Blockchain Platform Service

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Blockchain Platform is a managed blockchain service for running smart contracts and maintaining a tamper-proof distributed ledger. Built on the open source Hyperledger Fabric, it simplifies the development of secure and verifiable applications that share immutable, trusted data with third parties such as suppliers and financial institutions.

Oracle Blockchain helps CargoSmart transform shipping (1:03)
Interconnect and Automate Your Organization’s Ecosystem

Read this new Oracle Blockchain ebook to learn the benefits of enterprise blockchain, how it has been used across industries, and why Oracle leads the way in bringing blockchain to the enterprise.

NFT support announced

Learn how Oracle extends tokenization support to handle non-fungible tokens (NFTs), NFT templates, and Blockchain App Builder, and how they can be used to automatically generate and deploy ERC-721 compatible chaincodes on OCI Blockchain Platform.

Oracle tops the Juniper Research Competitor Leaderboard of blockchain vendors

Juniper Research says Oracle innovations make it a go-to enterprise blockchain provider for a growing number of businesses. The report also notes increased deployments in recent years, with a number of customers in advanced pilots or full production.

OCI’s blockchain solution

Our solution is production-ready, offering financially backed 99.95% availability, integrated identity management, operations and development tools, tokenization support, and integration to Oracle’s leading applications.

Why Oracle Blockchain Platform?

  • Quickly provision and link blockchain instances in a network

    Create a permissioned, multiparty blockchain network in minutes without the painstaking work to manage containers, configure individual components, and integrate dependencies. Secure the blockchain with built-in identity management and roles, on-chain access control, and built-in auditing features.

    View the blockchain platform demo (3:17)

  • Automatically generate smart contracts using the low-code Blockchain App Builder

    Included developer tooling supports project scaffolding, local testing and debugging, and automated deployment of chaincode. It can auto-generate basic chaincode CRUD methods from declarative specifications for a variety of use cases to completely automate simple tasks or speed up development of more complex smart contract business logic.

    Watch the Blockchain App Builder webcast (1:00:04)

  • Easily leverage tokenization with fungible and non-fungible tokens

    Tokenization capabilities based on the Token Taxonomy Framework and ERC-20/ERC-721 accelerate many tokenization use cases. Token initialization and lifecycle operations for fungible tokens (FT) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are easily generated and deployed.

    Read about tokenization support

  • Connect Oracle Blockchain Platform nodes across OCI, on-premises, with other clouds’ Hyperledger Fabric, and other blockchain ledgers

    Deploy nodes across OCI regions worldwide, and extend them with on-premises or third-party cloud nodes. For diverse ecosystems, you can deploy in or out of Oracle Cloud and interoperate with other Hyperledger Fabric nodes. Orchestrate integrations with other popular ledgers using cross-ledger integration gateways.

    Read about cross-ledger integrations

How Blockchain Platform works

Built on the open source Hyperledger Fabric project from the Linux Foundation, OCI's Blockchain Platform enables customers to quickly provision a preassembled, managed blockchain network. It provides an append-only distributed ledger shared across a network of nodes and organizations. This replaces complex point-to-point dataflows, removes intermediaries, and creates a shared source of truth and trusted transactions.

As a permissioned blockchain, Oracle Blockchain Platform governs the membership and integrates with Oracle Identity Management to provide role-based access authorizations. Blockchain Platform’s operations console allows administrative users to access intuitive web UIs and powerful REST APIs for managing configurations, adding members, and creating channels and policies, and provides full lifecycle management for smart contracts. Blockchain peer nodes execute business logic encoding business terms, validation rules, and events in smart contracts and digitally sign the results with their organization’s Public Key Infrastructure certificates for multiparty endorsements. In Blockchain Platform, smart contracts can be generated automatically from declarative templates using the included Blockchain App Builder—a low-code development tool. The templates’ specs can be used for generic data assets as well as tokens of different types—enabling developers to incorporate fungible and non-fungible tokens for a wide range of use cases.

AJIB Expedites Cross-Border Money Transfers with Oracle Blockchain

“Oracle delivers an enterprise-grade blockchain platform with high resiliency, scalability, and security. The built-in features, such as identity management and data encryption, made it an ideal choice given our industry requirements and compliance needs.”

