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3 Insights for Business Transformation

1Your SMB Platform for Growth

Digital is disrupting every industry. Automation is helping organizations rise to the challenge of doing more with shrinking resources and budgets—while the Internet of Things, AI, and mobile technologies are changing the way we work and connect with businesses.

However, taking advantage of these transformative technologies can be challenging for midsize businesses in hypergrowth. You may struggle to scale, or be wrestling with legacy systems, manual processes, and a lack of the right IT skills. The cloud has made these emergent technologies more accessible, secure, and affordable, but smaller businesses can be slow to adopt for fear of disrupting day-to-day operations.

Some of the fastest-growing organizations have embarked on their journey to innovation and are leveraging a new era of autonomous computing powered by AI and machine learning on Oracle Cloud Platform. We have enabled them to migrate and modernize applications, lower costs, and improve security and speed to market. Their successes speak for us.

So, no matter your size and starting point, Oracle can accelerate your journey to the cloud.

2Modernize Data Management

You want to harness the intelligence from a high-performance database. But how can you modernize the storage, accessibility, and security of business-critical information?

Agility is on every SMB’s list. Every business wants to be quicker to market and to stay ahead of the competition. But, to be fast and first, you need to be informed, and this means trusting and protecting your data. With the sheer volume of data available, the process of transforming information into insights can be complex and labor-intensive, leaving you open to security breaches. And if DBAs spend most of their time manually maintaining and patching databases, you know it leaves little resource for higher-value activities that contribute to competitive advantage.

Oracle has invested thousands of engineering years automating those key database functions—from automatic memory management to diagnostics and security. With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, DBAs are empowered to take a more strategic role in the business, such as advising the C-suite with actionable insights to inform decision-making. Machine learning continuously monitors workload performance, implementing policy-driven optimization to perform faster with more data.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is optimized to run on IaaS, which is not only high-performing but also offers the ability to scale elastically to the current demands of your business. Increase capacity for peak query performance and reduce capacity all the way to zero, when not needed, to minimize costs. The autonomous database is self-driving and provisions, tunes, and upgrades automatically. Self-securing capabilities enable you to eliminate downtime for patching. Maximize uptime and productivity from 99.995% availability, which is less than 2.5 minutes of both planned and unplanned downtime a month. Adaptive technology and automation offer unprecedented reliability, performance, and data management.

What Our Customers Say


Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Gets QMP Faster Results

QMP surges ahead of the competition to deliver rapid life-saving patient tests using highly efficient IT and adaptive machine learning data management with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.


QLX Improves Fan Experience with Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse in conjunction with machine learning analytics enables QLX Consulting to deliver better sports-fan experiences.

Oy Naveex AB

Oy Naveex AB Gains Client Trust with MySQL

Oy Naveex AB uses Oracle MySQL Cloud for speed and reliability to attract bigger clients and gain their trust.

Data Intensity

Data Intensity and Reporting with Oracle Autonomous Database

Data Intensity revolutionizes financial reporting and agile development for five times more performance, 10 times more user adoption, 10 times fewer resources, $225K less cost, and zero administration using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

Drop Tank

Drop Tank Fuels Growth with Oracle Autonomous Cloud

Drop Tank is innovating fuel loyalty programs by providing data insights to gas-station operators and CPG manufacturers using the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud and Integration Cloud. Drop Tank can now automatically scale elastically to support email and digital marketing campaigns to millions of their loyalty members and grow from 3,000 to 10,000 locations. Universal Credits gives them the flexibility to navigate growth and uncertainty, critical for small business.

3Insights for Business Transformation

Data is the key to your organization’s future growth and success, but how can business users analyze it, and apply AI for better decision-making?

Businesses know there is a vast difference between data and insights. A wealth of customer data is now being collected, collated, and stored by organizations, and within it are the kernels of information needed to define strategy and grow the business. However, accessing and interpreting or even trusting this data can often be a challenge.

Oracle Cloud Platform enables data preparation, visualization, prediction, and proactive analytics for business users and data scientists. This empowers your teams to tell a story based on evidence and actionable insights. No matter where the content comes from, the story will be the same. You will have blended data across applications, data warehouses, and data lakes for faster, more confident decision-making.

