Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certificates

Easily create, deploy, and manage Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) certificates available in Oracle Cloud. In a flexible Certificate Authority (CA) hierarchy, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certificates helps create private CAs to provide granular security controls for each CA. Automatically deploy SSL/TLS certificates to integrated services such as the load balancer or API gateway, and avoid error-prone manual certificate management processes with a service to automatically monitor and renew the certificates.

OCI Certificates features

Easily create a private root CA and subordinate CAs

Gain flexibility and security in the chain of trust with CA hierarchies up to 10 branches deep.

Automatic certificate deployment

Easily create and deploy certificates using an internal CA. Import your certificate signing request (CSR) into the certificates service, or simply upload your current certificate for automatic deployment to integrated services.

Automatic integration with the load balancer or API gateway

Effortlessly integrate certificates with a load balancer or API gateway. No more worries about expired certificates because Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certificates monitors, deploys, and automatically renews the certificates.

OCI Certificates benefits, use cases, and solutions

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certificates has three modes of operation.

  • Manage internally

    Fully automate the creation, deployment, monitoring, and renewal of the certificate for the load balancer.

  • Manage externally

    Easily create a certificate from a certificate signing request (CSR) and deploy it to your cloud resources or on premise resources.

  • Bring your own certificate (BYOC)

    Effortlessly import an existing certificate to be deployed and monitored to the load balancer or API gateway automatically.

OCI Certificates pricing

Core Security

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certificates
July 7, 2022

How Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) helps you protect data with default encryption

Paul Toal, Oracle Senior Director, Security

With a strong heritage in data management and security, Oracle understands the importance of security controls, starting with data and layering outward. Why focus on data? The answer to that is quite simple: Data is an organization’s crown jewel. Explore how OCI helps you protect this critical asset with data encryption by default for both data at rest and data in transit.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certificates

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