Oracle Solaris: The Ideal Operating System for Your Oracle Database

As the world embraces digital transformation, see how Oracle Solaris can help you modernize and drive your business forward.

1 Why It’s Time to Modernize Your IT

2 A Faster, More Agile Future

3 Oracle Solaris: Our Commitment to the Future

4 Why Oracle Solaris?

5 What Are Your Next Steps?

6 How Oracle Helps You Succeed

Why It’s Time to Modernize Your IT

With new technologies and ways of working disrupting the market every day, is your IT built to help you beat the competition? If not, you could be left behind.

The world of business is moving faster than ever before. Innovations like AI, Internet of Things (IoT), and 5G are creating new possibilities every day—enabling new ways of working, thinking, and operating.

To take full advantage of these opportunities means creating new applications, enhancing old ones, streamlining and automating processes, and ensuring you’re fully protected from potential cyberthreats. And, of course, finding effective, efficient ways to manage, process, and analyze the vast amounts of data produced.

Prepare for the future.

If you’re running an outdated, on-premises, legacy infrastructure, you’ll find it difficult to take full advantage of these innovations. But worse than that, you may even find it’s causing your business to be inefficient—and you won’t be performing as well as you should be. To keep up with your competition, and ensure your business is as effective as possible, you need a modern infrastructure with the right database and operating system.

Fail to modernize and your business will experience a number of key challenges, including:

Ineffective operations.

Without an up-to-date, modern operating system, your infrastructure could be prone to system outages and potential data loss. Not only does this create extra work for your IT team (firefighting problems when they should be focusing on other business critical tasks), but also if your system goes down, you won’t be able to provide an effective service for customers— leading to potential complaints and customer dissatisfaction. Then there’s the headache of dealing with the complexities of lost data and compliance issues.

Exposure to risk.

If you’re running a slow, legacy IT infrastructure without the latest security capabilities, you could be leaving your business exposed to potential threats. To ensure your data is fully protected, and that you remain compliant, your infrastructure needs to be protected from all threats—with the latest security updates. Without them, your business is at risk.

Falling behind the competition.

As your competitors embrace new innovations, new technologies and new ways of working, you can’t afford to be left behind. Without an effective, up-to-date modern infrastructure, you could fail to match your rivals’ success. Even worse, you could lose customers and limit your own company’s growth potential.

Inflexible infrastructure.

As your capacity and workloads increase, you need an infrastructure that can scale to accommodate extra traffic and data demands as required. If you don’t have this flexibility, you’ll struggle to keep pace with the needs of your business and customers. And as your business eventually starts to transform, you’ll find it increasingly complex to manage.

No path to the cloud.

If you’re still operating a legacy infrastructure, your IT won’t be able to meet the needs of your modern business. Not only that, your outdated system will be expensive and complicated to run. If you don’t have a path to the cloud, you’ll miss out on the greater agility, availability, storage, and speed that a cloud-based setup offers. You might be worried about being locked-in with a single vendor. You might have concerns about data security, or where and how your data is stored. If so, these unfounded worries are preventing you from driving your business forward.

A Faster, More Agile Future

Is your on-premise infrastructure slowing you down? Discover the business benefits you could achieve with Oracle Solaris running on Oracle servers.

The business landscape is changing. Technology is disrupting the playing field. You need to work smarter and faster to meet the increasing demands of customers. And as your business grows, you also need to support a new generation of workers used to utilizing the latest technology innovations.

If your aging infrastructure is creaking under these demands, it’s time to think about modernizing your operations. While this might seem like a daunting, complex, expensive task, it doesn’t need to be—when you invest in Oracle Solaris.

“We can deliver the same performance, or improved performance and a highly secure solution, at the same price or lower, based on our end-to-end Oracle stack.” —Greg Stone, Partner, IS Nordic.

Meet new business challenges.

With Oracle Solaris running your Oracle Database, you’ll have the agility to take advantage of technological innovations like AI, IoT, and 5G. You’ll also benefit from a flexible infrastructure that can easily scale as demand increases. Plus, you can set your own pace for moving to a multicloud environment.

Increase innovation and reduce costs.

Aging infrastructures can be inflexible and inefficient to run. They’re also more expensive to own, delivering a smaller return on investment. By upgrading to a modern platform with Oracle Solaris on SPARC servers, you get industry-leading performance and efficiency. You’ll enjoy lower cost of operations. And you’ll spend less time simply maintaining your infrastructure and firefighting problems, giving you more time to invest in other business-critical tasks and looking to the future.

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Stay secure and compliant.

With cyberattacks getting more sophisticated every day, you need to stay vigilant. But if your legacy infrastructure isn’t set up to protect you from the latest issues, then your business is at risk. With Oracle Solaris, you get up-to-date security, delivering multiple layers of defense throughout your whole technology stack. So, you can eliminate potentially costly vulnerabilities and ensure you remain fully compliant.

