Oracle RAC One Node

Oracle RAC One Node

RAC One Node provides higher availability by eliminating the database server as a single point of failure.

What's New in RAC One Node

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Similar to Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Oracle RAC One Node uses a shared disk system to provide best in class high availability for Oracle Databases. Unlike Oracle RAC, which runs multiple instances concurrently, Oracle RAC One Node provides an Oracle Database failover solution for that facilitates the clustered infrastructure. It requires no application changes, can support any Oracle Database workloads, and is easily upgraded to a full multi-instance Oracle Real Application Clusters configuration.

High Availability

Eliminates the single database server as a single point of failure, and takes further advantage of clustering to apply rolling patches and database service relocation without incurring downtime.

Database as a Service

Provides all the software components required to easily deploy Oracle Database instances on a pool of servers and take full advantage of the performance, scalability and availability that clustering enables.

Database Consolidation and Virtualization

Multiple single database instances can be configured on a physical Oracle RAC One Node server. In addition, with full support for Oracle VM, multiple database instances and be configured in a virtualized environment.

Oracle RAC Family of Solutions

The Oracle RAC Family of Solutions refers to the collection of products and features that licensed Oracle RAC or Oracle RAC One Node customers can use free of additional charge. Each solution either enhances or complements the core Oracle RAC offering by ensuring better high availability and scalability or by automating and simplifying day-to-day operation. Learn more about these valuable enhancements by following the links under the Related section below.

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