Ayman Qadoumi
Deputy General Manager, Information Technology and Information Security, Arab Jordan Investment Bank (AJIB)

Supply Chain
Oracle Blockchain Platform Now Available as Part of Everledger's Provenance Tracking Solution

“The inclusion of Oracle Blockchain Platform in our offering enables us to deploy more innovative products and solutions for our customers globally, in particular with improved time to market for business intelligence reporting solutions. Oracle's comprehensive enterprise-grade offering will open our customers to realizing more from our blockchain-based platform and crystalize value from the data in their own systems.”

Leanne Kemp
Founder and CEO, Everledger

Supply Chain
Circulor Offers Transparency for Mineral Sourcing with Oracle Blockchain Platform

“We bring transparency to the supply chain for consumer electronics and electric vehicles manufacturers. Oracle Blockchain Platform enables us to transparently record and share the source of all raw materials using distributed ledger, which prevents unethically sourced minerals from passing through the supply chain. This will also cut costs for miners who currently shoulder this compliance cost in our industry.”

Douglas Johnson-Poensgen
CEO, Circulor

Oracle Blockchain Cloud Platform Ensures Ethical Sourcing in Fashion

“Having the infrastructure, database, and blockchain application running on one platform made it so much easier for us to expand our platform very quickly and at scale.”

Peter Merkert
Cofounder and CTO, retraced

Certified Origins Italia Enhances Supply Chain Traceability and Trust with Oracle Blockchain

“We are using Oracle Blockchain to track shipments of our EVOO from our bottling facility in Italy to the port of arrival in the US. Oracle Blockchain Platform easily integrates with our partners' systems, and we can create smart contracts between supply and distribution actors, thus reducing operational costs.”

Andrea Biagianti
Chief Information Officer, Certified Origins Italia

Oracle Blockchain across industries

Banking and financial services
Accelerating cross-border funds transfers

Oracle Blockchain helps AJIB provide bank customers with nearly instant cross-border funds transfers for payments, remittances, and corporate or personal accounts, and ensures full auditability and compliance for anti-money laundering (AML) and combating the financing of terrorism (CFT).

Electronic Know Your Customer for rapid customer onboarding

Ahli Jordan Bank, using Oracle Blockchain Platform, helps clients speed through the individual account creation process and manages complex Know Your Customer document collection requirements for corporate services by providing a tamper-proof digital identity.

Intercompany financial reconciliation

Connects multiple ERPs and other systems of record across related entities to automate tracking and reconciliation of financial transactions, subsequent invoicing, and settlements using smart contracts to codify intercompany agreements and accounting rules, while creating a tamper-proof audit trail using a distributed ledger.

Secure, real-time AML/CFT sanction list updates

Eastnets ensures that financial institutions get real-time access to high-quality sanction alerts tracked on a blockchain network. This updates AML screening engines automatically and helps transform a manual process that suffers from delays and is risk prone to one that’s fully automated, secure, and includes real-time sanction list updates.

Asset tokenization in wealth management securities services

OCI Blockchain Platform enables banks to offer their customers services to tokenize securities and other assets for fractional trading and integrate with digital exchanges, providing 24/7 settlement and lower costs.

Mutual funds to brokerage window transfers

OCI Blockchain Platform streamlines transfers between mutual fund accounts and self-directed brokerage accounts at contracted asset managers using distributed ledger with smart contracts, which benefits customers by reducing errors and overnight delays, and enables multiple daily transfers.

Automated parametric insurance policy issuance and claims processing

Easily automate micropolicy creation, issuance, and execution across members’ blockchain nodes using smart contracts, automated premium setting, and claims settlement for parametric insurance. These reduce processing costs and increase customer trust.

Insurance back-office payments and reconciliation

Tokenization-based insurance back-office system with accounts reconciliation helps to avoid discrepancies between siloed accounting and settlement systems. Eliminate the effort and cost of manual reconciliation between insurers and brokers while reducing the risk of human errors, fraud, and regulatory compliance issues. Streamline reinsurance accounting and reconciliation of book values with settlement values for profit calculations.

