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Oracle Database Cloud

A complete database solution to run all of your workloads more securely, whether it’s on-premises or autonomously managed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle Database Cloud
Larry Ellison introduces new Oracle autonomous services for your data center

Modernize legacy applications, reduce operating costs, and run SaaS application—and maintain data sovereignty—with Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer and Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer.

Top-ranked database in Critical Capabilities

Oracle Database is the market leader in the 2019 Gartner Critical Capabilities report with a strong rating for high-speed, high-volume processing, high availability, and security.

Why choose Oracle for all of your database needs?

Experience a complete set of data management services

Oracle’s portfolio of database services lets you choose from many deployment options such as on-premises, Cloud@Customer, and public cloud. Build highly scalable applications while supporting all data types including relational, graph, and structured and unstructured nonrelational.

Run critical databases in the cloud (PDF)
Experience a complete set of data management services

Gain an autonomous advantage

Oracle Autonomous Database is the first and only automated database that will self-patch, upgrade, back up, recover data, and troubleshoot with tuning. This avoids countless hours of manual effort.

Learn about Oracle Database strategy (PDF)
Gain an autonomous advantage

Benefit from price performance

Optimize for high-performance queries with no schema changes or required tuning using Oracle Autonomous Database. It’s built on Oracle Exadata’s highly available architecture so you can easily scale your database deployment. It also provides low data networking fees using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Calculate the total cost of ownership
Benefit from price performance

Deliver a single database for all data

Run analytics on all data types with Oracle’s single converged database engine. This allows you to employ blockchain for fraud prevention, leverage the flexibility of JSON documents, and train machine learning algorithms inside the database.

Discover converged database benefits (6:30)
Delivers a Single Database for All Data

Oracle Database Cloud Services

Oracle Autonomous Database

A truly automated database solution

Oracle Autonomous Database is an all-in-one cloud database solution for data marts, data lakes, operational reporting, and batch data processing. Oracle uses machine learning to completely automate all routine database tasks—ensuring higher performance, reliability, security, and operational efficiency.


Oracle Exadata Cloud Service

Robust data management with minimal complexity

Oracle Exadata is highly available and highly performant; it’s the most secure architecture for running Oracle Database. Exadata can reduce your data center footprint and accelerate time to market for mission-critical workloads.


Oracle Database Cloud Service

Build, scale, and secure databases in the cloud

Oracle Database Cloud Service allows you to create and manage full-featured Oracle Database systems in the cloud. It can be provisioned on bare metal servers (with local NVMe flash or SSD storage) or virtual machines with block volumes. Both of these options provide high performance and cost-efficient pricing.


Oracle Data Safe

Manage the day-to-day security of the data you place in cloud databases

Data Safe is a unified control center for your Oracle Databases. It helps you understand the sensitivity of your data, evaluate risks to data, mask sensitive data, and implement and monitor security controls. It also assesses user security, monitors user activity, and addresses data security compliance requirements.

Oracle MySQL Cloud Service

Performant, reliable, easy to use

MySQL Database Service enables organizations to rapidly and securely deploy modern, cloud native applications using the world’s most popular open source database. It’s the only fully managed public cloud service that’s 100% built, managed, and supported by the same engineering team that develops MySQL, so you get the latest updates, security fixes, and features.

Oracle NoSQL Cloud Service

High availability, data model flexibility, elastic scalability

Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service provides on-demand throughput and storage-based provisioning that supports document, columnar, and key-value data models, all with flexible transaction guarantees.

Flexible database deployment options to fit your business strategy

  • Oracle Database 19c

    Explore Oracle Database, which offers you the security, flexibility, performance, and reliability to support the most demanding operational and analytical workloads.

    Learn more about Oracle Database

  • Move your database to Oracle Cloud

    Seamlessly move your on-premises relational database to Oracle Cloud. We offer a cost-effective, fully automated, highly available, and scalable solution to move database workloads to the cloud.

    Learn how to move your database

Flexible database deployment options

Oracle Database customer successes

Oracle Database solutions support customers’ most business-critical apps and keep their data safe.

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Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse helps Sejong Hospital fight heart disease

June 29, 2020

The Future is Data-Driven

Maria Colgan, Distinguished Product Manager, Oracle

In today’s world, the ability to quickly create value from different types of data increasingly provides businesses with a competitive edge. An excellent example of this is how responsive, personalized, and portable a food delivery app might be. But how does a business become data-driven?

Read the complete post

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