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Create a People Advantage

Bring analytics to the forefront of HR to create a high-performance culture.

Why Choose Oracle Analytics for HR?

A Complete Solution for the Digital Age

HR departments focus on human behavior, but what is driving those choices? With enough data and the right tools, the how and why behind individual employee decisions and performance can be achieved. With Oracle Analytics, these numbers are at the fingertips of HR departments. Using Oracle Analytics, HR departments can get greater insight into:

  • Recruitment: Get an objective view to show what is—and isn’t—working
  • Attrition: Break down the data to tell the story behind decisions
  • Payroll: Drill-down payroll metrics for insight on elements such as benefits, overtime, and absenteeism

All of these benefits come in a powerful package that does much more than crunch numbers. Visualizations translate statistics into digestible charts and graphs, and when coupled with built-in machine learning models, trends and future projections can be easily conveyed for making further business decisions.

In an industry dedicated to getting the most out of people, data and metrics can offer the greatest insight into what makes people tick. With Oracle Analytics, HR departments have the foundation for cutting-edge talent management, enabling them to increase employee satisfaction, understand attrition, and optimize budgets.

Oracle Analytics for HR

Oracle Analytics delivers a complete solution for analyzing and visually exploring your data to understand the correlation between people performance and business performance.


A Comprehensive View

Who are the top performers in your organization? By connecting and blending data—even with third-party and external sources—Oracle Analytics enables a broad perspective and deep insights to drive informed decisions.


Predict Employee Actions

Oracle’s easy-to-use, integrated platform gives you flexibility. Go all cloud or blend on-premises HR data with cloud-generated recruiting and talent information. Create stunning visualizations and share the story in your data with colleagues—online, offline, or on mobile devices.


Understand Your Workforce

Are your corporate goals aligned with your HR strategy? Predictive analytics create the power to anticipate workforce needs, allowing you to work with business partners. The result determines the right skills that support your big-picture goals.


Optimize Budgets

With visualizations and predictive modeling, it’s easy to identify elements that impact budget, be it in recruitment, retention, or benefits. Oracle Analytics offers models and metrics from multiple HR data sources to make data-driven budgetary decisions.

Build your HR solutions on Oracle Analytics.