Data Masking and Subsetting

Unlock the value of data without increasing risk, while also minimizing storage cost. Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting helps organizations achieve secure and cost-effective data provisioning for a variety of scenarios, including test, development, and partner environments.

Explore Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting

Understand data and risk

Discover and classify sensitive data to understand risk and aid in designing data protection policies.

Create application data models

Determine referential relationships and create models to protect data integrity during data masking and subsetting operations.

Remove sensitive data

Remove sensitive data from test, development, analytics, and other non-production environments.

Preserve business value

Flexible masking techniques preserve data characteristics to support continued application functionality after data masking.

Application templates

Further reduce the effort required and maximize time to value with pre-built masking templates for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Fusion Applications.

Reduce costs with smaller data sets

Create smaller data sets to save time and storage costs. Improve efficiency while reducing risk.

Preserve representative data

Multi-factor subsetting techniques create representative, relevant, and functionally intact data sets.

In-database or in-export masking

Eliminate overhead on production by masking in-database, or use in-export masking to eliminate the need for staging environments.

Fast and efficient

Leverage the power of Oracle Database to minimize the time and resources required to create non-production databases.

Heterogeneous support

Mask and subset data in non-Oracle databases using Oracle Database Gateways, which is always included.

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Thanks to this tool, our cost of creating test data has decreased considerably.

Senior Application Analyst in the Finance Industry

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Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting use cases

Enforce corporate security policies

  • Protect sensitive data

    Minimize data exposure in non-production environments by discovering and masking sensitive data and sharing only relevant data.

  • Accelerate regulatory compliance

    Leverage data masking and subsetting policies to demonstrate data protection by design and default to auditors.

  • Maximize data value

    Safely share realistic, representative, and functionally intact data with relevant stakeholders to fuel test, development, and other initiatives.

  • Reduce costs

    Reduce time, storage, and infrastructure costs by extracting and sharing only relevant data.

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