Autonomous Database on Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer

Facing competition from established companies and cloud-native startups, organizations are transforming their businesses to innovate faster, increase their agility, and lower their costs—all while providing exceptional user and customer experiences. Moving to a cloud model can increase performance and security, however, some organizations are unable to migrate to the cloud due to concerns about data sovereignty, security, latency, and the complexity of moving intertwined applications.

Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer changed all that by bringing a co-managed database cloud into your data center to address data sovereignty and security concerns. The introduction of Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer takes on-premises database cloud automation to a whole new level providing a full self-service database cloud with pay-per-use pricing. Focus on your core business and let Oracle do the rest.

Maintain data sovereignty and enhance security

Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer gives you a dedicated, fully managed database cloud service in your data center, combined with the advanced self-securing capabilities of Autonomous Database. So, you retain full control over your data.

All your database information—including metadata and backups—stays in your data center to help you meet data sovereignty and security demands. Your data stays secure because Autonomous Database’s revolutionary machine-learning based security automatically responds to cyberattacks to help prevent data theft.

  • Security best practice—reduces hack and ransomware threat.
  • Automated patching—improves protection without downtime.
  • Always-on encryption—protects data at rest or in motion.
  • Self-securing operations—reduce human access and errors.

85% of security breaches today occur after a Common Vulnerability and Exposure alert has been issued

Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer also makes it easier for you to understand and manage security. With common capabilities across on-premises and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure instances, it identifies and contains new threats by constantly looking for suspicious access patterns.

Increase performance and scale

Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer lets you consolidate databases into a single, fully managed database cloud, with the performance needed for transaction processing applications, and the scale to analyze large data warehouses.

By scaling resources without interrupting database execution, Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer helps you meet the needs of variable workloads. And, since it’s in your data center, network delays won’t impact latency-sensitive applications. High-performance options and multiple optimized services include:

  • Autonomous Transaction Processing and Autonomous Data Warehouse.
  • Automated scaling based on active database operations.
  • Four high-performance shapes—up to 400 OCPUs and 479 TB databases.
  • Up to 12 million SQL Read IOPS and 300 GB/s SQL throughput.

"By using Exadata, we improved mission-critical Oracle Database performance by up to 3x, and reduced our security exposure." Helder Branco, Head of IT Operations, Entel

The Autonomous Transaction Processing service on Exadata Cloud@Customer is optimized for continuous business operations and instantly scales to meet the demands of your crucial applications. It also includes a native low-code development environment to accelerate your creation of new database applications.

The Autonomous Data Warehouse service is preconfigured on Exadata Cloud@Customer. This means you can create an optimized data warehouse cloud in minutes and take advantage of the latest built-in Oracle Machine Learning algorithms to gain greater insights into your data.

Reduce IT complexity

Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer eliminates manual administration of on-premises database infrastructure and software. So, your IT team can focus on creating value from the information in your databases.

Consolidating Oracle Database instances with Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer helps reduce complexity by eliminating multiple independent databases, servers, and storage systems. Removing time-consuming manual tasks and human error helps increase your databases’ speed, security and reliability. Key features include:

  • A self-service Oracle Database cloud, fully managed by Oracle.
  • Up to 40:1 database consolidation across multiple workloads.
  • High availability with built-in fault tolerance and disaster recovery.
  • Automatic configuration, indexing, and tuning.
  • Automated threat detection and patching to improve security.

Sentry Data Systems
Reduces the complexity of on-premises IT environments with up to 40:1 mixed workload database consolidation and management by Oracle Cloud experts and Autonomous Database.

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Adopting Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer is simple and straightforward. Architectural equivalence between existing on-premises Exadata systems and those powering Autonomous Database in Oracle Cloud provides the full Generation 2 Cloud Infrastructure experience. So your IT teams have greater flexibility on where to create, test, and deploy applications and databases using a combination of on-premises and cloud environments.

Enable innovation

Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer combines the converged database capabilities of Oracle Database with in-database acceleration of machine-learning model building and execution to simplify your creation of innovative applications.

Your developers automatically benefit from Exadata’s acceleration of multiple database models, APIs, and microservices. They don’t need to be experts in integrating, and tuning multiple single-purpose databases. Instead, they can focus on creating and deploying innovative applications by leveraging key capabilities.

  • Fast self-service database creation and automatic scaling without downtime.
  • Extensive, optimized in-database Oracle ML algorithms.
  • Scale-out acceleration of queries and analytics.
  • Converged database support of modern data types and development paradigms.

"You look at Exadata Cloud@Customer and it’s such a smart innovation; it’s a hybrid platform and it’s behind our firewall." Steven Chang, CIO, Kingold

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Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer provides access to unique capabilities developed between Oracle Database and Exadata to accelerate all your databases. Using the latest persistent memory technology in Exadata X8M, it lowers SQL latencies by over 90% to under 19 microseconds, and increases SQL IOPS by 2.5x. Plus, built-in Oracle Machine Learning enables you to build ML models up to 10x faster—eliminating the need to repeatedly move data between databases and single-purpose ML platforms.

Improve operational efficiency

Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer combines the benefits of an on-premises Exadata deployment with the simplicity of a fully managed cloud service. It lowers your costs with a pay-per-use database cloud, eliminating up to 80% of your database management tasks.

It automatically scales your consumption of Exadata resources in real time to optimize individual query performance and minimize the costs of running consolidated workloads. And it combines per-second consumption-based pricing and automated management.

  • Automatic scaling of Exadata resources with no downtime.
  • Autonomous operations including database configuration and indexing.
  • Automated patching and software upgrades with no downtime.
  • No management duplication and security fragmentation across standalone databases.

80% Complete automation of database and infrastructure operations cuts administrative costs by up to

Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer offers a choice of high-performance shapes to match the scale of your business, and consumption models to minimize your costs. Select a service pricing model that includes all database options and packs, or apply existing on-premises software licenses towards equivalent services in Oracle Cloud with Oracle’s Bring Your Own License (BYOL) program. And you can easily optimize on-premises and cloud services usage with a single umbrella contract that also covers Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Your next move

Whatever the size of your business today and the trajectory of its growth, Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer gives you all the benefits of the Autonomous Database, the high performance of Oracle Exadata infrastructure, and the flexibility of Oracle Cloud in the security of your own data center.

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