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September 2020 Edition Oracle Integration & Process Partner Community Newsletter

Increase the Oracle Cloud business and connect, extend & innovate Oracle SaaS solutions.
Dear Partner Community,
Welcome to community newsletter in Redwood design. Oracle launched the new cooperate design during Oracle OpenWorld 2019. Please share your feedback via twitter #PaaSCommunity. This year Oracle OpenWorld will be a series of virtual summits we offer SaaS integration hands-on webtrainings across the globe including Europe, Brazil, India, Asia and US & Canada. Additional a free on-demand SOA Modernization Overview guided learning path including free online assessment is available.

The August release of Oracle Integration Cloud is available, new features include a new home page, new accelerators and recipes, PayPal, AS2 and streaming adapters, join our community webcast to learn more and see live demos.

In the process & innovation section we published two articles from Jan Kettenis on OIC: Integration Pick action full-circle now with Process using it! and Fault handling in OIC.
Jürgen Kress
For a short summary of our monthly key information watch the PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The September edition highlights joint marketing campaigns and chatbot & integration hands-on partner bootcamps.
This month’s community webcast will be an Integration Cloud update by Niall Commiskey. Please join Integration New Features PaaS Partner Community Webcast September 29th 2020.

Want to publish your best practice article & news in the next community newsletter? Please feel free to send it via Twitter @soaCommunity #PaaSCommunity.

Keep safe!
Jürgen Kress
Table Of Contents
Community Announcements

Suhas Uliyar
Connect, Innovate & Extend SaaS Partner Kickoff
Free on-demand webcast
Want to increase the Oracle Cloud business? Create new service offerings and solutions for Oracle SaaS solution based on the Oracle Cloud Platform? Attend the webcast with Suhas Uliyar, Vice President Oracle Product Management.
Webcast banner
Integration New Features PaaS Partner Community Webcast
September 29th 2020 16:30-17:30 CET (Berlin time)
Accelerate your digital transformation with preintegrated connectivity to Oracle as well as third-party SaaS and on-premises apps, run-ready process automation templates, and an intuitive visual app builder.
Speaker: Niall Commiskey Senior Director Product Management, Oracle HQ
Free on-demand PaaS Partner Community Webcasts
Thanks for attending our monthly community webcasts. Every month a speaker from the Oracle product management teams presents the latest updates on the Oracle Cloud Platform. In case you missed one of them, take the opportunity to watch our community webcasts on-demand:
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PaaS Partner YouTube Update
September 2020
The Septembert video includes three topics:
    • Joint marketing campaigns
    • Hands-on partner bootcamps for integration & chatbots
    • Integration New Features community webcast
      For regular updates please subscribe to our YouTube channel here. Thanks for your likes and sharing the video on YouTube and LinkedIn. For the latest PaaS Community information please visit our Community update wiki here (Community membership required).
      SaaS Hands On Bootcamps
      Integrate SaaS hands-on Bootcamps Webtraining
      Do you want to find out why Gartner named Oracle as a Leader in Magic Quadrant for three years in a row? Are you able to innovate quickly in the new digital world? Are you looking for ways to integrate systems and data faster using a modern cloud integration platform? Attend the Oracle Integration Bootcamp, a three days hands-on training for Oracle partners!

      Get the latest OIC training material here (community membership required).
      Implementation Certifications Banner
      Oracle Implementation Certifications
      Enablement and certification is key to cloud succe
      At the Oracle Competence Center and Online Learning Library partners can attend free on-line classes and certifications. Additionally, we offer the latest implementation exams ($245 or free vouchers) for:

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        Integration Section

        Michael Meiner Banner
        New SOA Modernization Overview
        Access this training to get a SOA overview and three options to enable your customers to rapidly modernize their SOA infrastructure and connect their SaaS and mobile applications with existing on-premise systems. Attend the free on-demand webtraining here.
        Real Time Item Synchronization
        by Kishore Katta
        As we move critical systems to the cloud, maintaining a true Item Master at the core becomes astronomically challenging without standardized controls.
        Whether just starting or well into the cloud, a simplified Item Master will drive business transformation no matter what the make-up of your world.
        PGP Encryption/Decryption using
        by Ankur Jain
        Oracle Integration Cloud Stage File action is one of the important actions that allows us to perform various operations(list, write, read, read in chunks, etc.) on a file.
        Stage File is becoming stronger now as the PGP encryption & decryption features have been added.

