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Webcast: Supercharge Your Data Integration
Webcast: Supercharge Your Data Integration

Learn how Oracle’s unified data integration platform enables data replication, data transformation, and more.

Oracle Integration Day Is Coming to a City Near You
Oracle Integration Day Is Coming to a City Near You

Learn how Oracle Data Integration helps you extract value out of your data with machine learning and API management.

Access the Cloud Platform for Digital Business

Migrate and Integrate Data with Oracle Data Integration

Data has always been the critical asset that gives organizations a competitive edge. As more and more businesses make this realization, data integration—the ability to provide access to and unearth value from vast quantities of data—is becoming critically important for strategic projects and business transformation. Clearly, data integration has moved beyond the IT department to be recognized as key to business success.

Autonomous Data Integration—the Next-Generation Data Integration

Autonomous data integration brings intelligence and human-like capabilities to a very powerful platform, allowing both business and IT users to manage and make the best use of their data.

Autonomous data integration enables organizations to:

  • Ensure that software-as-a-service (SaaS) business applications have the best data to work with to drive your business transformation
  • Empower your business with ubiquitous, real-time and enriched data
  • Invest in a single, unified cloud-based platform that can take care of all your data migration requirements across hybrid environments
  • Build a comprehensive big data platform that incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities

Why Oracle Data Integration?

Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud is a next-generation cloud-based data integration platform that “listens” to users, “learns” from user interaction, and takes corrective actions based on various usage patterns. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are built into the platform for a responsive, self-aware data solution.

  • Self-driving: Unlock the value hidden in your data by automatically taking actions that bring out that value.
  • Self-securing: A machine learning-enabled governance layer provides data governance and security and identifies data that is stored and comes into the platform.
  • Self-repairing: Platform maintenance tasks are automatically detected and performed, reducing manual labor and associated costs.

Oracle Data Integration delivers pervasive and continuous access to timely and trusted data across heterogeneous systems. Its comprehensive capabilities include real-time and bulk data movement, transformation, bidirectional replication, metadata management, data services, and data quality for customer and product domains.

Oracle’s portfolio of data integration products, along with big data analytics, cloud computing, and real-time business intelligence, deliver improved IT productivity, extreme performance, and future-ready solutions that enable you to stay ahead of the competition.

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Raymond James Uses Oracle Data Integration
Raymond James Uses Oracle Data Integration

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Herbalife Improves Scalability with Oracle GoldenGate
Herbalife Improves Scalability with Oracle GoldenGate

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