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IoT: Securely Connect, Integrate, and Build

Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service
Data Management Solutions
Developer Solutions

Secure, Scalable, and Reliable IoT Device Connectivity

Connect any number of IoT devices reliably, securely, and at scale—without any downtime.

Key Features

Oracle IoT Cloud Service connects all IoT devices securely, reliably, and at scale:

  • Enforce authentication prior to communication with devices or software according to preset policies
  • Support industry communication protocols, including MQTT and HTTPS
  • Support programming environments, including Android, C, Java, and JavaScript with REST APIs

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Manage IoT Data While Reducing Costs

Efficiently manage and process IoT data volume, velocity, and variety with Oracle’s best-in-class data management solutions.

Key Features

Integrate, store, analyze, and learn from varied data types with Oracle’s highly available, intelligent, secure, and scalable data management solutions:

Build Innovative IoT Applications Fast

Leverage a wide range of developer tools to build and deploy innovative IoT applications.

Key Features

Quickly build groundbreaking IoT applications with a wide selection of enterprise application development and deployment tools, enabling:

  • Choice: Code via your languages, databases, and open source tools
  • Visual tools: Build API-first, mobile-first, and cloud native applications
  • Connect: Streamline integration across Oracle and/or third-party SaaS and on-premises applications

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