Improve your customer service.

With a modern IT infrastructure that enables you to utilize the latest AI tools, you can improve the service you offer customers. By monitoring and analyzing data, you can build a better picture of them, then proactively offer support and assistance—heading off problems before they occur and improving customer satisfaction.

The ideal choice.

Oracle Solaris running on Oracle servers provide a fast and secure environment for Oracle Database and Java applications. Optimizations across CPU, memory, file system, I/O, networking, and security deliver the best database, middleware, and application performance for Oracle workloads. All of this results in faster response times, greater efficiencies, and higher customer satisfaction.

Oracle Solaris: Our Commitment to The Future

At Oracle we’re committed to ensuring you get the most out of your investment in Oracle Solaris. See how we’re doing it.

A new way to update.

We’ve listened to our customers and how they like to work. We’ve learned lessons from other business models, and we’ve looked at reducing the complexities and cost of system upgrades. That’s why Oracle Solaris now follows a continuous delivery model. Since the launch of Oracle Solaris 11, updates are released on a monthly cadence, providing a mix of version and support updates—both delivering patches and new features. Over time, we’ve moved to continuously delivering both as part of the more frequent support updates. We’re now up to version 11.4 and you only need the latest support update to have the newest, greatest version of Oracle Solaris.

The benefit of this new model means that customers no longer have to go through time-consuming upgrades to gain the latest features and capabilities. Instead, you get them as a simple update, included in your Solaris subscription. It’s less work for you, less disruption to your business, and constant reassurance that you have the latest features and security coverage.

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Long-term support.

We also want to make sure you get the most out of your operating system for the long term. As such, we’re committed to offering support for Solaris 11 until at least 2031 under Oracle Premier Support. And if you get Oracle Extended Support, you’re covered until 2034. This all means that you can count on the latest system enhancements for years to come, and your investment is fully protected.

Guaranteed to be compatible.

Our Solaris Application Compatibility Guarantee is our promise that any new version of Solaris will run all applications built on previous versions. So, you can be sure that when you update to the latest version, all your Solaris applications will continue to work as well as before.

Always innovating.

As well as guaranteeing support, we’re also committed to ensuring Oracle Solaris is the best operating system for the Oracle Database. We’ve been designing and developing operating systems for more than two decades, ensuring compatibility and security. That’s why we’re always working to make Solaris better—continually innovating and developing new features to meet the latest trends. In Solaris 11.4, we introduced a new Observability Tool and Solaris Web interface, automatic monitoring and restart of critical applications and services, plus new security improvements to make getting and staying secure and compliant easier.

Most importantly, we’ve made it simpler than ever to migrate your Oracle Solaris 10 workloads to Oracle Solaris 11.

It’s also important to note that the ongoing innovations of the Solaris OS means that Oracle SPARC—already the fastest, most efficient, servers available today—will continue to improve with each Solaris update, ensuring you can continue running on a modern enterprise platform for years to come.

Why Oracle Solaris?

We’re continually updating and improving Oracle Solaris to give you the very best performance. Discover the latest features that will help drive your business forward.

How does Oracle Solaris help you get the most out of your business?

From the very beginning, Oracle Solaris has delivered breakthrough innovations for enterprise computing including: ZFS file system management; DTrace real-time monitoring tools for live applications and the OS; and Solaris Containers, which partition the resources of a single hardware server to allow for secure and flexible multitenancy. Along with these, Solaris offers several additional innovations and key features that help you save money, operate more efficiently, and increase the power of your database performance, including:

Efficient enterprise virtualization.

The built-in virtualization known as Oracle Solaris Containers gives you the ability to run many Solaris 11 environments on a single system for very high utilization and efficiency rates. Plus, by using Oracle Solaris 10 Containers, you can run legacy applications on the newest systems. This allows you to upgrade your system and migrate your workloads when it’s most convenient.

Oracle Solaris StatsStore.

The Oracle Solaris StatsStore provides powerful and actionable data that helps you identify trends and isolate potential issues. It means you can easily retrieve and analyze stats—something that has typically been challenging on any OS.

REST-based administration and deployment.

With REST-based administration and monitoring, you can monitor and manage many elements of Oracle Solaris with a wide selection of tools.

Optimized for Oracle Database and Java.

Oracle Solaris is optimized for Oracle Database and Java applications, delivering faster performance and startup times. Plus, by combining Oracle Solaris with Oracle SPARC, you can ensure your infrastructure is secure thanks to Oracle SPARC Silicon Secured Memory.

Compliance monitoring, reporting and security tools.

Security is integrated into the design, build, testing, and maintenance of Oracle Solaris, helping you stay secure and compliant right from the beginning. You also get a robust, extensive compliance framework that lets you run periodic assessments, with the ability to pull results to a central location. The audit framework also provides reports on sensitive data, including that which needs to be protected and logged by PCI DSS and HIPAA security standards.

