Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Hardware Root of Trust

Reduce the risk of firmware-based attacks against Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customer tenants with custom-built, hardware-based root of trust technology.

Learn about security-first design principles

See how security is fundamental to the architecture of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with tiered defenses and highly secure operations.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Hardware Root of Trust

Hardware technology customized to deploy clean firmware for every new tenancy

Reduce the risk of firmware-level attacks against cloud tenants with root of trust technology designed to wipe and reinstall the firmware every time a new server is provisioned or a new customer tenancy is established.

Cleans and power cycles each new server

Reduces the risk from a permanent denial of service (PDoS) attack or attempts to embed backdoors in the firmware by power cycling the hardware host, installing the firmware, and confirming the process has been performed as expected for every new server.

January 6, 2020

Security Must Be Easier and Not Just for the Experts

Paul Toal, Distinguished Solution Engineer, Cybersecurity, Oracle

Security is hard. If you look at Oracle’s security portfolio, we have a fantastic set of mature capabilities, providing defense-in-depth through layered security, from securing the data through to the users, platforms, and applications. We have worked hard to provide market-leading products and tools in all of the areas that we operate, and continue to do so.

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