Authenticated provenance for luxury goods

Oracle Blockchain Platform provides retailers and consumers with trusted provenance information across the entire product journey, linking raw materials, certifications, and manufacturing processes for diamonds from mining to retail.

Real-time retail rewards linked across ecosystem

OCI Blockchain Platform enables a network that united the world of sports—enthusiasts, clubs, teams, and events—on one platform provided by a large sports retailer, Decathlon. It tracks tokens customers earn by shopping in any Decathlon store in certain regions and then seamlessly redeem at a partner on the blockchain network for tickets, lessons, memberships, etc.

Traceability of recycled plastics used in making consumer and industrial goods

Powered by OCI Blockchain technology, Oceanworks and Keep Sea Blue provide traceability platforms and certifications that are used to encourage effective plastic waste collections from oceans and beaches linked to sustainable reuse and certification of products made from the recycled materials. Oceanworks uses Oracle Fusion Cloud’s Intelligent Track and Trace SaaS application built on OCI Blockchain Platform, and Keep Sea Blue uses a custom application built on the same platform.

Franchise ecosystem invoicing and inventory tracking

OCI Blockchain Platform helped remove inefficiencies and improve trust in the franchise ecosystem handling invoicing transactions for more than 3 million people and document exchanges of more than 200 document types, including orders, delivery notes, receipt acceptances, and invoices, among many others. SERES has developed a decentralized application that increases transparency and security of electronic data interchange-based invoicing transactions, while speeding up the exchange of more than 100 million documents annually for franchisors and franchisees. This helped make acceptance of goods by franchisees more efficient and eliminated settlement delays caused by discrepancies in discount-coupon payments, as well as reduced delays, risk, and high fees of intermediaries.

Ethical and verified sourcing for fashion products

Retraced developed a platform to enable fashion brands to verify, using OCI Blockchain Platform, sustainable sourcing of materials and the authenticity of artisanal production and to provide end-to-end supply chain visibility to consumers. Little is known about how our clothing items are made, under what labor conditions, which raw materials are used, and how the process is affecting our planet. Dynamic supply chains and frequent supplier churn make tracing more complex and cost intensive. The retraced solution enables tracing among suppliers, manufacturers across various tiers, employees, and consumers, along with impact data collection for environmental, social impact, and animal well-being (for example, carbon dioxide and water use footprint).

Manufacturing and logistics
Intercompany billing and reconciliation among conglomerate’s divisions

By creating a distributed ledger of intercompany POs and invoices, validated and reconciled by smart contracts, Oracle Blockchain delivers near real-time processing, validation rules, and controls codified in smart contracts, robust bidirectional ERP integration, two-way and three-way matching, and netting-based settlement. Core intercompany financials processing is enhanced with automated exception/dispute tracking and sophisticated analytics.

Product content and royalties tracking in certified manufacturing ecosystem

Manufacturing supply chains that transform raw materials into intermediate products and ultimately final consumer or industrial products depend on the integrity of information and transactions flowing through the ecosystem. Using Oracle Blockchain to represent raw materials, intermediate products, and final products as tokens lets patent owners and their supply chain partners more effectively track inventory and shipments across the ecosystem as well as calculate the royalties accrued based on shipments. Multitiered product composition tracking helps to ensure authenticity for retailers and consumers.

Export/import secure logistics document exchange

Secure online document management and exchange for trade logistics using Oracle Blockchain Platform. Launched by the India Ministry of Commerce, this solution enables a structured, secure, and transparent blockchain-based digital document management and exchange platform where all the logistics stakeholders can collaborate in real time for customs clearance, international trade facilitation, cargo handling at seaports, and information and registration systems for freight operations and vehicles.

Sustainable and ethical sourcing of critical and conflict minerals

The Oracle Blockchain-enabled Circulor traceability platform for high-risk critical raw materials across the electric vehicle batteries supply chain ensures trusted provenance from legitimate mines and producers through component and battery manufacturers. The platform also tracks carbon dioxide emissions related to production of battery units and transportation of the materials they depend on.

