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Free Virtual Machine: Oracle VM VirtualBox

A powerful, open source, virtual machine platform

To get started on your virtualization journey, VM VirtualBox offers a free virtual machine license for personal, educational, or evaluation use. VM VirtualBox is an open source, cross-platform virtualization container that allows users to extend their existing computer to run multiple operating systems at the same time, including Windows, Linux, Solaris, and macOS. This enables developers to deliver code faster by running multiple operating systems on a single device, while reducing operational costs and shortening the time needed to securely deploy applications on-premises and to the cloud.

Though VM VirtualBox is lightweight and easy to install, it is still extremely powerful, simple to use, and fast.

Some of its easy-to-use features include:

  • Import from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
    The Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager can import Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) instances to Oracle VM VirtualBox, delivering the same functionality as virtual machines.
  • Easily export to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
    The Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager can export virtual machines to OCI as emulated or paravirtualized instances without having to reupload the same virtual machine.
  • Support for nested virtualization
    Hypervisors, such as KVM, can be installed—which allows for VMs to be created and run in the guest VM.
  • VirtualBox guest additions
    By providing a better user experience, guest windows can be resized easily, which provides better functionality.
  • Guest control file manager
    As a guest VM user, have the ability to easily transfer files between a guest and host.
  • VirtualBox manager
    With access to Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, get support for virtual machines moving on local storage.
  • Virtual machine cloning process
    Clone virtual machines by retaining the hardware UUID, names of disk images, or the MAC address policy.
  • Cloud profile manager
    Use the VirtualBox to configure information about your OCI account.
  • Shared folders
    Enable cross-platform computing by sharing a host platform file system with the guest.
  • Multitouch support
    Hosts that have multi-touch interfaces are able to offer multi-touch support to guests.
  • Flexible networking options
    With NAT networking, bridge networking, and internal and host-only networking, get a variety of networking models from Oracle VM VirtualBox.
  • IPv6
    This option is available in most instances, along with IPv4.
Power and performance benefits include:

  • Intel and AMD hardware support
    With chip-level support for virtualization, Oracle VM VirtualBox enables faster execution times for guests.
  • 3D graphics support
    With improved support for displaying 3D graphics and boosting their performance.
  • Bidirectional drag and drop support
    Support for drag and drop of content on all host platforms, which enables copying or opening of files.
  • Disk image encryption
    Data that’s stored in hard disk images can be encrypted transparently.
  • High-performance storage I/O subsystem
    With a variety of virtual storage containers, such as STA, NVMe, SCSI, IDE, and SAS, VirtualBox realizes high performance and data integrity.
  • Built-in iSCSI initiator
    Virtual disks can exist as iSCSI targets, with guests seeing a standard controller across the network.
  • Remote display protocol
    With powerful and remote access to the guest console, VirtualBox remote display protocol (VRDP) allows clients to connect to one or more remote monitors.
  • Serial and USB connections
    VirtualBox allows external devices to be connected to guests via USB.
  • Virtual webcam
    Guests running Google Hangouts or Skype are able to use the host camera with VirtualBox.
  • High-definition audio
    VirtualBox allows guests to realize the full capabilities of a high-definition audio card.
  • Full ACPI support
    Guests can use ACPI button events to control the lifecycle of the virtual machine
  • Multigenerational and branched snapshots
    Before installing software, users can take a snapshot, then revert to their previous state.
  • Guest automation
    APIs that take advantage of guest automation allow host-based logic to drive operations.
  • Web services
    Enable remote control for authorized clients with a Web service API.

Oracle VM VirtualBox licensing and support

As an open-source virtual machine platform, Oracle VM VirtualBox supports the most popular guest operating systems and gives customers the option to install and run a broad range of platforms. Take advantage of the free virtual machine license for personal, education, or evaluation purposes and get started on Oracle VM Virtual Box today.