Analytics Platform Capabilities Explorer


Oracle delivers a consistent Redwood user experience across all applications, including SaaS apps and technology services. Together with single sign-on, users can complete business tasks without ever switching to a different interface.

Web browser

Oracle Analytics can be launched directly from any browser on any device. Access and transform all necessary data sets in preparation for analysis, and share data sets, projects, or presentations with others. Responsive web design, including gestural interfaces, provides an optimal display on mobile devices.

Figure 1: Oracle Analytics web browser interface

Integration with productivity/collaboration tools

Oracle Analytics allows seamless integration with collaboration platforms like Slack and the latest addition, Microsoft Teams, empowers users to share complete interactive dashboard projects or specific visualizations within group discussions. Users can view, interact, and comment on insights to make informed decisions and enable their teams to stay on track.

Mobile application

Stay connected with automated insights and ongoing monitoring of business activities from anywhere at any time. Receive intelligent recommendations as the platform learns each person’s specific patterns and data interests. Use AI-powered natural language to query data in 28 languages. Receive alerts in real time when new data or reports become available, numbers hit a threshold, or based on personal GPS location.

Figure 2: Oracle Analytics mobile app for Android and iOS devices

Embedded analytics

Leverage a documented API for embedding Oracle Analytics visualizations into custom web pages, portals, and applications. Create customized consumer experiences and enable access to data with automatic authentication. Embedded visualizations remain connected with live data access and retain all formatting and interactivity.

Figure 3: Oracle Analytics mobile app interface

Developers can access system-generated HTML embed code directly from the canvas performance monitoring view. Embed this code into any internal or external facing web pages.

Figure 4: Developer view accessing HTML embed code
Oracle Named a Leader in Embedded Analytics by Nucleus Research

In its analysis of the market, Nucleus Research Senior Analyst Alexander Wurm wrote: “Oracle is positioned as a Leader in the 2022 Embedded Analytics Technology Value Matrix as recognized for the embedded capabilities of the Oracle Analytic Cloud platform. The Oracle Analytics Cloud platform provides capabilities across the entire analytics process, including data ingestion and modelling, data preparation and enrichment, visualization, and collaboration, with integrated security and governance.