Real-World Evidence

Use our trusted data sets and consultancy to identify, substantiate and communicate the value of your therapeutics, and demonstrate your product’s safety and efficacy in real world settings. Backed by a range of proprietary databases, we can support your evidence strategy to help you achieve and maintain optimal market access.

Real-world evidence and real-world data solutions

Our clinical experts conduct observational studies to demonstrate treatment value throughout the product lifecycle, including late-phase and post-marketing non-interventional studies.

Explore non-interventional studies

Our experienced team helps identify and generate relevant evidence to demonstrate what patients and physicians value, including the benefit/risk trade-offs they’re willing to make when deciding on a treatment.

Explore stakeholder preference studies

With real-world qualitative (RWQ) research, we offer rich layers of understanding to strengthen your real-world evidence and fuel your strategic decision-making.

Explore real-world qualitative

Our market access consultants provide the real-world insights and evidence you need to support your market access and reimbursement strategy.

Explore market access and health economics

We leverage decades of experience to design and validate your instruments for evaluating patient-reported outcomes (PRO) and observer-reported outcomes.

Explore clinical outcomes assessment development

We can help build a patient or product registry to support many aspects of your evidence strategy, from clinical trial planning to fulfilling post-authorization requirements.

Explore patient registries

With electronic health records (EHR) from more than 100 million patients, the size and scope of Oracle EHR Real-World Data is vast and continues to expand thanks to our diverse network of healthcare professionals, researchers, and institutions.

Learn more about Oracle EHR Real-World Data (PDF)

With access to data in more than 10 countries, we can support you in conducting multinational studies in some of the most important regions.

Learn more about global databases (PDF)

Combining a unique, expansive data set containing more than 100 million patient EHRs with an extensive closed claims database, Oracle can provide you with key insights into the nuances of healthcare costs and treatment patterns.

Learn more about Oracle Life Sciences Linked Data (PDF)

With more than 2.5 million total respondents since its inception, the Oracle Life Sciences National Health and Wellness Survey provides rigorous patient-reported data, including national projections for more than 200 conditions in 12 countries.

Learn more about Oracle Life Sciences National Health and Wellness Survey (PDF)

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