B2B platform for inventory visibility, service-level agreement (SLA) enforcement, geo-origin, and authenticity

A secure B2B transaction platform built on OCI Blockchain Platform enables private groups with suppliers, channel partners, banks, contract manufacturers, and so forth to coordinate work order progress across the contract manufacturing network, gain real-time visibility into a vendor’s inventory, certify and trace geo-origin and authenticity of products, enforce SLAs with smart contracts, perform continuous audits, and submit information for one-click invoice financing.

Maritime shipping logistics and documentation

GSBN, a decentralized consortium of container carriers and ports, whose members handle more than a third of all shipping containers in the world, uses Oracle Blockchain Platform to replace one-to-one connections with trusted collaboration. That increases efficiency and provides shipment visibility and transparency through a single source of truth, effectively removing the need for third parties.

Optimizing overall equipment effectiveness and predictive maintenance

OCI Blockchain Platform allows multiple factories to securely share granular data on component failures and repaired and replaced equipment to provide preventive and predictive maintenance analytics. This data helps enable AI and machine learning (ML) models of CNC machines based on historical data for optimal machine and operator performance.

Food, agriculture, and CPG
Authenticated provenance of luxury goods

Everledger provides retailers and consumers with trusted provenance information across the entire product journey, linking raw materials, certifications, and manufacturing processes for diamonds from mining to retail. This ability to transparently track, using OCI Blockchain Platform, the provenance and lifetime journey of assets as they move across global supply chains is especially critical for high-value goods, which are more susceptible than most to theft, fraud, and counterfeiting. The key to Everledger’s success is enabling the ease of systems’ interaction and providing clients with business intelligence reporting solutions.

Farm product pricing using smart contracts and provenance traceability

Milk farmers across the EU depend on the lab analysis of their products before prices are set for their deliveries. Smart contracts set prices and manage milk farmers’ cooperative payment process based on contract terms and real-time laboratory data insights via OriginTrail Decentralized Network, allowing for transparent pricing for all and ensuring that farmers can maximize returns from the products they supply.

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act traceability

This Blockchain solution helps to implement FDA’s new requirements for those who manufacture, process, pack, or hold foods included on the Food Traceability List to maintain records containing key data elements associated with different critical tracking events up and down the supply chain.

Tracking cattle genomics and carbon dioxide emissions

Helping Irish farmers breed dairy and beef cattle for greater efficiency and sustainability requires bringing together information from shoppers, retailers, and farmers. It combines ICBF’s massive data stores that include one of the world’s largest integrated animal databases, containing data on animal ancestry and DNA, birth details, performance records, and laboratory results, with data sourced from their retail and restaurant customers. The aim is to create a tamper-proof ledger tracking each animal’s history and use that data to explore how farmers can best produce the steaks that shoppers want to buy and eat while breeding cattle that minimize methane emissions.

Trusted value chain for CPG product sustainability and provenance certifications

Sustainable agriculture is an important priority across the globe. The concerns range from the reduction in forest cover and greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions from peat lands to authenticity of biodiversity and organic certifications, food safety, and ethical labor practices. By helping companies maintain a distributed tamper-proof ledger of all certification and supplier data for all farmer-to-factory and factory-to-consumer steps, Oracle Blockchain Platform promotes consumer trust, helps ensure food safety, and minimizes recall impacts.

Transportation and logistics
Maritime shipping documentation and logistics events

A decentralized consortium of many carriers and ports uses Oracle Blockchain Platform’s distributed ledger to replace one-to-one connections with trusted collaboration, increasing efficiency and providing shipment visibility and transparency through a single source of truth, effectively removing the need for third parties.

Tracking package handoffs in multitier transportation

Oracle Blockchain Platform helps track deliveries over multiple modes and tiers of transport providers, with multiple handoffs tracked over blockchain to eliminate risks that stem from inefficient and faulty data integrations

Structured document management and exchange for trade logistics

Oracle Blockchain Platform allows for a structured, secure, and transparent blockchain-based digital document management and exchange platform where all the logistics stakeholders can collaborate in real time for customs clearance, international trade facilitation, cargo handling at seaports, and information and registration systems for freight operations and vehicles.

