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Oracle Fusion CX Analytics helps organizations achieve their full revenue potential by combining sales, marketing, and service data in a unified analytics solution.

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Analytics across CX applications

Unite marketing, sales, and service data for trusted numbers across the board

Connect to cloud data sources or import external files for secure, governed analysis.

Promote a seamless customer experience from lead to contract through renewal

Understand which accounts need additional support or find potential references. Discover and nurture opportunities for upsell or cross-sell before the renewal process begins.

Generate more accurate forecasts and identify potential revenue leakage points in the customer lifecycle

Examine front- and back-office KPIs together, including lead-to-order tracking, account ROI, renewal rates, and more.

Conduct account-based analysis across the entire customer journey

Generate more targeted outreach and track each account's individual engagement to improve pipeline velocity, both pre-sale and during the renewal process.

Cross-departmental analysis poses a challenge


of organizations feel confident in their ability to measure the impact of CX on revenue

Source: IDC


of organizations feel confident in their ability to integrate and analyze CX data

Source: IDC

Organizations use


separate data sources for customer insights

Source: Deloitte

Prebuilt analytics for Oracle Cloud CX

Uncover new data patterns for better decision-making

Measure and monitor best practice KPIs and trends, calculate pipeline growth or shrinkage, and determine if projected velocity supports current objectives.

Sample KPIs

  • Weighted pipeline
  • Pipeline velocity
  • Stage velocity
  • Funnel leakage
  • Stage progression
  • Revenue from accounts
  • Deals at risk
  • Average deal size

Delve into what drives win-loss outcomes and draw conclusions faster

Determine how long it takes to win or lose a deal, quantify the amount of time spent in each stage of the sales cycle, and identify which sales reps are succeeding and why. Make proactive business decisions to improve team performance and win rates.

Sample KPIs

  • Won sales
  • Lost sales
  • Win-rate percentage
  • Stage velocity
  • Stage progression
  • Lead-to-opportunity velocity
  • Qualification-to-conversion velocity
  • Won revenue by lead channel

Understand where the best leads come from and what makes them likely to convert

Identify which leads are most likely to become opportunities. Drive higher conversion rates with more effective nurture programs.

Sample KPIs

  • Lead qualification rate
  • Lead rejection rate
  • Lead conversion rate
  • Average lead age
  • Number of expired qualified leads
  • Leads by account
  • Leads by reporting period
  • Lead velocity

Learn what drives team performance and generates the most revenue

Understand which activities consume the most time and their impact on team and individual results. Improve coaching and compensation plans to better support and incentivize team members.

Sample KPIs

  • Number of activities
  • New activities by time period
  • Activity rate per won opportunity
  • Task rate per won opportunity
  • Activity duration
  • Team member activity rate
  • Activity rate for open opportunities
  • Average activity rate for lost opportunities

Optimize contract processes for an exceptional customer experience

Examine quotes and conversion rates for a deeper understanding of the customer experience from the start. Manage expectations and adjust processes as needed for a smoother contracting period, setting the foundation for a more effective retention strategy.

Sample KPIs

  • Average quotes per won opportunity
  • Active quotes
  • Quote cycle time
  • Quote conversion rate
  • Average contract value
  • Opportunity-to-quote velocity
  • Average recurring revenue
  • Active quote win rate

Understand the factors influencing renewal rate of subscription services for more accurate forecasts

Analyze account usage and payment history to identify the most active customers as part of a subscription strategy. Intervene and engage earlier when a customer seems at risk of churn.

Sample KPIs

  • Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  • Annual recurring revenue (ARR)
  • Average revenue per user
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Customer acquisition cost
  • Churn rate
  • Lead velocity rate
  • Subscriber return on investment

Demonstrate campaign impact with more accurate revenue attribution

Tie specific campaigns to pipeline and potential revenue creation. Understand true campaign costs and ROI for accurate planning and forecasting.

Repeat or improve successful campaigns with the most impact on revenue

Quickly identify which campaigns, messages, and channels generate the greatest number of qualified leads, opportunities, and sales.

Sample KPIs

  • Campaign attributed leads
  • Campaign actual vs. budgeted cost
  • Cost per opportunity
  • Cost per attributed revenue
  • Cost per win
  • Top campaigns
  • Engaged contacts
  • Targeted accounts

See where and why leads are stagnating and identify which accounts to prioritize

Discover where the highest-value prospects are coming from to fast-track the MQL-SQL handoff.

Sample KPIs

  • Campaign ROI
  • Campaign attributed pipeline
  • Campaign attributed revenue
  • Won opportunities per campaign
  • Lost opportunities per campaign
  • Cost per won revenue
  • Cost per attributed revenue
  • Won revenue by channel

Align customer satisfaction with revenue goals

Discover which key service metrics correlate to higher customer satisfaction. Uncover patterns in both service activity and customer engagement to identify which accounts are at risk of churn and which accounts are primed for a renewal or upsell.

Sample KPIs

  • Service request overview
  • Service request backlog rate
  • Escalation rate
  • Service request resolution rate
  • Agent performance
  • Requests by service category
  • Requests by channel
  • Customers by active request

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"We are now 5x more efficient since our data quality has improved. On top of that, because everything is visual, we can see what’s happening and drill down into the information. It's everything we need, organized, and the auto-insights feature is really helping us generate new insights for our users to explore their data."

Steve Raynor, Global Sales Director Graham Corporation, Global Sales Director

Advantages of prebuilt Fusion CX Analytics

  Oracle Cloud CX

With Oracle Fusion CX Analytics:

With third-party tools:

Prebuilt capabilities
More than 100 ready-to-use best practice KPIs/metrics, dashboards and reports
not available
Native integration with Oracle Cloud CX
not available
Fast performing prebuilt analytics data model
not available
Rapid implementation—no coding required
not available
Incremental updates based on Oracle Cloud CX releases
not available
Inherited role-based security from Oracle Cloud CX
not available
Single shared data model for Oracle Cloud Applications, including CX, ERP, HCM, and Supply Chain Management (SCM)
not available
Extensibility capabilities
Self-service tools to create custom visualizations and report creation
More than 50 native self-service connectors to diverse data sources
Machine learning and predictive analytics available to everyone
Insights from natural language processing


Incomplete offering

Not available
September 20, 2023

Announcing quote-to-cash analytics from Oracle Fusion CX Analytics

Naren Chawla, Head of Product Management, Analytics Apps for CX
Blair Bozada, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Oracle Analytics

Oracle has expanded the capabilities of Fusion CX Analytics to include a new prebuilt managed data pipeline to Oracle Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ). Now, you can conduct quote-to-cash analysis to better understand how renewal generation and contract standardization affect continued engagement and margin. Additionally, Fusion CX Analytics offers a new native connection to Salesforce CRM, providing greater flexibility and reduced complexity in getting a consistent, accurate view of business-critical data in a single cloud solution.

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