See the Future from a Data Perspective

There’s been a rapid shift in clinical trial management due to current events impacting where trials happen and how patients, sites, and pharma participate in, and run trials.

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Improve patient recruitment and retention

Make it easier for patients to participate in clinical trials, adopt new patient-facing clinical trial software, change the way you think about clinical trials; get patient data faster and improve the quality of the data.

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Make better decisions with more insight

Get new data from new sources for a better picture; use eClinical solutions that can handle it all and maintain quality and compliance.

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This is happening. The time to change is now

You can do this. Be on the forefront of innovation. Be a leader. Embrace the digital transformation of clinical research.

Podcast: Driving the Implementation of Decentralized Clinical Trials

Covance discusses becoming a decentralized CRO on The Latest Dose podcast.

Recently, Covance announced that they are transforming to a fully decentralized CRO – an exciting step in the life sciences industry. In this episode, Oracle Health Sciences Global Head of Innovation, Kathy Vandebelt speaks with Covance’s Director of Decentralized Trials, Jane Myles, and Vice President and Head of Decentralized Trials, Bola Oyegunwa, about how they’re driving the implementation of decentralized trials globally, and what they think the core tenants are that the industry should abide by when executing decentralized trials.

The Latest Dose is a podcast that explores the depths of innovation and human compassion in clinical research.

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Clinical Leader Live: Top 5 Challenges in Decentralized Trials and How to Overcome Them

The accelerated adoption of decentralized trials due to the pandemic did not come without challenges and concerns, as well as changes to company strategies. Ensuring compliance, effectively tracking data, the ability to integrate new technologies with other platforms, patient engagement, and ensuring data quality and reliability are all challenges that companies will face. What can you do to understand, manage, and overcome these hurdles?

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Is Pharma Ready to Embrace
Virtual Trials?

Using a virtual, or decentralized, approach to clinical trials has the potential to improve patient experience and data quality while also accelerating the time it takes to get new drugs on the market. Although these benefits have been apparent for years, the COVID-19 pandemic created an urgent need to implement virtual approaches. But the question remains, is Pharma is ready to embrace decentralized clinical trials?

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Addressing Roadblocks in Decentralized Trials

In a recent virtual roundtable discussion, industry experts shared their insight on the challenges faced in implementing decentralized trials and how to address them. Their discussion also covered the cost and feasibility of a toolkit approach to decentralized trials, the significance of minimizing burden to patients and sites, and the reality of regulatory hurdles.

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