Oracle Hospitality for Hotels—OPERA Cloud Services

Next-Generation Hotel Management

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Services is an enterprise platform for hotel operations and distribution. It offers the comprehensive, next-generation capabilities hotels need to enhance guest experiences and improve operating efficiency.

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    OPERA Cloud Services' dashboard displays key tasks and can be personalized to reflect the information each hotel associate wants to see.

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    Current status of rooms at a property is available anytime, anywhere on a hotel associate’s mobile device.

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    OPERA Cloud Services' mobile application eases housekeeping and room maintenance by showing tasks that hotel associates are authorized to perform.

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    OPERA Cloud Services eases cross-sell and upsell of additional services to guests and provides convenient access to all guest information.

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    OPERA Cloud Services makes it easy for hotel associates to search and retrieve the right guest profile.

Future-Proof Your Business

Future-Proof Your Business

  • Serve guests anywhere, anytime with mobile-enabled property management services
  • Increase housekeeping efficiency and enhance room maintenance with mobile-enabled staff
  • Improve RevPAR and ADR with enhanced control of rates and room inventory across channels
  • Centralize and secure customer data
  • Simplify your IT infrastructure
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Power Your Hotel with Cloud Technology

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Services is a flexible, scalable, secure, fully mobile platform for hotel operations and distribution. OPERA Cloud Services provides core property management capabilities that extend to meet the operational needs of hotels ranging from small independent boutiques to large chains. Numerous certified interfaces to third-party industry applications help to integrate OPERA Cloud Services with your enterprise systems for smooth, connected, technology-enabled processes.

Superior Guest Experiences while Reducing IT Costs and Complexity

Deliver Superior Guest Experiences while Reducing IT Costs and Complexity

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Services enables you to respond quickly to changing market conditions and increase the speed of innovation, while reducing the cost and complexity of your IT infrastructure. Data center and application experts ensure 24x7 availability and security of your systems, including monitoring, alerting, auto remediation of common problems, patching, upgrading, backups, and endpoint security options.

Hosted in Oracle data centers, Oracle manages the entire cloud solution from server to application, allowing you to focus on your core business: delivering superior guest service.

Single- or multiproperty, Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Services provides you with the flexibility you need to meet your unique business requirements.

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Create a Platform for Growth and innovation
  • OPERA Cloud Services is available in four editions to serve the diverse and complex needs of the hotel market:

    • OPERA Enterprise Premium Cloud Services
    • OPERA Enterprise Standard Cloud Services
    • OPERA Professional Premium Cloud Services
    • OPERA Professional Standard Cloud Services
  • Highly modular design allows for phased deployment and adoption of new capabilities.
  • Role-based user interfaces empower employees with key operational and customer insights to streamline processes and enhance the guest experience.
  • Multilanguage, multicurrency, and fiscal compliance enable deployment across the globe.
  • Bring new properties online faster.
Transform Your Business with Cloud Services
  • Innovate faster with free software updates that deliver new capabilities.
  • Lower IT complexity and costs by going above-property. Reduce capital expenditure and operating costs.
  • Enhance customer lifetime value with deeper insights into customer segments, preferences, and spend.
  • Power your operations with a state-of-the-art cloud technology platform, hosted and managed by the leading cloud-services provider.
  • Enhance scalability, reliability, and data security.

The Power of Cloud for the Hotel Industry: What Every Hotel Executive Needs to Know (PDF)

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Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property is integrated with the Oracle Hospitality OPERA hotel suite to enable efficient management and a comprehensive performance overview across the entire property.

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