Oracle VM VirtualBox

Develop Using VM Virtual Box, Deploy Anywhere

As the world’s most popular cross-platform virtualization product, Oracle VM VirtualBox lets you run multiple operating systems on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, or Oracle Solaris.

Oracle VM VirtualBox

Essential flexibility for a cross-platform world

Under the Hood

  • Product Overview
  • Technical Specifications
Develop in Oracle VM VirtualBox, deploy to the cloud
  • Enable multiple operating systems on one desktop
  • Supports cross-platform guests and hosts, including Windows, Linux, Oracle Solaris, and Mac OS X
  • Transport live virtual machines between hosts or to the cloud without interruption
Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • Establish massive workloads of up to 32 virtual CPUs
  • Control with a scriptable command-line interface
  • Import and export virtual machines using OVF/OVA standards
  • Share folders between guests and hosts
  • Easily resize windows within full-screen display modes
Fast, Secure, Flexible Cross-Platform Virtualization
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Fast, Secure, Flexible Cross-Platform Virtualization

See how easy it is to enable cross-platform desktop virtualization in this animated video.

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