We also have the most comprehensive cloud analytics in the industry, combining machine learning, AI, and automation to change the way you analyze information and big data. Experiment with data to discover the hidden patterns and performance drivers through predictive insights. Oracle Cloud Platform also uses natural-language processing to convert your spoken questions into queries and interact with rich data visualizations on any device.

Now, your teams can quickly see the signals in the data to find the meaningful intelligence that will help them better shape the future of the business.

What Our Customers Say


OUTFRONT Media Provides Sales Insights with Oracle Cloud

Hear how OUTFRONT Media delivered cloud analytics to empower its sales teams in just five weeks, and in two years has grown to have almost 700 people using Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service.

Pinnacle Group

Pinnacle Group Uses Oracle Data Visualization for Rapid Analytics

Pinnacle Group speeds up insights in human capital management with Oracle Data Visualization.


iCabbi Drives Growth and Expansion with the Cloud

Oracle Cloud has undoubtedly enabled iCabbi to step on the gas, but you don’t have to be part of a lean, young startup to seize the advantages.


Wiggle Uses Oracle Big Data Cloud to Understand Its Athletes

The head of data at Wiggle talks about using Oracle Big Data Cloud to create data agility and drive performance across the enterprise.


Infotech Improves Customer Focus with Cloud

Big data location-intelligence company, Infotech, leverages Oracle Spatial and Oracle Cloud to process massive amounts of real-time transactions while increasing security, scale, data protection, and customer focus.

4Develop and Deploy Applications

Modern applications can distinguish your business, increasing efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. So how can you build, test, and deploy apps quickly and reliably?

As mobile has grown, so has the use of applications. We are no longer tethered to our desktops—we can get connected anytime, anywhere. This is also true in business where companies see the benefit of giving their teams access to fast and efficient ways of accessing and sharing content, and staff appreciate the flexibility and simplicity of a custom app.

However, you may have a legacy environment that is not designed for the management and iteration of applications. Your agility is hindered by slow, manual deployment while developing new business functionality is costly and resource-intensive. Added to this, you might not have the skill set required to manage app creation and deployment.

Oracle Cloud Platform is the most robust autonomous application development and mobility platform on the market. It lets you build, deploy, and manage cloud-native applications simply and efficiently—while the addition of machine learning automates key app development tasks, such as generating new code with a single click and/or capitalizing on new innovations such as blockchain.

The platform also supports multiple programming languages—including Java, PHP, and Python—and databases such as Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra. It also has a complete CI/CD DevOps solution that supports popular developer tools to increase productivity and cut release time.

The platform also utilizes self-learning chatbots that can fully automate routine tasks. This lets you talk to your customers in a meaningful way across multiple touchpoints and channels. Improved communication results in deeper understanding, and the ability to better personalize the customer experience.



What Our Customers Say


Oracle Blockchain Helps CargoSmart Transform Shipping

Oracle blockchain technologies bring transparency and trust into the complex systems behind CargoSmart’s logistics and shipping management. The result? A 65% time savings over handling paper.


IntellectEU Builds on Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service

As a founding member of Hyperledger, IntellectEU was looking for an enterprise blockchain implementation to build their solutions on. Through Oracle’s Industry Solutions group, they found Oracle’s open banking platform and Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service.

The Factory

The Factory Disrupts Used-Auto Market with Oracle Cloud

The Factory brings innovation to the wholesale used-car marketplace with Oracle Mobile Cloud, Oracle Integration Cloud, and Oracle Java Cloud, to enable digital efficiencies between dealerships.


Silbury Moves Focus from Cost to Capability

Silbury uses Oracle Java Cloud to reduce a client’s annual IT costs by 33% and to focus more on modern marketing capabilities and features.

Apps Associates

Apps Associates Speeds Up Development Using Oracle Cloud

Apps Associates modernizes their application stack with Oracle Java Cloud Service to accelerate their development activities.

5Connect and Extend Applications

Digital transformation comes by connecting your disparate network of on-premises apps, data, APIs, and content across SaaS clouds. How do you do this simply and efficiently?