Strong multilayer security.

With Oracle Solaris, you get built-in defense-in-depth technologies that prevent attackers from breaching your data center. It stops them from establishing command and control, making it harder for them to access your data.

Simple system and application lifecycle management.

Oracle Solaris gives you a complete, integrated set of tools for managing the software lifecycle of the platform. This can help you increase productivity, reduce human error, and greatly cut your IT costs. The stack diagnosis facility also automatically examines software faults on the system, matching them to known issues to suggest fixes.

Advanced data management.

As previously mentioned, ZFS file systems give you an advance in data management with an innovative approach to data integrity, near-zero administration, and integrated file system and volume management capabilities.

What Are Your Next Steps?

You’ve decided you want to embrace the unique benefits of Oracle Solaris. Find out what you should be doing next.

Your path to a better tomorrow.

The benefits of modernization are clear. You want to access the latest tools to help your business perform. You want to increase your IT agility and application performance. You want to cut costs, increase innovation, and drive business growth with a cloud-ready, modern infrastructure. But how do you get there?

Start planning now.

Modernizing your data center might seem like a monumental task. You might be worried about the cost implications, downtime to the business, or how much work it will involve. But putting it off could lead to even bigger problems. You’ll be susceptible to new, more-advanced security risks. Your legacy systems will become more complex to manage. You won’t benefit from additional capacity, compute power, or analytical insights. And your infrastructure will still be inefficient and not cost effective.

You also need to ensure your employees are fully trained, with the right level of technical expertise to deploy cloud solutions effectively. It’s time to start planning.

Consolidate your systems.

With Oracle Solaris, you can consolidate your infrastructure on newer, faster SPARC-based servers. You’ll see your database performance improve, while using less hardware and fewer licenses—enabling you to save money while still meeting your needs and ensuring service-level agreements (SLAs) are met. For your x86 environment, don’t forget that the Oracle Solaris OS also runs on Oracle x86 Servers, providing numerous optimizations for running Oracle software and giving you 30 percent better uptime than commodity servers. Plus, Oracle Solaris 11 on x86 also runs in Oracle Cloud.

You don’t need to start from scratch.

The good news is that you don’t have to completely start over. Rather than designing a new infrastructure, you can simply build upon your existing one. You can set your own pace for upgrading—one app or deployment at a time. With Oracle Solaris 10 Containers, you can perform an easy lift and shift to a newer system. And we’ll be there to help you, every step of the way. Plus, with our Solaris Application Compatibility Guarantee, you can be sure that your existing applications will continue to run.

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How Oracle Helps You Succeed

Only Oracle operating systems are designed and optimized to run your Oracle Database and workloads. See why Oracle Solaris is the best choice for your business.

Why Oracle Solaris is the right choice for your database.

If you’re looking to modernize your IT infrastructure and move to the cloud, you need a robust, trusted, highly effective operating system to help you get the most out of your Oracle Database. Oracle Solaris is the perfect choice.

“Oracle Solaris and the new SPARC servers have taken our IT to the next level. Our infrastructure now performs far better, we are saving energy, and have cut our configuration and administrative workload. We are very satisfied with the results of this project.” —Thomas Rosenburg, Head of IT Operations, Berlin Hyp AG

Years of innovation built in.

Oracle Solaris was first introduced in 1992 and is a leader in UNIX operating systems. We’ve spent more than 25 years constantly updating, innovating, and ensuring it’s the best choice for running Oracle databases. It runs more Oracle databases than any other platform. Oracle Solaris has supported more than 1,000 SPARC and x86 platforms. And it’s capable of running the most demanding technical compute applications.

We’ve tested Oracle Solaris 11.4 for more than 30 million machine hours and counting. And it has more than 3,000 applications certified to run on it.

Built to work with Oracle.

Oracle operating systems are built and developed using the same technology that features in your Oracle databases and software. Developing Oracle software, including Oracle Database, applications, and operating systems, together with Oracle servers, optimizes their unique technologies and features, ensuring that they will work efficiently and offer superior performance.

More choice and flexibility.

With Oracle Solaris, you can modernize at your own pace, and in a way that suits you. Because it can run on premise and in the cloud using the same technology, you can build upon your existing on-premise infrastructure. This flexibility enables you to optimize your business with greater efficiency, cut costs, and enjoy superior performance.

Enterprise-grade solutions.

Oracle SPARC databases and Oracle Solaris are proven enterprise-grade systems that utilize the world’s fastest processor—the SPARC M8.

With you every step of the way.

Oracle has experience in helping businesses of all types and size create their ideal journey to the cloud. We can help you plan and execute the perfect data-driven digital transformation. You can transform at your own pace, meeting your own business and budget agendas. And our experts are always on hand to offer advice and support.