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Oracle SCM Solutions—Warehouse Management

Maximise Logistics Performance

Manage transportation and global trade operations while streamlining everyday warehousing needs.

Warehouse Management

Oracle warehouse management solutions support complex fulfilment operations and provide inventory visibility from the distribution centre to the store shelf, so you can improve labour and space utilisation, reduce fulfilment costs and improve inventory and delivery accuracy.

Inventory Management

Modern Warehousing

Improve material handling efficiency and labour productivity, maximise space utilisation and enable multichannel fulfilment.

  • Reduce inventory costs with real-time inventory visibility, increased warehouse accuracy and lower safety stock levels
  • Improve labour productivity with system directed activities, full support for material handling units and the elimination of paperwork and manual data entry
  • Support multi-channel demand and execution processes so customers can buy anywhere, fulfil anywhere and return anywhere
Infographic: Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud (PDF)
Mobile Supply Chain

Warehouse Workforce Management

Gain greater visibility into your operations and workforce to help reduce labour inefficiencies, raise overall performance and improve accuracy.

  • Manage and track workforce performance based on quantifiable goals with KPIs
  • Set material handling goals for warehouse tasks and value added service activities
  • Measure task completion times and analyse productivity by cost centre, work group, work area & process type
  • Maximise the efficiency of warehouse and in-store operations
Brief: Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Solution (PDF)
Warehouse Management

Warehouse Intelligence

Receive summarised insight into warehouse operations and key performance metrics for either the facility you manage or across your entire integrated logistics network.

  • Intelligent dashboards enable real-time operational analysis, reporting and alert management
  • Gain greater inventory visibility, analyse warehouse throughput, monitor warehouse operations
  • Leverage reporting, alerting and scheduling capabilities
Webcast: Modern Logistics – Making the Omni-Channel Promise a Reality

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