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Oracle Exadata

Oracle Exadata is the best place to run your Oracle Database. It helps lower your costs by up to 40% and expedite digital transformations with on-premises, Cloud at Customer, and Oracle Cloud deployments that offer high identicality and run up to 3X faster than any other solution.

Oracle Exadata
Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer business value analysis

Understand why IDC says organizations using Exadata Cloud at Customer realized a 256% return on investment.

Oracle Exadata maximizes identicality between on-premises and cloud environments

Learn why Constellation Research says Exadata X8M gives enterprises better value with seamless workload mobility.

Why Oracle Exadata is best for Oracle Database

Easier deployment

Simplify with Oracle Database as a service

Oracle Exadata simplifies your digital transformations with up to 40:1 DBaaS infrastructure consolidation, 69% less management, and 40% lower costs for on-premises and cloud consumption.

Watch Halliburton's story (1:32)
Easier deployment

Unique capabilities

Accelerate results with exclusive features

Oracle Exadata is exclusively coengineered with Oracle Database so your databases realize up to 5X more performance, 4X greater efficiency, 73% less downtime, and better security and management capabilities than other solutions.

Watch Sentry Data Systems' story (1:41)
Unique capabilities

Flexible consumption

Available on premises and in Oracle Cloud

Oracle Exadata delivers the same unmatched capabilities wherever you use it. Easily move between Oracle Cloud, Cloud at Customer, and on-premises deployments whenever your business requires with no application changes.

Watch OceanX's story (1:51)
Flexible consumption

Faster results

Highest performance for all Oracle Database workloads

Oracle Exadata accelerates the performance of your Oracle Databases with 80% lower latency and more than 5X throughput than other solutions, so enterprises can accelerate workloads and reduce on-premises and cloud database costs with fewer software licenses.

Watch AmerisourceBergen’s story (1:31)
Faster results

Greater value

Lower Oracle Database costs

Oracle Exadata reduces costs for your mission-critical databases with up to 75% lower storage requirements, greater DBaaS consolidation, fewer software licenses, fewer hours of cloud services, and less management than other on-premises and cloud database solutions.

Watch Detroit Water and Sewerage’s story (1:52)
Greater value

Oracle Exadata

The best Oracle Database cloud service

Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service combines the unique performance, scale, and availability of Oracle Exadata with the simplicity and flexible subscription pricing of Oracle Cloud. It gives you more capabilities and lower costs than running Oracle Database on other cloud services.

  • Available in all Oracle Cloud data centers
  • Commercial and government services
  • Low-cost, subscription-based DBaaS service
  • All database options and BYOL pricing
  • Up to 4X more CPUs for database operations
  • Up to 25X more database IOPS to shared storage
  • More than 70X higher shared-storage throughput
  • Up to 7X larger databases

The power of Exadata Cloud in your data center

Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer combines Oracle Exadata power with Oracle Cloud simplicity and deployment in your data centers, so you can meet data sovereignty and application SLA requirements with higher performance and scaling than other public clouds in your data center.

  • Low-cost, subscription-based database cloud service
  • Deployed behind customer datacenter firewalls
  • Available with Oracle Autonomous Database
  • Infrastructure fully managed by Oracle
  • All-database options and BYOL pricing
  • 8X scaling with four shapes: base rack to full rack
  • Up to 20X more CPUs for database operations
  • Up to 25X more database IOPS to shared storage
  • Over 100X higher shared storage throughput
  • Up to 7X larger databases

The best on-premises Oracle Database system

Oracle Exadata X8M enables you to minimize OLTP latency, maximize analytics throughput, enable greater DBaaS mixed workload consolidation, and dramatically lower costs with its innovative, persistent memory-enhanced, full-stack architecture.

  • Easily deployed private-cloud DBaaS solution
  • 100X scaling of database and storage servers
  • Application-transparent PMEM
  • Automated resource management
  • AI-enhanced management and troubleshooting
  • Accelerated in-database Oracle Machine Learning
  • Integrated server, storage, and networking
  • SQL query and analytics offload to storage servers
  • 19 microsecond SQL read latency
  • Up to 16M SQL IOPS per rack
  • Up to 1 TB/sec In-Memory analytics throughput
  • Integrated full-stack management and patching

Oracle Exadata cloud and on-premises customer successes

Thousands of customers around the world use Oracle Exadata to run mission-critical Oracle Databases, consolidate database infrastructure, and reduce costs in Oracle Cloud, Cloud at Customer, and on-premises deployments.

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AmerisourceBergen runs the world’s largest SAP ECC database 3X faster with Exadata

Oracle Exadata use cases

  • Consolidate with database as a service

    Simplify your database as a service deployments with Oracle Exadata for up to 40:1 consolidation and lower costs by up to 40%.

    Watch Swisscom’s story (1:35)

  • Run mission-critical apps at the speed of business

    Gain up to 98% lower latency and 25X more IOPS than other cloud database services with Exadata Cloud Service, and run your mission-critical transactional applications at the speed of business.

    Watch EDF’s story (1:13)

  • Generate new insights

    Operate more efficiently with faster analyses and gain new insights with Oracle Exadata, with up to 7X larger data warehouses than other cloud services.

    Watch Exelon's story (1:28)

  • Accelerate applications and microservices workloads

    Enable your developers to deliver new capabilities on time and under budget with Oracle Exadata.

    Watch AT&T's story (0:49)

  • Build machine-learning models 10X faster

    Easily add Oracle Machine Learning capabilities to existing database applications with Oracle Exadata, and build models up to 10X faster than with standalone systems.

    Watch NHS's story (1:10)

Man holding a flag triumphantly and standing on top of a colorful iceberg
March 25, 2020

Oracle Exadata Cloud Service:
Bring your business to the cloud

Bob Thome, Vice President of Product Management for Database Engineered Systems and Cloud Services, Oracle

Oracle Exadata Cloud Service offers you a dedicated Exadata system in the cloud, giving you the same performance, scalability, security, and availability you enjoy on-premises. But, because it is a cloud service, you get the improved operational model common to our cloud services, lower licensing and maintenance costs associated with the pay-for-use pricing...

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