As your SMB evolves into a digital, cloud-based organization, providing a reliable platform for your applications—one that allows your teams to seamlessly connect content across SaaS clouds and on-premises apps—will be critical to innovation.

Many businesses have mission-critical legacy applications that sit outside of their cloud-based framework. This can be problematic when you want to enhance and extend capabilities of these apps with the most up-to-date functionality and releases. It can also be a challenge for your IT team who are trying to identify key areas for integration and complete projects as quickly as possible.

Oracle Cloud Platform has autonomous integration services that automate business processes across multiple systems and applications. You don’t need specialist skills or coders; you can connect and even build apps with a few predefined clicks.

Built-in automation and machine learning offer embedded best practices and prebuilt adapters that speed up integration and reduce downtime. Based on the inputs from your users, the autonomous integration services learn and adapt to recommend further automation. This self-learning is especially useful for cutting down on tasks, such as expense reports, that drain valuable staff time because of their highly manual nature.

Oracle Cloud Platform offers users the best possible experience, accelerating a path through a minefield of data and process.

What Our Customers Say

Brake Parts Inc

Brake Parts Inc Transforms Sales Operations with Oracle

“We had a vision. By collaborating with IT, sales leadership, and Oracle, we were able to realize our vision in weeks. Using Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud, our technical teams came to me with great ideas we could act on—that was pretty awesome. It’s exciting to deliver results this quickly in partnership with IT and Oracle.” – Lisa Oliver, sales operations analyst, Brake Parts Inc
National Pharmacies

National Pharmacies Transforms IT with Oracle Cloud Platform

Local engagement with a personal touch is what sets National Pharmacies retail and home health business apart. They chose Oracle Cloud to modernize their applications, optimizing end-to-end member engagement processes until they were 4–5x faster.


AFG Drives to Frictionless Home Loans with Oracle Cloud

AFG is transforming their home-loan business by connecting their Oracle SaaS applications with third-party and on-premises systems, and extending their digital footprint to take time and risk out of their customer experience.

Turning Point

Turning Point Rapidly Deploys Microsites Enabled by Oracle

Oracle Content and Experience Cloud is helping Turning Point with all aspects of content, whether informational or specific-treatment content.


Calix Transforms with Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud

Digital disruptor Ravi Gade shares how Calix is integrating and automating end-to-end business processes in days, not months. Learn how Bring Your Own License pricing can help you save while you scale.

6Modernize Security and Management

You want to keep your systems safe from hackers, maintain compliance, and safeguard your data. But how do you do this when you have a hybrid infrastructure?

As businesses have collected more and more data, so have the cybercriminals stepped up their attacks. Not only are these hacks increasingly more sophisticated, they are also more likely to come from within. However, monitoring multicloud environments is challenging. So how can you protect against data threats, and if your environment is breached how can you recover quickly?

Oracle Cloud Platform offers autonomous security and management that has the latest detection, prevention, prediction, and response capabilities, protecting you from even the most advanced cyberattacks. It updates itself with rolling security patches, backs itself up, and has the most comprehensive system of self-monitoring to improve stability and security. You can also automate typical manual processes like forecasting and troubleshooting, and leverage user behavior and machine learning to mitigate identity-based threats.

Providing a unified data store for user experience, performance, and log data eliminates the need for a monitoring and management infrastructure. This helps you improve IT stability, stop outages, and reduce your DevOps costs for operational excellence.

What Our Customers Say

Marlette Funding

Marlette Funding Gains Threat Visibility with Oracle Cloud Access Security Broker

Marlette Funding gains complete threat visibility and ensures security and compliance of its cloud footprint with Oracle Cloud Access Security Broker.


Amis Uses Oracle Management Cloud for Performance Issues

Amis uses Oracle Management Cloud to proactively resolve application issues before end users are impacted—whether it’s on-premises, cloud, or multicloud environments.


Betacom Resolves IT Issues 3x Faster with Management Cloud

Betacom uses Oracle Management Cloud to provide in-depth analysis on the health and security of their end user client applications. Using Oracle Management Cloud, Betacom can troubleshoot issues faster and cut application downtime by as much as 50%.


