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Sustainability is inherent in the way we think about and approach nearly every aspect of our business, from operational efficiency to product development to employee engagement. Just as our business is rapidly growing in India, so too are our sustainability efforts.

Clean Cloud

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Emissions reduction and energy efficiency are key components of our sustainability strategy. In 2018, Oracle completed construction of 125 rooftop-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) modules at its Mumbai campus, as well as 435 solar PV modules at its Pune campus. We also implemented several projects to improve energy efficiency across our facilities and data centers in India, including energy-efficient LED lighting, cooling optimization, and data center consolidation.


Consuming Less, Conserving More

We are always looking for ways to minimize water consumption and waste generation across our operations. By participating in ITC’s Wellbeing Out of Waste initiative, Oracle recycles more than 70,000 kilograms of paper waste annually in India. In 2018, we installed a sewage treatment plant to treat onsite wastewater generated at the Oracle Tech Hub (OTH) in Bengaluru. The treated water is reused for landscaping, toilet flushing, and more. We also installed a rainwater harvesting system at OTH, conserving hundreds of thousands of liters of water annually.


Volunteering for a Healthy Planet

Protecting the environment is a key focus area for Oracle’s Corporate Citizenship program. Year round, Oracle Volunteers contribute thousands of volunteer hours to environmental causes in India and around the world, including during Focus on Environment—Oracle’s annual global volunteering initiative that takes place in conjunction with Earth Week.

Photo courtesy of Center for Wildlife Studies

Funding Environmental Causes

Through Oracle Giving, we support nonprofit organizations that work to protect our planet and the life it sustains. Among the causes we support in India are wildlife conservation, environmental education, and sustainable rural development.

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