Emerging digital technologies are bringing seismic changes to whole industries, and human resources teams need to adapt quickly and proactively to help their companies thrive. As business models shift, and as the nature of work in general becomes more knowledge-focused and less task-focused, the role of HR is also changing. In the future, chief HR officers and their teams will need to bring the right people to their organizations, along with the right data and insights, in an increasingly complex and dynamic business world. They will have to understand the individual and collective strengths, weaknesses, skill sets, and aspirations of the employees, and they will have to use reliable data and analytics to ensure that those characteristics line up with company needs. Data and analytics derived from integrated human capital management (HCM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions will play an increasingly important role in the work of HR teams.

Topics covered by this ebook include:

CHROs should already base their decisions on data analytics

Workforce automation and AI will present new challenges for HR

Why HR technology should be considered an investment, not a cost

The importance of integrated systems

Getting buy-in from senior leadership

Producing prescriptive HR data