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Oracle Fujitsu SPARC Servers


Mainframe-Caliber Processing for Demanding Workloads

With exceptional performance backed by mission-critical reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS), Oracle Fujitsu SPARC servers have been crafted using a modular architecture of processor building blocks that scale incrementally to support enterprise applications and cloud computing.


Unbeatable performance

Performance per CPU core is a significant aspect of data-processing efficiency, and the Fujitsu SPARC64 XII processor offers the world’s highest per-core performance for arithmetic processing, maximizing the potential of your mission-critical systems and databases without increasing complexity.


Flexible architecture

The high-end Oracle Fujitsu SPARC M12-2S model has a building-block architecture that allows you to connect multiple Oracle Fujitsu SPARC M12-2S server chassis to form flexible scale-up servers. Unique business model: you can order a fully loaded system yet only pay for the processor cores that you use. By connecting a maximum of 16 building blocks, you can create a single system with more than 3,000 CPU threads.


Tremendous scalability

Oracle Fujitsu SPARC servers are optimized for a wide range of database workloads, from mission-critical corporate business applications to big data analytics—both in your data center and in Oracle Cloud. For example, Oracle Fujitsu SPARC M12 supports up to 32 processors, 384 cores, and 32 TB of DDR4 memory, and features software-on-chip instructions to accelerate key database functions.

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Oracle Fujitsu SPARC Servers

A flexible architecture that scales to support enterprise applications and cloud computing.


Powers digital transformations

  • High-speed processing is essential for enterprise applications and modern workloads such as Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and artificial intelligence (AI). Oracle Fujitsu SPARC servers offer the scalability, reliability, and serviceability to maximize your IT investments.


Maximizes stability

  • Oracle’s unique vapor and liquid loop cooling (VLLC) technology doubles cooling efficiency to ensure safe and stable operations in your data center.


Delivers uninterrupted business continuity

  • Building on the Fujitsu mainframe heritage and its trusted RAS features, Oracle Fujitsu SPARC servers provide error detection and recovery mechanisms that guarantee stable operations for mission-critical computing tasks.

North Carolina Community Colleges Deploy Oracle Fujitsu M10 Servers
North Carolina Community Colleges logo
North Carolina Community Colleges Deploy Oracle Fujitsu M10 Servers

The Fujitsu M10-1 is a workhorse server and its increase in speed over our previous solution is a big plus. We also like the fact that more memory or capacity can be added as our needs grow.

—Wayman White, Director of Information Services, College of the Albemarle

Oracle Fujitsu SPARC Servers

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Examine the Benchmarks
Examine the Benchmarks

See for yourself how Fujitsu SPARC servers deliver extreme performance for a wide range of enterprise applications in these performance benchmark tests.

Built-in Security
Get the Performance Facts

Learn about the leading technologies in the Fujitsu SPARC server line, including high-performance processors, cutting-edge semiconductor advancements, and the high reliability and high quality inherited from Fujitsu's mainframes and SPARC Enterprise M-series.

Oracle Fujitsu SPARC Products

Fujitsu SPARC M12-1

High performance in a compact form factor with capacity on demand.

Fujitsu SPARC M12-2

Mainframe-class reliability with capacity on demand.

Fujitsu SPARC M12-2S

High scalability with mainframe-class reliability in a modular design.

Fujitsu M10-1 Server

Unique capabilities for information security, core efficiency, and acceleration of analytics, big data, and machine learning.

Oracle Solaris

Security, speed, and simplicity for enterprise cloud environments and DevOps.

Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Highly efficient, enterprise-class virtualization capabilities for SPARC servers.

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