        How to use the new Import
        by Steve Tindall
        With the August 2020 release, Oracle Integration now includes a great new feature that allows you to export all the design-time meta-data from your instance
        into a single export file stored on OCI Block Storage. That same export file can then be imported into a different instance of Oracle Integration, effectively giving you a complete migration and/or backup capability
        Integration Properties
        by Samir Sahu
        How to externalize properties using Integration Properties in OIC?
        Have you tried to use the integration to read the files from FTP and wondered if there was a way to externalize the FTP location outside the integration?
        Integration Engagemet Cloud
        by Atul Kumar
        We have been getting a lot of queries from our Oracle Integration Cloud OIC trainees on Use case how to create an integration so that opportunity can be converted into a quote and then into order.
        OIC - Syncing Netsuite customer
        by Niall Commiskey
        What follows is a simple example of syncing Netsuite Customers/Primary Contacts with Eloqua Accounts/Contacts
        I create a new customer in Netsuite - Commiskey Botanicals with Joe Strummer as a contact.
        PeopleSoft Integration - Part 1
        by Prakash Masand & Jin Park
        Customers at events, at forums and through field requests have indicated that they want to integrate PeopleSoft with Oracle and non-Oracle Cloud applications using Oracle Integration. 
        Automating End to End Bulk
        by Kishore Katta
        What are the main methods available for Outbound Integrations within Oracle ERP Cloud?
        Oracle ERP Cloud has provided a very useful functionality which empowers business enterprises to extract financials data from Oracle Cloud ERP and integrate it with on-premise systems, legacy systems and other Cloud Applications.
        Manage User & Roles OIC
        by Ankur Jain
        It’s really important to manage users and roles for Oracle Integration Cloud. This article focuses on how to create and assign different users to OIC application roles..
        OIC - Design Time variables
        by Niall Commiskey
        Integration Properties are user defined properties available for usage by activities(e.g Notification ,Log) as read-only data within the flow. Integration properties provides a degree of integration configurability outside of the flow itself.
        Invoking One Integration
        by Harshit Yadav
        In this blog, we are going to discuss, How to use Oracle Integration Cloud Service’s Call Integration Action feature to invoke an integration from another integration.
        It is particularly useful when you need to have multiple small nested integrations rather than having one large integration.
        OIC - SurveyMonkey 2 Netsuite
        by Niall Commiskey
        As the sages say, its a gift to be simple and I'm fully d'accord with that. I have been asked to detail how to sync contact details from SurveyMonkey to Netsuite.
        Ok, I said to myself, let's do it! It was only afterwards that I started considering what would be a valid use case from a business perspective.
        OIC DB Adapter - some more
        by Niall Commiskey
        Simple requirement here - I have a DB table that has a primary key filled by a sequence, this table, let's call it the CUSTOMERS table, also has a field dateCreated. Now I need to insert data into this table via OIC. A simple flow - REST Trigger - DB Insert and that's it.
        Embedded File Server (SFTP)
        by Subhani Sahib Italapuram
        We will be talking about how to leverage embedded File Server in Oracle Integration in this blog.
        Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Oracle Integration.
        Targeted audience: Oracle Integration Developers OR Oracle Integration Users.
        The magic of CorrelationSets
        by Martien van den Akker
        CorrelationSets in BPEL are as old as the road to Rome. I wrote about it before:
        • PCS and Correlations: the next big thing cavemen already used...
        • Use of correlation sets in SOA Suite
        Although it was in the BPEL project from the very beginning, when Oracle acquired it in 2004, you might not have dealt with it before. But maybe not even realized that you can use it in Oracle Integration Cloud, with structured processes.
        Silently Install SOA QuickStart
        by Martien van den Akker
        Earlier I wrote a script to silently install the SOA QuickStart installer and wrote about it here.
        Several customer projects further and iterations on the script further, I revised this script lately again. Because I'm leaving this customer in a week or three, and to help my successors to build up their development pc's in a comfortable and standard way.

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        Business Process Management & Innovation Section

        Pick action full-circle now
        By Jan Kettenis
        This article describes how the Pick feature aka Multi-Operation Support for REST integrations now also is fully supported by Process applications.
        Fault handling in OIC
        by Jan Kettenis
        This article discusses how fault handling in Integrations works for the Oracle Integration Cloud, and some best practices on how to use it, including consuming Integrations in Structured Processes.
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