Fujitsu standardizes people management with Oracle Cloud HCM

The global IT systems provider deploys Oracle Cloud HCM to unify HR systems, provide access to more data, and improve employee experiences.


The use of Oracle Cloud HCM across different business units and countries has enabled Fujitsu to start to standardize the way that we do things as an organization. And that has really allowed us to focus on the employee experience.

Sarah WadsworthHead of HR, Fujitsu UK

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Business challenges

Fujitsu is a Tokyo-based multinational corporation that specializes in information and communications technology equipment and services. Founded in 1935, the company now has more than 126,000 employees globally working to innovate around critical technology segments including supercomputing, 5G, and cloud computing.

Due to the global nature of its business, Fujitsu was operating with a patchwork of human resource IT systems at its multiple locations across Europe, Asia, and North America, as well as a geographically dispersed HR team with a range of different skill sets.

The number of disparate systems made it difficult for Fujitsu’s business leaders to access, understand, and extract meaning from HR data such as resources, vacancies, talent mix, and diversity and demographic information for individuals.

To bring cohesion to its human resource IT stack, Fujitsu needed a platform that could standardize information and data for employees and executives in a consistent, common language.

Oracle Cloud HCM has really allowed Fujitsu to transform the employee experience and give people a technology-driven ability to access information and data.

Sarah WadsworthHead of HR, Fujitsu UK

Why Fujitsu Chose Oracle

Fujitsu chose Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) over competing solutions because it offered a single platform to input and share employee information and HR data across the organization.


After deploying Oracle Cloud HCM and adopting a unified approach to managing human resources, Fujitsu reduced its IT footprint, improved efficiency and cost effectiveness, streamlined compensation and performance management, and bolstered its overall people management strategy.

Fujitsu’s executives also gained access to key analytics and data, as well as the ability to model and interpret that data for each business unit. With Oracle Cloud HCM, Fujitsu is now able to tap into a rich supply of HR information that allows the company to better understand how it’s managing resources and investments across the organization.

Oracle Cloud HCM also helped Fujitsu develop a common language landscape to communicate and share information with corporate management and employees using Oracle Cloud HCM’s data, compensation, and performance management modules. For Fujitsu’s managers, who often work across multiple countries, Oracle Cloud HCM provided them with a consistent experience to interact with HR.

Fujitsu also implemented a new learning management system alongside Oracle Cloud HCM, and the two systems are currently in use together. Oracle Cloud HCM is also integrated into Fujitsu’s localized payroll systems in certain countries, including its UK payroll system, which allowed the company to have an end-to-end process within HR.


The implementation was led by Fujitsu’s own Oracle consultants, while also making use of the Oracle Consulting practice.

Published:November 22, 2021