Oracle AI for Fusion Applications

Oracle delivers AI built for business, helping you make better decisions faster and empowering your workforce to work more effectively. By embedding classic and generative AI into its applications, Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications customers can instantly access AI outcomes wherever they are needed—without leaving the software environment they use every day to power their business.

  • Generative AI

    Unleash the potential of generative AI. Simplify work and improve productivity by leveraging generative capabilities embedded inside Fusion Cloud Applications. Learn how we are building privacy and security into the design of our generative AI solutions so you can use them with confidence in your everyday business operations.

Discover embedded AI in Fusion Cloud Applications

Organizations can quickly and easily adopt the latest AI capabilities to help improve productivity and decision-making, automate end-to-end business processes, and reduce the cost of doing business. Explore the features by business function below.

Oracle AI embedded in Oracle Human Capital Management

Leverage traditional and generative AI capabilities that can help enhance employee experiences, drive candidate engagement, and improve workforce productivity—all within a single unified platform designed to protect sensitive and proprietary information.

The following AI features are embedded in Oracle Cloud HCM:

  • Guided journeys
  • Skills management
  • Growth opportunities
  • Performance summary
  • Peer recognition
  • Career site development
  • Candidate summary
  • Candidate support

Oracle AI embedded in Oracle Cloud ERP and EPM

AI-powered features built specifically for finance tasks help you improve performance and planning, optimize working capital, and increase automation across payables and receivables in Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials.

The following AI features are embedded in Oracle Financials:

  • Dynamic Discounting
  • Intelligent Account Combination Defaulting

Oracle AI embedded in Oracle Cloud Sales

Identify and direct sales teams to leads and opportunities with the highest win probabilities, accelerate deals, and improve sales conversion rates. Oracle AI for Oracle Sales delivers AI-enabled, in-the-moment automation for your sales team.

The following AI features are embedded in Oracle Sales:

  • Opportunity win probability
  • Opportunity recommended actions
  • Lead conversion probability
  • Account engagement level
  • Opportunity activity effectiveness
  • Lead activity effectiveness
  • Lead contact validation insights
  • Opportunity contact validation
  • Lead contact recommendation
  • Opportunity contact recommendation
  • Product recommendation
  • Contact engagement level for lead and opportunity
  • Similar accounts
  • Native sales
  • Machine learning (ML) prediction framework (BYOM)
  • Account duplicates identification model

Oracle AI embedded in Oracle Service

Enhance service efficiency and personalization with AI-powered support across multiple channels while optimizing productivity and customer satisfaction.

The following AI features are embedded in Oracle Service:

  • Anomaly detection (IoT)
  • Digital assistant-as-an-agent
  • Document understanding
  • Knowledge article recommendation
  • Predictive scheduling and routing (Field Service)
  • Service request classification
  • Service request linking
  • Suggested actions

Oracle AI embedded in Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM

Leverage intelligence and automation to support supply chain decision making and optimize supply chain management and manufacturing processes. All delivered as standard in Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM with native AI algorithms.

The following AI capabilities are embedded in Oracle SCM:

  • Predict Ship Lead Times
  • WMS Cycle Times
  • New Product Introduction
  • Demand Sensing
  • Product Anomaly Detection
  • Lead Time Insights
  • Spend Classification
  • Dynamic Discounting

Oracle AI embedded in Oracle Marketing

Unify customer data from multiple sources to create a real-time view of each customer. Marketers can leverage data-driven insights and AI to engage, convert, and nurture relationships to increase value.

The following AI capabilities are embedded in Oracle Fusion Marketing and Unity CDP:

  • Account lead scoring
  • Customer lifetime value
  • RFM
  • Engagement propensity
  • Repurchase propensity
  • Next best offer
  • Campaign recommender
  • Fatigue segmentation
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Subject line optimization
  • Predictions
  • Contact lead scoring
  • Campaign revenue attribution
  • Churn propensity
  • Product propensity
  • Next best action
  • Next best promotion
  • Channel recommender
  • Send time optimization
  • Account intelligence
  • Recommendations product and content

See GenAI in action in Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications

CX Cloud Service request

See how GenAI embedded in Oracle Fusion Cloud Service can help boost customer satisfaction, accelerate issue resolution, and increase agent efficiency.

ERP project planning

See how AI-powered project planning in Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP helps a project manager use GenAI to quickly assemble project plans that balance customer requirements with resource, risk, and budget concerns.

EPM narrative reporting

Watch a finance director use GenAI narrative reporting in Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM to explain the impacts of a supply shortage in a quarterly roll-forward report. See how GenAI helps provide insights, draft descriptions, and create visuals, saving time and improving accuracy.

HCM candidate experience

See how embedded GenAI in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM can help job seekers find a great fit. By simply uploading a resume, candidates get matched with openings based on their specific experiences and skills.

HCM performance review

See how GenAI embedded in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM can help managers with employee performance reviews. GenAI creates a synopsis of peer feedback and summarizes overall performance in just a few seconds.

HCM job post authoring

Watch how GenAI in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM helps a busy manager create a job description for a junior position on her team. AI effortlessly drafts job description sections in seconds and optimizes the posting for keyword searches and applicant tracking systems.

Generative AI for Business with Oracle at CNBC Work Summit

With the introduction of new, powerful generative AI capabilities, the possibilities to change the nature of work have never been greater. Learn about the must-haves for enterprise-ready generative artificial intelligence with Miranda Nash, GVP of applications development and strategy for Fusion AI, and Greg Pavlik, SVP of AI and data management services for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle AI for Fusion Applications—key benefits

  • AI built for business

    Oracle has decades of experience building AI-powered features into software that powers enterprises and solves real-world problems. We have a proven and deliberate approach to AI, putting customer data security and privacy first. Our AI features deliver intelligence, but not decision-making. AI empowers people to work smarter and be more productive—but the human is always in the driver’s seat.

  • Robust performance with the backing of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    Built to run complex AI workloads, OCI delivers the highest performance and lowest cost GPU cluster technology and the highest bandwidth RDMA network in the cloud. All of this means we have the compute power to ensure low latency and solid performance, especially in an era where larger, more powerful AI models demand significant resources.

  • AI delivered where work gets done

    With AI built natively into Fusion Applications, actionable insights, timely predictions, and time-saving automation are surfaced seamlessly in the flow of work. No cumbersome implementations or tricky integrations to manage. From day one, you get value as well as a built-in, continuous learning loop to improve performance over time.

  • Feedback from thousands of customers to power innovation

    Thousands of companies across all industries and domains use Oracle software daily. This creates a powerful feedback loop to enable our teams to innovate quickly, improve AI capabilities, deliver generative AI done right, and bring best-in-class enterprise AI to market.

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