender equality and entrepreneurship.

Global Community Grants
Quality Healthcare

Increasing Access to Quality Healthcare

Many of our grantees provide vital health and human services to underserved communities, including the elderly and disabled. We fund HelpAge India’s  Mobile Medicare Units, serving 900 senior patients annually. We also support the Indian Cancer Society, FAME India, and EnAble India.

Empowering Women and Girls

Empowering Women and Girls

Empowering women, especially within underserved communities, is a strong focus of our philanthropy. Our grant to Seva Mandir  enables neonatal and infant care for 5,600 women and their children. We also support Udyogini, which supports female entrepreneurs, and Breakthrough Trust, which works to prevent violence against women and girls.

Driving Social Change Through Empathy and Leadership

Driving Social Change Through Empathy and Leadership

Empathy and leadership are powerful tools for social change. We support Ashoka India’s  Changemaker Day program, which helps young people develop empathy, problem-solving, and leadership skills through participatory sessions and screenings of Ashoka Fellow biopics.

Additional Community Grants

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Photo credits: Top banner image courtesy of ActionAid India. Image in “Increasing Access to Quality Healthcare” section courtesy of HelpAge India. Image in “Empowering Women and Girls” section courtesy of Seva Mandir. Image in “Driving Social Change Through Empathy and Leadership” section courtesy of The Akanksha Foundation.

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