Rethinking smart cities of the future

Smart cities are driven by data at their core. Connect businesses, citizens, and public services together with autonomous infrastructure that bridges the physical and digital. It starts with defining the smart city roadmap and finding the right technology partners to make the dream possible. Make even smarter cities with Oracle.

Develop Even Smarter Cities

Accelerate the Path to Smart Digital Transformation

Hyper-connectivity is the future of smart cities. For technology-inspired city leaders, the goals are to find ways to scale digital services and to create a better environment for both citizens and businesses. Oracle’s expertise is fundamental in enabling this change. We provide data-driven services that can power a new level of innovation across all core city priorities – from public health to payments. Unlock your city’s potential with key findings from ESI ThoughtLab and Oracle.

Unlock innovative potential of even smarter cities

Smart cities solutions powered by Oracle

Smart mobility

Most cities around the world are overcrowded. But the solution to solving public mobility challenges isn’t another stopgap measure. It’s a smart city roadmap that charts out a smarter, more energy-efficient transportation network that improves in-city mobility for citizens, businesses and the environment.

Use cases

Smart traffic systems

  • Manage streetlights, pedestrian lights, and traffic lights to accommodate real-time traffic conditions, as well as monitor electricity consumption.
  • Regulate and track usage of parking spaces, thus saving time.

Smart transportation network

  • With transportation network integration, the city is better placed to help passengers choose the fastest, cheapest, and easiest routes for their journeys, across different modes and providers, with a single booking.
  • A real-time communication system that monitors and delivers accurate arrival information for passengers using the public transport network
Smart Mobility

Smart environment

With climate change now at the forefront of policy planning, smart cities can confront the causes of environmental impact by deploying highly integrated environmental monitoring solutions which are now available as mature technologies.

Use cases

Flood monitoring
Enable city administrators monitor and predict upcoming floods. The smart system is also designed to disseminate alerts to multiple government agencies and citizens should there be possible risk of flooding.

Water quality monitoring
Monitor along streams and rivers enables policymakers to accurately detect anomalies in the water, which could indicate pollution and illegal dumping, together with other indicators of river health such as water level.

Energy monitoring systems
Monitor power consumption across the city help city planners track real-time electricity consumption data and use advanced analytics tools to glean important insights such as city-wide energy consumption and energy wastage over time.

Smart waste management
Track the waste cycle from inception to final disposal. This includes the collection, transport, treatment, and disposal of waste, together with monitoring and regulation of the waste management process.

Smart Environment

Smart infrastructure

Hyperconnected cities are leading the way in extracting value from the deluge of data ingested from the entire city and then making it accessible to citizens and businesses. Only a modern infrastructure can provide a complete, integrated, scalable, and secure platform that supports a bold, ambitious vision.

Our data expertise with secure cloud capabilities can help you lay the foundations to deliver valuable, data-led services built on transformational technologies including AI/ML, IoT, and blockchain.

Smart Infrastructure

Smart safety

City leaders in both emerging and developed countries all have physical and digital security as their #1 priority. And as cities become more connected with the provision of data-rich digital services, cybersecurity will also be among the foremost concerns of policymakers.

Oracle’s smart safety solution for smart cities incorporates Oracle Analytics Cloud to integrate data from IoT devices, operational databases, and other sources. Combined with advanced data analytics tools, both policymakers and safety officers will be better equipped to respond more quickly and effectively to community issues, such as crime, public health emergencies and environmental disasters.

Smart Safety

Smart health

The most popular application of smart city technology in public healthcare is remote patient monitoring, with 88% of leader cities deploying this solution. Other popular and successful initiatives within smart cities are first aid alerts, environmental air-quality monitoring, and data-based public health interventions.

Use cases

Smart Citizen Services
For patients and clinicians, Oracle’s Citizen Services solution provides an easy and secure interface to access information, connect, and reduce unnecessary travel. Family Assist from Public Health West Sussex Council is a great example of how the functionality of Oracle Service Cloud can help your city provide sound professional advice with a huge range of functionalities.

Case Management
Citizens who rely on government welfare and benefits assistance in their daily lives will appreciate improved management and delivery of these programs. The Oracle Case Management solution supports end-to-end process flows—including complex financial requirements—and increases transparency and data utilization between the required agencies and departments, enabling greater efficiencies through automation.