Pragmatyxs Ensures Data Security in the Cloud with Oracle

Pragmatyxs ensures data security in the cloud with Oracle Database Cloud Service. With default transparent data encryption in Oracle Cloud, they help their clients reduce risks and ensure compliance.


Kapstone Ensures Data Security in the Cloud with Oracle

Kapstone helps customers on their journey to securely moving to Oracle Cloud while ensuring high scalability and minimal downtime.

7Move Any Workloads

Your legacy infrastructure costs you time, resources, and the ability to innovate. But how do you migrate to the cloud without impacting day-to-day operations?

Most SMBs have some degree of legacy IT and aging servers in place that hinders their ability to capitalize on next-generation technologies. Typically, 80% of a company’s IT budget and resources is used maintaining these outmoded systems, leaving only 20% to focus on innovation. This makes it harder to grow and compete against larger enterprises. But cost is not the only concern; out-of-date infrastructure is more complicated and riskier for backup and disaster recovery.

While some businesses see the true potential of migration to the cloud, concerns about the complexity, cost, and medium-term disruption on operations often stop them from committing.

Oracle Cloud is engineered to make this migration as simple, affordable, and seamless as possible.

Whether you have legacy applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite or Oracle’s PeopleSoft, or homegrown applications, migration to Oracle Cloud combines simplicity with minimal disruption. You can automatically move Oracle applications, databases, and virtual machines (VMs) to IaaS without the cost and complexity of manual deployments. Prepackaged application deployment and migration tools allow you to set up and test production environments and disaster recovery in a few hours. You can shift workloads directly to IaaS, enabling infrastructure retirement, and benefit from more automation. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is built for elastic capacity, so you are never forced to provision more resources than you need.

All of this helps reduce maintenance time, cost, and risk, while increasing performance data analysis and business continuity—freeing your team to focus on the future rather than maintaining the past.

What Our Customers Say


EZCORP Chooses Oracle Cloud Platform for Its PeopleSoft

EZCORP seamlessly migrated its PeopleSoft environment to Oracle IaaS, avoiding data center business, reducing costs, and focusing on business innovation.


Oracle CIoud Infrastructure Provides MSP Ntiva with Peace of Mind

Ntiva provides expert managed IT services and support. With its previous provider, it was suffering from outages and constant disk I/O contention. The move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure changed all of that and provided the peace of mind Ntiva sought.


OceanX Gains 3x Performance with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Exadata Cloud

CEO Georg Richter and VP of Data and Analytics Vijay Manickam at OceanX, a subscription commerce platform, discuss how OceanX helps its customers scale direct-to-consumer business using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Exadata Cloud Service.


DreamFactory Explains the Benefits of Using Oracle IaaS

DreamFactory moved from AWS to Oracle IaaS saving 30–40% in costs with all of the performance, reliability, and scalability for modern application development.


ISAPA Wins with Oracle IaaS and PaaS

ISAPA migrated third-party applications to Oracle IaaS and PaaS for greater security. They reduced annual infrastructure costs by 35% and improved performance by 40–50%.


Oracle Cloud Platform is already helping many SMBs accelerate their digital transformation, partnering with them to evolve the way they work—from cutting down on manual processes to making the most of data insights, improving security, and driving innovation. All of this is built with autonomous capabilities that let you create and iterate apps while being a safe and compliant environment for your data and systems.

If you have always thought cloud costs and contracts are prohibitive, we have simplified the cost options and practices to make migration to the cloud more affordable. We now offer two new programs that make buying and consuming technology cloud services more flexible and that significantly lower your TCO of running Oracle on Oracle Cloud. Oracle Bring Your Own License (BYOL) to PaaS gives you more value from your existing Oracle software investments. Oracle Universal Credits provides a single contract with various payment choices for unlimited access to all current and future Oracle PaaS and Oracle IaaS.

With Oracle Cloud Platform, innovation and growth is within the reach of any business. No matter what the size, scale, and ambitions of your organization, Oracle is your partner on your journey to the cloud.

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