Healthcare and life sciences
Antifraud tracking in pharmaceuticals distribution

Oracle Blockchain helps fight the growing problem of fake or compromised drugs using OCI Blockchain Platform’s distributed ledger and the Internet of Things (IoT) to register and track all touchpoints in the drug’s movement, leaving no scope for tampering. This solution spans all participants from the manufacturer to the point of sale and integrates tracking data from key enterprise and distribution systems: ERP, inventory, CRM, POS, and geolocation data and temperature excursions reported by IOT sensors.

Pharmacological supply chain traceability in clinical studies

The pharmaceutical clinical supply chain often relies on spreadsheets and manual updates to record the movement of medicines involved in clinical trials. This can cause problems with regulatory reporting, hamper drug accountability at trial sites, and make it harder to track the investigational product through different handoffs before it reaches patients involved in trials, as well as through returns handling of any unused products. Using OCI Blockchain Platform to track digital inventory and events in the pharmaceutical clinical supply chain enables greater trust and automated hands-off processing and simplifies regulatory reporting with built-in audit trails.

Electronic health records sharing

The healthcare industry has been struggling to achieve holistic views of patients’ health information because of fractured data silos maintained by hospitals, clinics, labs, individual doctors, pharmacies, and others. The challenges of security and privacy across diverse data repositories are solved by a distributed ledger providing an index that stores patient visit and interaction events with location and verifiable hashes for the actual health records maintained by various providers. Patients are uniquely in charge of providing permissions to their doctors, who are self-registered in the system and can be granted controlled access to any records maintained by other providers.

Immutable and verifiable rapid testing results sharing for public health agencies

OCI Blockchain Platform helps with tamper-evident recording of health test results and related data to ensure transparency in capturing, recording, and reporting of relevant statistics. With wider availability of rapid testing kits and their use outside traditional labs, results reporting to state and national agencies needed a reliable, tamper-proof, and secure solution. Using Oracle Blockchain Platform nodes to link test venues, manufacturers, and government agencies ensured real-time results reporting protecting the integrity of data and identities.

Remote tracking of patient vitals for distributed healthcare team

In healthcare, giving the right data to the right people at the right time can save lives. Using OCI Blockchain Platform’s technology creates a seamless ecosystem that keeps the patient’s distributed team of care providers in sync in real time. Frequent telemetry reports from wearable or at-home devices, showing heart rate, blood pressure, etc., can provide early alerts of the onset of dangerous conditions. Tracked and correlated on blockchain and transparently visible to the distributed team of care providers, these alerts can trigger timely intervention and responses.

Verifiable immunity and test status certification

Although policies in different countries and voter sentiments differ on immunity passports, in November 2021 more than 60% of Swiss voters cast ballots for the use of certificates to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination, recent immunity, or a negative test. Based on a solution built on OCI Blockchain Platform, such a digital, indelible, and 100% General Data Protection Regulation-compatible immunity and vaccination certificate can be presented with one click from a smartphone at any time to any store, restaurant, or government authority requesting it.

Education and training
Smart education credentials in higher education and continuing education

OCI Blockchain Platform enables colleges and professional education providers to issue tamper-proof credential certifications along with verifiable transcripts for self-sovereign access sharing by students. This solution can be deployed by a single academic institution, a consortium of universities, and even across a state or national system of higher education. It’s also used by professional education firms whose courses support continuous education requirements in legal, medical, and other fields.

Study abroad matching and certifications

Study abroad is an exciting opportunity for many students, but it involves a lot of collaborative tasks and information sharing with the extended education ecosystem of universities and accreditation and related agencies as well as prospective employers. An Oracle Blockchain-based platform in South Korea is used for an international student matching service that recommends appropriate study abroad courses according to conditions set by the user and streamlines the process from blockchain-based online acceptance to proven broker matching and post-entry stay management.

Transcript sharing and transfer credits and articulation

Students transferring from one college or university to another depend on transfer articulation to apply credits earned in certain programs at one institution to programs at a second institution. Blockchain provides the tamper-evident digital ledger that facilitates collaborative efforts between institutions involving sharing transcripts and assessing how course credits map across programs to ultimately reflect previous coursework on students’ transcripts as work that counts for credit at the new university.

