Oracle Simphony POS Systems

Oracle Simphony provides stable, reliable, and secure point of sale (POS) systems for restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, stadiums, arenas, cruise ships, transportation hubs, and retail stores around the globe.

As a global leader in POS hardware, software, open integrations, and innovation, Oracle Simphony also maintains a 40-year tradition of excellence in consultation and support services for its cloud-based and on-premise POS customers across 180+ countries.

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Where we focus our efforts

  • Restaurants

    Oracle Restaurants supports independent and franchise restaurants, bars, and cafés along with stadiums, arenas, theme parks, and transportation hubs.

  • Hospitality

    Oracle Hospitality supports hotels, cruise ships, and casinos across the globe with integrated PMS/POS solutions built for premium guest experiences.

  • Retail

    Oracle Simphony point-of-service solutions combine fast order processing with powerful analytics dashboards to facilitate retail order management in the cloud.

Restaurant POS Hardware

Deliver flawless service to your customers at the table, online, and at their front door with the most trusted and flexible POS system in the food and beverage industry. Oracle Simphony restaurant POS systems help you focus on your guests, not your technology. Our all-in-one restaurant management systems help you run your front-of-house, back office, and kitchen from a single, easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

Outback Steakhouse Goes Mobile With Oracle Simphony Online Ordering and Delivery

Simphony brings your menu and and payment processing online. Update menu items and take orders from your website or branded mobile app and send them directly to your restaurant or cloud kitchen. Alert your customers when their orders are ready for curbside pickup or are on their way for delivery.

Enhance your restaurant's online ordering experience using customer profile data in Simphony's secure cloud. Help customers easily reorder their favorite menu items at any of your locations and track purchases to deliver rewards they're sure to enjoy.

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Quick Service, Casual, and Fine Dining Oracle Simphony

The Oracle Simphony POS system is built for complete restaurant management. Simphony powers the most successful restaurants across the globe, from local cafés and iconic fine dining restaurants to global quick-service chains. As an all-in-one cloud POS platform, it helps restaurateurs optimize their online and in-house operations in real time from any device.

  • Real-time table management and conversational ordering
  • Reservation and wait list management
  • Gift and loyalty program management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Inventory management
  • Employee management
  • Menu management
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Quick Service, Casual, and Fine Dining Multi-Channel Kitchen Displays

Simphony works hand-in-hand with Oracle Simphony Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) to increase kitchen efficiency, reduces errors, enhance food quality, and optimize speed of service. Touch screens, bump bars, and remote views allow kitchen staff to easily prioritize food preparation and manage timing across multiple kitchen stations.

Oracle Simphony KDS helps kitchens manage orders from multiple channels including in-house waitstaff, self-service kiosks, drive-thru, website, mobile ordering apps, and 3rd-party delivery apps.

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Self-Service Kiosks Quick Service and Casual Dining

Simphony powers Oracle Simphony self-service kiosk hardware as well as 3rd-party kiosks to shorten lines and wait times. Update prices, menu options, and upsell items across multiple kiosks at once while reducing staff overhead.

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Integrations Ecosystem Quick Service and Casual Dining

Simphony is built on a secure and open API running on your choice of Microsoft Windows or Oracle Linux. Easily connect your favorite online ordering platforms, delivery services, mobile payment processing, and more.

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace offers a robust ecosystem of fully vetted Oracle Simphony integration partners. Shaping your POS system to fit the needs of your restaurant has never been easier.

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Explore our $1 POS Hardware Upgrade Your POS Hardware for $1

Don't let the sleek designs or $1 price tags fool you. Oracle workstations and mobile tablets are built to last and ready to run your restaurant's front-of-house, kitchen, and back office on day one. No expensive upfront investment. No strings attached.

Global POS and PMS Solutions for Any Venue

Oracle Simphony delivers unmatched global coverage and support, providing POS systems and consulting services to customers across 180+ countries. Our extensive experience in localized fiscal, lingual, and tax customs makes us an ideal international technology partner.

Hotels, Cruise Ships, and Casinos

Personalize an exceptional guest experience. Manage loyalty programs with powerful analytics. Let Oracle Simphony help you set the bar in premium hospitality. Deliver exceptional guest experiences that personalize service and win loyalty. It's the shared goal of hospitality enterprises everywhere, and they share a universal solution to achieve it: the Oracle Simphony integrated technology and cloud platform.

From check-in to check-out and beyond, Oracle Simphony helps you deliver premium hospitality with advanced property management and POS tools.

  • Sleek POS workstations and mobile POS tablets
  • Distribution and revenue optimization, reporting and analytics KPIs
  • Flexible room reservation tools and customer loyalty program management
  • Cloud and on-premise solutions along with third-party app integrations
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Stadiums, Arenas, and Entertainment Venues

Generate more happy customers and more revenue with fast-paced concession POS systems. Fans will spend more time enjoying the show and less time waiting in line. Less waiting in line means more concession sales. Oracle Simphony self-service kiosks, mobile vending solutions, and easy-to-use POS hardware help your venue deliver customer satisfaction quickly.

For the big game, sold-out concert, or venue of a lifetime, Oracle Simphony is the brand you count on.

  • Self-service kiosk software and nimble, wireless, handheld POS tablets
  • Compact concession POS systems, venue, and luxury suite management software
  • Employee scheduling software and inventory management tools
  • Loyalty program management
  • Third-party restaurant app integration capabilities
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Train Stations, Bus Stations, and Airports

Keep travelers moving with quick order processing. Anticipate inventory needs and employee schedules with advanced travel seasonality analytics and reporting. Make your travelers' dining experience the smoothest part of their trip. With a fully customizable and easy-to-use interface, your staff will be able to process orders with the speed today's travelers demand.

At airports, train stations, and bus terminals across the globe, you'll find Oracle Simphony point-of-sale systems managing the workload with ease.

  • Rugged, compact POS terminals and easy-to-use handheld and stationary POS tablets
  • Kitchen display systems, peripherals, and inventory management tools
  • Employee scheduling software and inventory management tools
  • Cloud-based reporting and analytics tools and employee scheduling software
  • Third-party restaurant app integration support
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Retail Stores of All Shapes and Sizes

Process orders, streamline daily operations, maximize employee productivity, customize consumer experiences, and boost sales with easy-to-use hardware. Oracle Simphony retail cloud solutions empower retailers to anticipate customer demand, simplify operations, and inspire associates and consumers alike.

Oracle Simphony retail point-of-service hardware combines order processing with advanced analytics and powerful reporting.

  • Robust, fully-loaded POS workstations
  • Retail order management in the cloud
  • Advanced inventory planning, brand compliance management, and demand forecasting
  • Offer optimization services and merchandise financial planning
  • Third-party app integrations
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