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Oracle Application Development

Developers looking for an open, integrated application development platform can use Oracle Cloud to easily build modern, intelligent applications.

Announcing the Oracle DevOps Service

Learn how Oracle DevOps Service can help you streamline application deployments on OCI.

Application development with Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud’s application development portfolio accelerates the development of web, mobile, and cloud native applications.

Cloud native for the enterprise

Adopt DevOps and cloud native to build and run scalable applications in a modern, dynamic environment.

Why Oracle Application Development

Java SE Subscription now includes Oracle GraalVM Enterprise

Now your Java SE Subscription includes high-performance runtime support with GraalVM Enterprise—at no additional cost.

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Cloud native—scalability, performance, and security

Oracle’s cloud native services bring innovation to market faster to transform enterprises. These managed services are based on open source and standards for portability of workloads and interoperability with third-party software.

Explore cloud native

DevOps—create an agile culture

Accelerate applications delivery with an agile, DevOps culture. Oracle’s developer tools portfolio simplifies deployment and maintenance through built-in infrastructure automation and management.

Learn more about developer tools

Low code—eliminate 98% of hand coding1

Enable business users and developers to quickly build incredible apps that solve real business problems. Oracle APEX can help you create enterprise applications 38X faster with 20X less code1.

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Application Development

#1 programming language and development platform

Java reduces costs, shortens development time, drives innovation, and helps developers derive greater value from both modern and legacy applications, on premise and in the cloud.


Better compute price/performance

Oracle delivers high-performance bare-metal compute, low-latency networking, and fast, all flash-based local and block storage. Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for building cloud native applications helps organizations further reduce costs and get better performance.


Tools for software development and operations

Automate software delivery, infrastructure management, and messaging with simple developer tools that can be up to 40% cheaper. Use open source frameworks, such as Terraform and Grafana, and integrate deeply with other services.


Oracle APEX eliminates 98% of hand coding1

Enable business users and developers to quickly build incredible apps that solve real business problems. Oracle's Low Code platform, APEX, can help you to create enterprise applications 38X faster with 20X less code1.

  • Build responsive apps, design data models, and create REST APIs
  • Import Excel to autogenerate applications
  • Effortlessly customize the user interface during runtime
  • Improve productivity with comprehensive components including faceted search, interactive reports, and more
  • Jump-start development with prebuilt templates and sample apps
  • Deploy in Oracle Cloud, on premise, or other clouds
  • Extend with standard JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, SQL, and REST
  • Leverage globalization and localization

Build powerful, data-driven applications

Oracle Database is the world’s leading converged database, supporting all popular programming languages, multiple data models, and machine learning.

Tools and Languages

Improve experience with conversational AI

Quickly and easily build AI-powered assistants that connect to your back-end applications. Respond instantly, improve user satisfaction, and increase business efficiencies using AI for natural language processing to automate engagements with conversational interfaces.

  • Prebuilt skills for Oracle ERP, human capital management (HCM), and customer experience (CX)
  • Oracle’s AI-powered enterprise voice with multilanguage capabilities
  • Simplified, no-code development
  • Low data, cognitive machine learning complementary to low code development
  • Built-in business insights that business users can apply to continuously update models
  • One digital assistant for all of your applications
  • Built-in capabilities to handoff interactions to human agents
  • Multichannel support including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Microsoft Teams, WeChat, TwitterDM, embedded web and mobile apps, and others

The world’s #1 open source database in Oracle Cloud

Oracle MySQL Database is a fully managed database service that enables you to deploy cloud native applications using the world’s most popular open source database. It is 100% developed, managed, and supported by Oracle’s MySQL team.

  • Fully managed database service
  • Instant provisioning
  • Latest MySQL features and security updates
  • Advanced security
  • Built on Oracle Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure
  • 100% developed and managed by the MySQL team
  • 100% supported by the MySQL team
  • 100% built on MySQL Enterprise Edition
  • 100% compatibility with on-premise MySQL deployments
  • Integration with Oracle technologies

Predictable, high-performance NoSQL database

Oracle NoSQL Database offers data model flexibility (JSON, key-value, table), ACID transactions, and predictable, sub-10-millisecond response times. It is available on premise or as a fully managed cloud service.

  • No lock-in
  • Data model flexibility (table, key-value, JSON documents)
  • Predictable high performance
  • Elastic scalability
  • Fully managed
  • ACID transactions
  • Broad developer tool support
  • Full encryption
  • High availability

Extend Oracle Cloud Applications visually

Rapidly create and extend Oracle Cloud Applications functionality with web, mobile, and progressive web applications.

  • Ability to quickly build web, mobile, and progressive web apps
  • Browser-based, visual drag-and-drop development
  • Secure integration with Oracle Cloud Applications
  • Ability to access any REST-enabled data source
  • Adapters enable connection with virtually any application, service, or data store
  • Process automation with drag-and-drop designers
  • Extensibility for developers using standard JavaScript, HTML5, and REST

Accelerate cloud application innovation with platform services

Connect and extend your on-premise and cloud applications with low-code development, digital assistants, integration, security, and analytics.

  • Connect across devices, data, and applications
  • Extend your applications to meet unique needs
  • Secure sensitive data and applications
  • Deliver analytics and business intelligence to users

Collaborate, train, and deploy machine learning models

Oracle’s data science enables data scientists to create high quality machine learning models. Developers can easily deploy machine learning models in their applications to achieve real business results.


Digital experience meets intelligent content

Drive consistent, multichannel experiences. Oracle Content Management decreases time to market using a smart authoring platform, and an API-first approach.


Application development solutions with Oracle Cloud

  • Open development platform

    Your business requirements are covered with a choice of languages, frameworks, databases, containers, and open source software.

    Find out more

  • Build cool, modern applications

    Gain instant access to containers, microservices, serverless functions, API-first, DevOps, and developer tools—all the cool stuff.

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  • Easy, fast, flexible

    Get powerful tools for developers and visual tools for business users. Provision new environments in the cloud in minutes.

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  • Intelligent

    Build intelligent applications using machine learning, digital assistants, and a data science platform.

    Find out more

March 18, 2020

The Arrival of Java 14

Sharat Chander, Director, Java SE Product Management

Oracle is proud to announce the general availability of Java 14 representing the fifth feature release as part of the six-month cadence. Oracle now offers Java 14 for all developers and enterprises.

Read the full post

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