Employment training certifications

In the rapidly evolving economies around the world, retraining employees for new jobs is a top priority. With this, there’s a need for efficient, trusted, and secure generation, authentication, sharing, and verification of training or academic certificates. A solution built on Oracle Blockchain makes this a snap and creates value for the entire ecosystem by delivering trusted credentials as a service.

Government and public services
Export license issuance and excise tax tracking

An African customs service developed an Oracle Blockchain-based replacement for an inefficient and fraud-attracting export licensing process and excise tax collection to reduce fraud and improve compliance with excise taxes.

Forensic evidence verifiable chain of custody across agencies

National criminal investigations in Europe track evidence chain of custody on an Oracle blockchain that connects multiple divisions and forensic labs to provide full visibility of custody changes and integrity of digital evidence, which simplifies consensus with internal and external partner agencies and increases public trust.

Explainable and trackable AI/ML in government operations

With the growing use of AI/ML in government comes concerns about the accuracy of their results and potential biases from the training datasets. One US agency explored using an immutable ledger in Oracle Blockchain to track the training datasets, ML model versions, and execution trace of its models to provide better visibility of the history over the lifecycle of the model in order to ensure stronger controls over the outcomes and identify any reasons for their divergence.

Verifiable country-of-origin and other trade certifications

The cross-border Open Trade Blockchain initiated in Singapore connects many countries in Asia to allow companies to register country-of-origin certificates and supporting documentation, enabling their customers to easily and quickly verify their authenticity. It also ensures effective compliance with contractual terms and obligations, which are encoded directly in the system, improving efficiency and reducing cost and fraud in cross-border trade.

Verifiable lottery tickets and winnings redemption ledger

A socially responsible gaming company in Asia operated under the Ministry of Finance developed a solution on Oracle Blockchain to provide traceability and immutable records for the users of its betting pools to manage digital bet slips and track winning tickets.

Immigration document and visa tracking

OCI Blockchain Platform helps manage visa cases and track documents in the Middle East as immigrant workers transfer across employers to improve efficiency and transparency across partner agencies, employers, and other stakeholders, accelerating the processing and helping to prevent fraud.

Multitiered grants distribution and tracking

US government grants are often subdivided by grantees into smaller grants to downstream recipients. Tracking such multitiered grants is more complex and auditability across recipients becomes harder to manage. End-to-end tracking of the initial awards to the main and subgrant recipients on a permissioned blockchain, linking all awards and subawards documents, payments distribution, expense categories, and other reporting in a single distributed ledger, helps to provide immediate visibility, automate controls via smart contracts, reduce fraud and waste, and simplify audits with integrated reporting and analytics. This ultimately frees researchers’ time for more research.

Voting for citizens residing abroad

Some countries and provinces with large numbers of citizens living abroad aim to provide better means for their citizens to participate in election processes with secure remote voting mechanisms that include transparency and privacy and eliminate fraud. A solution using Oracle Blockchain Platform to track verified identities of voters and their ballot requests, then matching them with ballots submitted during the voting process, enables easier tracking and verification of requested and submitted ballots, helping to improve transparency and voters’ confidence in election integrity.

Blockchain Platform webcasts

WSBA Enterprise Working Group
April 19, 2022
Enterprise Tokenization with Hyperledger Fabric
March 24, 2022
Solving Enterprise Challenges with Blockchain Platform
December 2, 2021
May 9, 2022

Announcing NFT Support for Oracle Blockchain Platform

Mark Rakhmilevich, Senior Director, Blockchain Product Management

Today Oracle is announcing native NFT support on its market-leading enterprise blockchain—Oracle Blockchain Platform. Following the support for fungible tokens (FTs) last year through its innovative low-code Blockchain App Builder, today we are releasing Blockchain App Builder for Oracle Blockchain Platform 22.2.1 with support for non-fungible tokens modeled on ERC-721 but extended with enterprise-focused benefits and capabilities. Available immediately, you can download the new version of Blockchain App Builder from the OCI Blockchain Platform console under Developer Tools and use the included NFT token sample template to auto-generate and deploy your NFT chaincode.

Read the full post

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