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Oracle Textura Payment Management Cloud Service

Optimize Invoicing and Payment

Oracle Textura Payment Management Cloud Service enables you to increase efficiency and control in construction payment management. It streamlines and automates processes, mitigating risk, reducing cost, and improving cash flow.

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    Create a standard platform for managing invoices and payments across projects, business units, and geographies.

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    Track outstanding tasks to resolve delays in invoice processing and monitor project and employee performance.

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    Streamline billing to expedite invoice approvals and payments, improve accuracy, and boost visibilities for all parties into their payment status.

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    Easily collect and manage all lien waivers for every project and ensure that deficiencies are resolved before payments are made.

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    Enhance visibility into the status of compliance materials and automate notifications and payment holds when issues arise.

Oracle Textura Payment Management Cloud Service
Streamline Operations

Streamline Operations

  • Enable collaboration to improve efficiency and visibility for all stakeholders
  • Enforce the exchange of unconditional lien waivers for electronic payments
  • Generate accurate and standardized documents to prevent errors and rework
  • Automate notifications and payment holds for compliance deficiencies
  • Reduce draw cycle time and accelerate payments to subcontractors
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Austin Commercial background
Austin Commercial

Oracle Textura Payment Management drives invoicing and payment efficiency for Austin Commercial, yielding time and cost savings, and enabling the financial analytics and reporting the general contractor needs.

Hear how Textura Payment Management provides real-time visibility into payment status and speeds subcontractor payments.

Hear how Textura Payment Management provides real-time visibility into payment status and speeds subcontractor payments.

Mill Creek Residential Automates Subcontractor Payments
Mill Creek Residential

We needed to drive automation into our operations. Textura is 100% mandatory for every job. We've found that our subs are happier because they get paid faster.

—Jeff Kok, Chief Information Officer
Turner Uses Oracle Textura Payment Management for Billing
Turner Construction

Since we are more efficient processing our payables, Textura allows our people to focus on value added tasks that the owner is seeking from us.

—Matt McCabe, Vice President and Regional Controller
Video: Layton Construction
Layton Construction

Layton Construction used Oracle Textura Payment Management to improve compliance and lien waiver processes and double business volume without adding staff.

Pankow background

Oracle Textura Payment Management enabled Pankow to improve its lien waiver collection and significantly reduce its administrative costs.

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