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Oracle Advanced Security

Encrypt individual data columns or entire tablespaces to prevent out-of-band access to sensitive data using Oracle Advanced Security. Redaction policies prevent the proliferation of sensitive data and aid in compliance with data protection regulations.

Oracle Advanced Security features

Protect data at rest

Encrypt individual data columns, entire tablespaces, database exports, and backups to control access to sensitive data.

Minimize data proliferation

Partial or full redaction prevents large-scale extraction of sensitive data into reports and spreadsheets.

Unobtrusive and performant

Encryption is implemented at the database kernel level, eliminating the need for any changes to applications.

Tested and certified

Oracle Advanced Security is engineered to work seamlessly with Oracle Exadata, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Golden Gate, and more.

Epsilon logo

Epsilon uses Oracle Advanced Security to encrypt customer data

“Security is a big concern to our customers, because we do have PII information. Oracle does a great job in the security area for us. We really feel like, especially as we move into the cloud, that Transparent Data Encryption gives us the ability to control that encryption process. We have the keys to our data.”
Keith Wilcox, Vice President, Database Administration, Epsilon

Reduce the risk of a data breach

  • Prevent out-of-band access to data

    Leverage Transparent Data Encryption to ensure that data can’t be read directly from disk, backups, or exports.

  • Prevent sensitive data proliferation

    Control the ability to view sensitive data based on granular conditions like IP address, program used, time of day, and more.

Accelerate regulatory compliance

  • Encrypt data at rest

    Comply with encryption requirements for regulations like GDPR, CCPA, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and more. Satisfy audit requirements and avoid fines.

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