Smart Health

Featured products

Digital Business
  • Digital business
    Digitally enable businesses customers with ERP/SCM collaboration.
  • Human Capital
    Focus on your “Right Size - Right Skill - deployed for Right Job”
Customer Experience
  • Digital customer engagement

    Deliver transformative customer experience— meet customers on the right channel at the right time.
User Empowerment
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud

    Empower leaders, analysts, and IT to access data from wherever they are, including mobile devices.
User Engagement
  • Oracle Digital Assistant

    Natural Language Processing (NLP) holds the key in establishing an intelligent and meaningful interaction between the users the systems they are dealing with.
Secure & Scalable Data
  • Autonomous Database

    A highly secure platform where you not only store but also apply computations (including ML) without moving out the data.
Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service

    IoT cloud can help you capture and analyse data from disparate devices at volumes and velocities previously unseen.
Clean Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud

    Oracle Cloud provides CPU, GPU, HPC environments with low carbon footprint on leveraging data centres with sustainable energy sources.

Smart cities – harness the power of your data

Learn how city leaders can harness the power of their data. Chart your roadmap towards data-driven urban centers catered to citizens of the future. See your data in new ways, discover insights, and unlock endless possibilities with Oracle’s smart city solutions.

Real-world experiences and visions

Smart cities customer successes

Doctors and nurses in Ghana are creating electronic health records in the Oracle Cloud to keep track of everyone they vaccinate for yellow fever.



Covering every child in Ghana, every woman who is eligible, is the most challenging thing… what Oracle brings is digitization of immunization records.
Dr. Kwame Amponsa-Achiano, Manager of Immunization Programme, Ghana Health Service

The state of Querétaro fights COVID-19 using an app first built to track and analyze crime.


The state of Querétaro

We chose Oracle over Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud because it offered us a higher level of data protection and security for our very sensitive data.
Pedro Toscuento, Director at the Center of Information and Analysis for Security of Querétaro (CIAS)
City of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires improves safety with Oracle Service Cloud.


City of Buenos Aires

After Oracle Field Services, we can plan, very fast, our routes to manage emergencies. We are we are able to know what is happening in real time in the streets. We can manage the work of our crew and what happened with the public. We have images, and we have information. And that information allow us to make decisions in the moment.
Alejandro Naon, Chief of Staff of Planning, Pedestrian Ways
City of Buenos Aires
SACM logo

Mexico city improves water supply management and operations with Oracle Business Intelligence.


Mexico city

Oracle delivers many advantages, such as experts who can help us develop applications, a highly competitive cost structure, and tools with the ability to handle our high volume of transactions. These are things no other brand or application can provide
Francisco Núñez, Executive Director, Customer Services
Sistema de Aguas de la Ciudad de México
City of Las Vegas

City of Las Vegas improves citizen services and proactively solves local issues with Oracle Cloud at Customer.


City of Las Vegas

The analytics cloud has allowed us to stay true to our mission.  We’re looking into being a Cloud first, mobile first customer. Moving to the cloud has allowed us to integrate with newer technologies. It’s allowed us to move to a mobile platform. We’re taking a combination of typical public safety information that we gather for fire and police, and we’re actually coupling that with some of our IoT sensor data. By doing that we can actually reduce the time to respond for certain types of calls.
Al Pitts, Mayor, City of Las Vegas
City of San Jose

City of San Jose enables its Smart City App with Oracle Cloud.


City of San Jose

With the launch of the My San Jose app, it’s now even easier for San Jose residents to serve as our eyes on the streets and help us build a cleaner and more vibrant city. This app not only provides the kind of on-demand, seamless customer experience that our residents have come to expect… it will help us deliver services more cost-effectively and serve as a building block for a more robust and sophisticated tool in the years to come.
Sam Liccardo, Mayor, City of San Jose
Cotral logo

Cotral improves citizen services while protecting the environment


Needed to better track its 1600 buses across 200 km in order to improve on-time service and vehicle maintenance

Oracle IoT framework to enable cross channel updates via mobile, website, LCD at terminal to citizens

Embedded sensors communicate real-time status for buses and vehicle health, helping reduce noxious gases

Lambeth logo

London Borough of Lambeth offers mobility with Oracle Cloud



Lambeth moved to Oracle Cloud o deliver innovative services to its residents, staff and businesses.

The organization was able to release valuable real estate back to its community, realize significant savings and improve citizen services.

City of Atlanta logo

City of Atlanta goes all in on Cloud modernisation


City of Atlanta

The City of Atlanta decided to migrate all their core business functions to the cloud with an eye toward digital transformation and process improvements. Atlanta moved quickly to switch to an all-cloud, modern back-office platform in just over a year.

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